Christmas 2018

Christmas was wonderful. We had our own Christmas morning here at home with cinnamon rolls and presents and what is..

A Big Day

I owe that wise person who told us in the beginning of David’s PhD a big apology. They said that..

Henry’s First Birthday

Well it’s happened. My baby is 1. Sigh. It’s inevitable. It’s so much fun. But so sad. And so cute!..

More Fall Ya’ll

We were fortunate enough to have Lucie through Halloween and Thanksgiving this year. She had a week at her other..

Yellowstone 2018

My dad has been wanting to make a trip to Yellowstone for some time, so much so that he was..

Happy Fall Ya’ll

Today I was debating with my Ben about which season is the best. It’s a toss up between Spring and..

Date Night

On a Tuesday night several weeks ago, David and I brainstormed about what we could do for date night the..