My Chef strikes again!  And each time I seem to be surprised all over again!  Sorry honey that doesn’t mean anything I’m just never bored with what he comes up with!  This time he threw together a sort of stir fry that turned into an asian deluctible dish!  He made a peanut sauce people!  All on his own too!  Is that amazing or am I just awestruck?!  This meal was so good because I have been missing my Vietnamese/Thai cuisine!  I guess it hit the spot!  It was chicken on top of broccoli, asparagus, rice, mushroooms, peppers, onions! MMMmmmmm!  My mouth is watering again just thinking about it!  I am pretty sure that I am luckiest woman in the world.  What is better than good food and goood luuvv!? 
Sorry the pics not too good.  Someday maybe we’ll get a better camera:)

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  • Anna I just found your blog!!! Didn’t know it excisted!!! i love to hear all the great things he makes there really interesting and it gives me good ideas but what else do you guys do besides eat???!! hahaha! I wanna know!!

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