I have to say I have never been so excited for a weekend to be over in my life!  Seriously, how often does that happen?  Never in my book.  I love the weekends, especially now that I am working full time, its about the only quality time me and my husband have together!  But this past weekend I had been dreading for about two weeks!  Wanna know why?  I had to speak in church!  Well me and my wonderful husband did…but I had to get up and present a talk infront of my new ward.  And you know what the topic was?  Spiritual Self-Reliance.  Ya.  Talk about not having a clue.  That was me.  So anyway, the time came and went and it’s over.  And you wanna know what else?  I learned alot this past weekend.  I am/was grateful for the opportunity to dig in and learn more about Spiritual Self-Reliance.  Good thing my husband is an expert at it.  🙂  I love my husband.  We must have done OK because the bishopric told us we passed our trial run and they’ll have us speak again.  Oh brother…that’s not what I want to hear!   But all in all it was a great day and even better today because it’s over!  I know the Savior lives and that He loves us.

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  • Whew!!! Do I know that feeling well!!! Im sure the two of you did GREAT!!! I wish I could have been there to hear you spout your words of wisdom!! (you know you live too far away dont you???) Well done dear one!!!

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