Many people wouldn’t believe but we do indulge ourselves quite often with good grub.  And I mean goooood!  Our most recent indulgence was a half rack of baby back ribs and sweet potatoes with cinnamon sugar butter!  MmmmmMMMMMM!  My husband stuck those babys in the crock pot sunday morning with the left over apple juice we had in fridge and I seasoned it with a lot of garlic, some sugar and spices.  By the time we came home they were smelling heavenly!  Please note, the sugar used was whole cane sugar.  After the sweet potatoes were done we whipped up, well my husband whipped up the cinnamon sugar butter.  This consisted of, my most favorite thing, ‘Earth Balance buttery spread’,  (It’s soy and dairy free and you would not believe how amazing it tastes!! Okay so I haven’t had ‘real’ butter in a long time and maybe the real thing still tastes better but oh my, this stuff is an amazing second!  And the thing that I love about it is that it’s actually healthy for you!  Meaning it’s not just ‘better for you’ than butter, it actually has stuff in it your body needs!  That is so exciting to me that we have products like this available to buy!  Slab that stuff on there! Ha!) cinnamon and again, whole cane sugar!  Yum!  Oh we enjoyed ourselves this past Sunday evening.  They were literally falling off the bone!  Indulgence it was!!! And BLISS I feel!  🙂 

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  1. Glad to see you have a blog! And Mmmmm! even at 8. A.M that sounds fantastic!! I think I will try it in my crockpot.
    But those sweet potatoes will be covered in butter! Sometime we ought to chat about soy – you might be surprised…
    Hope life is going “blissfully” for you two!

  2. Hey my love, glad to hear about all your yummy eat’in!! I love that your blog is going to be about you and the things that are important to you. Healthy eating, Good lov’in, and all other blissful things!!! Keep it up my love!!!

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