Yesterday we went on an adventure.  My explorer took me back up to the place that he and his buddies went biking to because he wanted to share something with me.  Something that I was totally oblivious to.  Something that I may have seen on my ventures out in the wild but never paid any attention to.  Something that is just magical in it’s own way.  Thimbleberries.  In case you were unawares like myself these little wonders most resemble raspberries in look, but taste completely different in a spectacular way.  My question on the bumpy five mile ride up this canyon to my explorer was, “Why doesn’t anybody know about these thimbleberries, why aren’t they found commercially?”  Well,  I soon found out why.  They are EXTREMELY fragile and moist.  They literally melt on your tongue and if your not careful will smoosh in between your fingers. So those who make jam or other delights from this amazing Berrie go to much care and time to do so.  OH it was just SO MUCH FUN rummaging through these plants with my hubby foraging for these amazing berries!  I wish that I could describe the taste for those that haven’t tasted these before. So yummy!  Especially when I would get one that had been sitting in the sun for a while; mmmmmm it would still be warm and it just tasted like fresh sunshine melting on my tastebuds.
(The pink ones are just not ripe yet)
We were all alone up this beautiful canyon with the birds singing and trees rustling.   I felt guilt for having such a special treat that other people weren’t even aware of!  Well, I never thought that I could get full off berries from the wild but eventually I did and we took the walk back to our car.  I was a little hesitant to leave because it was just such a cool experience and I’ll be honest I started to feel like a cave woman or something, you know getting in touch with my inner ‘natural’ self.  Instead of walking back to our car I would have loved to say,  “K hunny I’m going back to the fire, I think I have had enough for tonight.”  It was cool.  Magical.  Peaceful.  I think I’ve discovered that we really need to go camping.  Maybe that will be our next adventure.     

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  • Yum!!! And who knew there were such delectable secrets out there!!! You just keep on writing and sharing with us dear one!!! I love it!!!

  • Wow…never seen anything like these! Yum! Love it. I was going to say we could come camping with you guys sometime…but it will have to wait until next summer! 😉

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