I have a feeling….and my feeling is that this blog is gonna have a lot to do with food.  I love food.  My husband loves food.  And we have way too much fun with it…whatever it may be, making it or eating it.  I’ve always known this too but my husband is an amazing cook.  I realized this once again last night.  I was taking a nap upstairs and downstairs my chef was cooking up a storm.  I came down to find the kitchen bubbling and smelling and looking amazing…and upon his face was an excited smile.  “I love doing this babe, it’s my hobby”, he says.  “Oh brother, how did I get so lucky”, I think.  Well next thing you know I am digging my teeth into this….

Can I just brag for a sec? MMMmmmm!  I have the best husband in the whole wide world.  This scrumptious plate is pecan crusted chicken with a sweet orange, ginger and red pepper sauce over it, spicy ginger carrots, homemade sweet potato fries (yes fried) and steamed broccoli.  Ya baby!  It was soooo good!  I don’t know why I was surprised but I kinda was!  Probably because me and orange flavored things don’t usually get along but this totally proved me wrong! Impressed?  I am….and you just wait!  More blissful meals to come!

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  • okay…I found your blog!!!!! yippee! And I want this recipe!!!!!! That’s what you need to post, too….the recipes for these yummy meals! 🙂

  • You certainly are one blessed and lucky woman!!! But you’re appreciative too!! So its all good!!! Thanks for sharing…though not REALLY sharing!!!! wink, wink!!

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