We received a red envelope in our mailbox yesterday…and we all know what that means!  Movie night!!  It was a surprise what the envelope would contain but we we were excited nonetheless.  Well the movie that we pulled out was ‘Taken’.  Has anybody else seen that?  Wow…talk about intense!  I loved it!  Crazy huh!!  My precious little brother was trying to get me to watch it for the longest time but I refused because…well probably just because I was stubborn and usually I don’t like movies like that.  For some reason though, this one I liked.  It brought out the younger Anna in me when I secretly wanted to be an FBI agent. 🙂  I know funny huh.  Well it’s true.  I guess I just like the whole concept of good guys winning, bad guys getting squashed like bugs. Is that bad?  After it was over I fell back into this idea that I wanted to be the best kung fu fighter (or something) ever!  I’m serious too!  I told my husband that I really wanted to take a self-defense class and our conversation consisted of explanations and even demonstrations of what I would do if I was attacked.  It was comical.  But then we stopped.  The whole idea was just too scary and depressing.  Hopefully that will never happen but who knows?  Maybe in a few months I’ll be able to kung fu you. hehe  

Kung Fu ‘Anna’   

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  • Nothing wrong with gaining skills my love!! We already know you have abilities to take care of yourself…ie junior high!!! You go girl!!!

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