2017 Blessings

2017 Blessings (in no particular order)


  1. Many memories for the boys, birthdays, gymnastics, soccer etc.
  2. David had big findings at school, was able to ‘graduate’ and we all had a big, fun party to celebrate.
  3. Found out we were expecting our 3rd baby! Born beautiful and perfect at home!
  4. Wonderful trips to St. George
  5. Family is everything!
  6. Able to live with Mimi and Papa for a while, just enough time for Lucie to make a new life long friend.
  7. Found our own home with lots of space and a wonderful area.
  8. So much progress with both businesses.
  9. Healthy, healthy, healthy!
  10. Did I mention a cute baby boy addition to our family?
  11. Decision to Homeschool Ben and William gets to enjoy preschool.
  12. 2 cars-whoohoo!
  13. Mom and Dad got to celebrate anniversary with a wonderful trip to Park City
  14. Sherwood and Stephenson family reunions
  15. We were able to start a garden!
  16. Not wanting for anything. We have food in the fridge, clothes on our bodies and always a warm bed to sleep in.
  17. David’s back/hip problems have finally resolved after 3 long years of pain and wondering if he would ever be truly fixed!

I love New Years. I’ve never been able to celebrate it like I want to; a big party with family and friends, glitz and glam, games and non-alcoholic beverages but music and dancing that would make outsiders think otherwise. I guess before I was married and had kids is when I came closest to that ideal but what I picture will be so much more. Maybe ringing in the year 2019 will be the one. Infact, that’s one of my goals. 🙂

For now, the year 2018 will have to be rung in with what I hope will be snores from each one of my adorable, loved family members. Snores instead of sparks and instead of kissing, snuggling in our beds.

Happy New Year everyone!