As I sit here and write this I can hear fireworks going on outside. My two big babies are sleeping, my little baby I just got to sleep and my big sidekick/hubby is also snoozing. I should be too but I’m waiting out the 45 minute period where my LO seems to wake up and if he does then staying awake is a whole lot easier than falling asleep, getting a 30 min nap and then being woken up and a zombie while I try to get him back to sleep. Plus, it’s new years! I’ll be able to have my own quiet little party.

It’s true that one of my ‘goals’ is to have a new years party some year, or maybe every year! A really cool, big one, you know the kind everyone wants to be at. But the truth is that’s just out of pure tradition and because it’s just what people do right? The change of one year to the next really hasn’t meant much to me other than just a change of a few numbers on my calendar. I guess that’s what parties help us do, they make the ‘change’ seem a whole lot more meaningful and exciting!

Sure it’s an opportunity to reflect and make changes, to start fresh. But we can also do that at Christmas, our birthday’s or any other day of the year really. I think it’s fair to say that as humans we have an affinity for fresh starts; a new week, a new school year, a new spirit, whatever it may be. It’s a chance to do things differently than we did before. To make progress.

So even though it’s just a few numbers changing on the calendar, or Sunday turning into Monday just like every other week in the history of the world, it’s still another opportunity where we can reflect and improve…party or not.

I’ve always loved New Years but didn’t know how to process it until now. It’s not about the parties, the traditions themselves but what they represent. Renewal.

So as I sit here quietly in my dark warm house with my frumpy pjs on, messy hair and loved ones dreaming around me I’ll be full of thanks for the opportunity I have to reflect and change, simple as it may happen.

Cheers to 2018!