I need to vent.  And as I am free to do so on my own blog right now I am going to take advantage.  I feel so amazingly strong about these things that as I write them I hold back tears.
I will be the first to admit that I haven’t always been very educated when it comes to politics and government.  I have to thank my husband for taking upon himself that task (because I started asking questions).  But he has always encouraged me to do my own research and to find answers for myself too.
You have to start with the Constitution.  I believe with my whole heart that it was inspired of God.  I also believe that it is timeless.  It will never go out of style and will always be relevant in our day because it’s about human nature.  Think what you will but human nature never changes…unfortunately.  🙂  And the constitution protects us in that manner.
As the elections neared and things got more tense in our country I started asking even more questions.  What’s the main difference between Romney and Obama?   Why is Obama considered such a detriment to our Country (republicans)?  And if it’s true why doesn’t the rest of America see it?  What is their argument and do they have some valid points?
Well what I’ve learned from various sources including my wonderful amazing hubby is that people tend to look at puzzle pieces instead of the whole picture and Obama’s ‘end game’ is socialism.  Don’t really know what socialism is?  I didn’t….
Definition of SOCIALISM
: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
Um hello.  That’s not good.  So in Obama’s situation some tend to think that he is doing such nice things for those in need.  He is going to help those that are struggling and can’t help themselves.  Even more he is going TAKE from the wealthy to help those who aren’t so wealthy.
My husband had that best analogy for this.  Imagine 2 people on stage in front of millions of people.  Imagine them a little girl and big burley man if you want or just imagine someone who is well to do because they’ve worked hard and then someone who is struggling from day to day…however you want to imagine it is fine…
Now imagine that one person takes $10 from the other.  Yes $10 dollars isn’t much for the wealthy man and to the little girl it’s everything…but in both scenarios it’s stealing right?  The one person took something that wasn’t theirs.  They didn’t earn it.  Of course you’d say that’s stealing!  Now ask the millions of people watching this happen on stage to vote on it and they vote yes!  Is it now OK if the man steals from the other….does that make it not stealing???  Nope!  Still stealing!
Just because our country has gotten to this state of voting to change the laws doesn’t mean what we vote for is right.  Obviously!!  People are always going to vote for handouts if they don’t understand the severity of it.  We have become a Democratic Nation..a. Democracy.  This is not what our Founding Fathers intended.  We are and should always be a Republic.
What do you think happens when people are given handouts?  It’s clear really…they don’t have to work!  What happens when people don’t have to work!  They get lazy!  They don’t work which leads them to rely more on handouts!  Those that are being taxed more to support these non workers are unable to support their families because of the huge paycheck decrease and it forces them to receive handouts from the government as well!  Eventually with this kind of government we are are all forced to rely on them to live.  Socialism.  People need to work for what they get.  Our taxes need to go towards the right things, military, police force, firemen etc. but not these socialist programs such and Medicaid and Medicare and definitely not Obama Care!
Of course we cannot forget these people that are struggling…I would never say that if Romney won all poor people would be eliminated.  Of course not but the point is that these people should be taken care of locally through local charities and local churches.  This does so many wonderful things!!  Think about it…the alternative however, ‘being taken care of’ ( if you can call it that) by the Government accomplishes nothing…it makes things worse and makes us as a people dependent…not free.
Good grief!  We’re about to repeat what other countries have tried and failed! Miserably!  It has never worked and it never will.  Eventually they all crumble.  Why can’t we see that!  Why can’t we see that Obama’s plan is to in a sense ‘force us to be good’ by making us all the same, all equal and all help the poor.  Doesn’t that sound familiar?  Satan once had a similar plan…those just don’t work.  People need to work, they need to be responsible for their own property their own charities, their own goods.  We need to have agency.  Government was never intended to have so much power and control…because what happens when they do is frightening.
I’ll be honest…I am worried for America.