I’ve never written about the events of September 11. I’m not even sure if I did in my actual journal.

Even with my epic lack of memory I can pretty vividly remember parts of this day.

I was a freshman in high school. I was in a computer class when the teacher flipped on the television.

We all were kind of in shock not really processing what we were seeing on the TV.  Slowly it started to sink in.

I can’t remember what the rest of the day was like except at one point that I’ll share in a minute. I don’t remember if we got out of school early or how I got home, I don’t remember anything after that classroom experience.

The next thing I remember was walking through the door at home where it was dark and quiet because my parents were on vacation in Europe! They were in France to be exact which is an interesting story on it’s own because of the reactions they witnessed from the French people. Clapping…cheering…whooping and hollering if you can believe it. Disgusting I know.

Anyway, at that moment I felt genuinely scared and alone. I don’t know where my brothers were but for a moment I was alone and in light of what I saw was going on that day I was very uneasy and scared. My parents were across the world for heavens sake! An airplane ride away! Were they OK? What was going to happen? Could they get home?

I don’t remember anything after that moment either. I don’t remember when I talked to my parents. I don’t remember when they came home. There’s that memory of mine again.

My freshman year of college, my family took a vacation to New York and we saw Ground Zero. It. was. surreal. I remember being struck by the vastness of that space where the towers used to stand.

Then my Junior year of college I did a ‘semester abroad’ in Upstate New York where we traveled all over the east coast and New York City was one of them. Seeing Ground Zero again was just as surreal the second time. 

I don’t necessarily like to remember this day but I thought it appropriate to blog about because it was such a significant day in history.

It still seems like something you see in the movies, not something that’s real. The pain and the fear, the terror and magnitude of it all.

It may not have affected my life or other’s lives directly but in some way it affected all of us and the country we live in.

I am grateful for the country we live in and that somehow despite the horrible things that happen we can pick ourselves back up and move forward.

God bless America!