I made the mistake the other day of turning on Christmas music while on my way to work.  I did this because..

This is our herb garden…well the beginnings of it anyway.  Unfortunately these pictures were taken while the ugly grow light..

I feel spoiled.  Never in my life have I been this spoiled…well that’s not least my parents wouldn’t think so..

Natural rabbit food

We just wanted to tell everyone about our great rabbit food available at You’ll find out great information on..

It’s decided…October is insane.  Every weekend we have been out of town or will be out of town.  Our poor..

It had been way too long since we had seen Lucie.  Circumstances didn’t allow us until  this past weekend, and oh..

We have a joke in our house that my husband can’t pick a movie to watch that isn’t absolutely horrible…

Ahh…Simple Pleasures! We got our wireless keyboard and mouse in the mail today and boy do we love it!  I..

Miracles do happen!!!  I have to tell you a little background first so you can appreciate the miracle first. 🙂 ..

This last Saturday we had the privilege of witnessing some good friends sealing in the Logan Utah Temple. It was..