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Miracles do happen!!!  I have to tell you a little background first so you can appreciate the miracle first. 🙂  My husband is extremely special and I mean that in the most respectful way possible.  One day in junior high he just made the decision after putting two and two together that he didn’t want to consume refined foods anymore because they made him ‘feel bad’ and he noticed that they caused him to ‘break out’ among other things.  So he stopped!  And just for those who don’t know what ‘refined foods’ are (I’ll admit, I didn’t know and my major is nutrition so it’s okay) they are foods that have had the ‘good’ stuff taken out of them to preserve shelf life, increase the satiety of the food (at least ‘they’ make us think it tastes better) and make it cheaper for everyone!  Sounds great eh?  Well these foods, like white flour, white sugar and refined oils actually stink!  Sure they may taste good but to my husband (and now me) it wasn’t worth the sacrifice and damage it was doing to his body.  
So now that my husband is the big 3-0 he has had years to practice this new found and not so easy way of life.  He has found ways to use ‘all natural’, whole ingredients to make wonderful and practical things! It has not been an easy road but it’s been worth it.  When I met him, it had been an unmentionable (to me) time since he had been to a restaurant.  I like eating out.  I have been into nutrition most my adult life so when I do go out I try to make good choices but I still found it hard to believe that my hubby hadn’t and doesn’t go out to eat!  So over the span of our dating life and now blissfully married life when I can convince my man to go out, it’s accompanied by comments like, “We could do better than this, and for cheaper.”  The best part is that most the time it’s true!  My eyes have been opened!  But that’s not the miracle I am speaking of today.  I haven’t given up.  I have this desire to take him to all the restaurants I know and more so that just one he will maybe say “WOW, that’s good!”  Believe me we have gotten close.  Like a few weeks ago we went to a Japanese place and we both actually wrapped our lips around a raw fish salad that had fish eggs on it!  It was pretty good! We also had a plate full of fried food and sushi.  BUT I think we have finally found the place….the place where I heard the words come from his mouth, “Wow, this is really good.  I really like this…this is totally worth it!”  Are you dying of anticipation yet?  Drum roll!  Cafe Rio!  Who coulda guessed it!  Well folks it’s true and we have the receipts to prove it!  I think we have gone there 4 times in the last 2 weeks! Or more!  Today I actually said, “Honey, we might have to take a break from Cafe Rio for a while.”  Honestly, never thought those words would leave my lips.  But YAY!  We can enjoy eating out blissfully together at a restaurant!  My work here is done.  I love you baby.  You are my bliss and my favorite ‘sweet pork salad with ranch dressing’.  Mmmmm MMMM!! 
This last Saturday we had the privilege of witnessing some good friends sealing in the Logan Utah Temple. It was the first time I had been able to see a family being sealed together for all eternity and it was so sweet and perfectly amazing. The spirit was strong in that beautiful room as the sealer spoke and as everyone contemplated what it all meant.  Even down to little Madeline down in her sweet little innocent heart knew what a special and sacred thing was happening.
To me it meant JOY, HAPPINESS, LOVE, FAMILY, PEACE, MIRACLES, AND everything else I think of when I think of the RESTORATION OF THE GOSPEL.  What a BLESSING!  Thanks for sharing it with us!There were a lot of tears shed and smiles made because of this day that I am sure will be remembered forever by all who were able to be apart of it!  I just love this family and we are so happy for them!
We lucked out and were able to be the ones to watch the kiddos as they took pictures around the temple grounds.  Also luckily my good husband has a ‘thing’ for adorable little Madeline (who wouldn’t?) and I think it’s safe to say that Madeline doesn’t so much mind my husband either (again, who wouldn’t? HAHA)  They had fun together.  We just love this angel.
Mama and Madi
      Oil of Oregano                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Labor day weekend…ahhhhhh…What a welcomed vacation that was.  BUT it made it so much harder to come back home and go back to work!  Isn’t it strange and unfair that vacation can do that to you?!!  I don’t know, maybe it’s just my attitude. 🙂  But I was just left wanting more and more and now I am anxiously awaiting our next ‘vacation’. 
But this weekend in good ‘ol St. George was full of family, beautiful scenery, movies, good food, relaxing and more of my favorite thing, family.  I am still convinced that I have the best family in the world.  I couldn’t be happier about my life and the people surrounding me that make it wonderful.  I honestly couldn’t ask for more. And since this is my blog right, I’m gonna just brag again about my husband.  He knows how much I love him but boy do I love him, and boy am I lucky!  I can be doing ANYTHING with this man and be completely blissfully happy.  I realize more and more just how much just his presence affects me.  I love my hubby. 
Well as all good times do, it went by too fast.  I tried to take in every single moment, especially with neice and nephews.  I have missed those stinkers so much.  Wouldn’t you? 
Oh wait, that’s my brother. He acts like a kid though! 🙂

Like father, like son!

Little bucket o’ sunshine
 Well it was wonderful and what’s a better way to end a vacation than driving a brand new four door huge truck home?  No, it’s not ours….just got to enjoy it for a few hours! Thanks Uncle Scott!  And hopefully the word vacation will be rolling off my lips before not too long!  Life is good!
Mmmm I love that profile 🙂
My Chef strikes again!  And each time I seem to be surprised all over again!  Sorry honey that doesn’t mean anything I’m just never bored with what he comes up with!  This time he threw together a sort of stir fry that turned into an asian deluctible dish!  He made a peanut sauce people!  All on his own too!  Is that amazing or am I just awestruck?!  This meal was so good because I have been missing my Vietnamese/Thai cuisine!  I guess it hit the spot!  It was chicken on top of broccoli, asparagus, rice, mushroooms, peppers, onions! MMMmmmmm!  My mouth is watering again just thinking about it!  I am pretty sure that I am luckiest woman in the world.  What is better than good food and goood luuvv!? 
Sorry the pics not too good.  Someday maybe we’ll get a better camera:)
One of our most favorite desserts here at the Sherwood household is peach crisp.  It’s like cobbler but without the cake batter.  And what am I saying?  We LOVE dessert here so I think I would have to say that all of them are my most favorite.  🙂  I’ll have to tell you about the rest of them someday but humor me right now cause the most recent was our peach crisp.  I say our but really we all know better, it’s my husbands.  We made it once this last week for ourselves then once more when we had dinner over at our friends house on sunday.  DELICIOUS! 
It’s really easy!  I could actually make it if I tried!  We used like 5 peaches I think and most of them were sliced up thin to go on the bottom of the baking dish but some were diced small and put into a skillet with water, cornstarch and lots of sugar,  Once that mixture thickens up a bit you pour it over the layered sliced peaches in the baking dish.  Sprinkle cinnamon over the top!  Then the topping!  We use oatmeal (some ground up fine and some whole), some more sugar and cinnamon, pecans are optional and nutmeg?  Hehehe We like to just experiment and try new things.  If it were totally up to my husband there would be some ginger thrown in there too…but I have to put my foot down on that one. 🙂  Anyway the oatmeal, sugar topping is mixed in with melted butter to wetten it just enough so it will ‘crumble’ when you put it over the peaches. Then you bake it at 350 degrees for about 45 min?  Eye it and you’ll be able to tell.  Then it’s best when you top it off with some vanilla ice cream!  Yummy!  We like our homemade ice cream consisting of almond milk, cream (my husband likes half and half) and whatever we feel like throwing in there at the moment.  🙂  OH the joys and bliss of food! 
I have to say I have never been so excited for a weekend to be over in my life!  Seriously, how often does that happen?  Never in my book.  I love the weekends, especially now that I am working full time, its about the only quality time me and my husband have together!  But this past weekend I had been dreading for about two weeks!  Wanna know why?  I had to speak in church!  Well me and my wonderful husband did…but I had to get up and present a talk infront of my new ward.  And you know what the topic was?  Spiritual Self-Reliance.  Ya.  Talk about not having a clue.  That was me.  So anyway, the time came and went and it’s over.  And you wanna know what else?  I learned alot this past weekend.  I am/was grateful for the opportunity to dig in and learn more about Spiritual Self-Reliance.  Good thing my husband is an expert at it.  🙂  I love my husband.  We must have done OK because the bishopric told us we passed our trial run and they’ll have us speak again.  Oh brother…that’s not what I want to hear!   But all in all it was a great day and even better today because it’s over!  I know the Savior lives and that He loves us.
Many people wouldn’t believe but we do indulge ourselves quite often with good grub.  And I mean goooood!  Our most recent indulgence was a half rack of baby back ribs and sweet potatoes with cinnamon sugar butter!  MmmmmMMMMMM!  My husband stuck those babys in the crock pot sunday morning with the left over apple juice we had in fridge and I seasoned it with a lot of garlic, some sugar and spices.  By the time we came home they were smelling heavenly!  Please note, the sugar used was whole cane sugar.  After the sweet potatoes were done we whipped up, well my husband whipped up the cinnamon sugar butter.  This consisted of, my most favorite thing, ‘Earth Balance buttery spread’,  (It’s soy and dairy free and you would not believe how amazing it tastes!! Okay so I haven’t had ‘real’ butter in a long time and maybe the real thing still tastes better but oh my, this stuff is an amazing second!  And the thing that I love about it is that it’s actually healthy for you!  Meaning it’s not just ‘better for you’ than butter, it actually has stuff in it your body needs!  That is so exciting to me that we have products like this available to buy!  Slab that stuff on there! Ha!) cinnamon and again, whole cane sugar!  Yum!  Oh we enjoyed ourselves this past Sunday evening.  They were literally falling off the bone!  Indulgence it was!!! And BLISS I feel!  🙂 
Yesterday we went on an adventure.  My explorer took me back up to the place that he and his buddies went biking to because he wanted to share something with me.  Something that I was totally oblivious to.  Something that I may have seen on my ventures out in the wild but never paid any attention to.  Something that is just magical in it’s own way.  Thimbleberries.  In case you were unawares like myself these little wonders most resemble raspberries in look, but taste completely different in a spectacular way.  My question on the bumpy five mile ride up this canyon to my explorer was, “Why doesn’t anybody know about these thimbleberries, why aren’t they found commercially?”  Well,  I soon found out why.  They are EXTREMELY fragile and moist.  They literally melt on your tongue and if your not careful will smoosh in between your fingers. So those who make jam or other delights from this amazing Berrie go to much care and time to do so.  OH it was just SO MUCH FUN rummaging through these plants with my hubby foraging for these amazing berries!  I wish that I could describe the taste for those that haven’t tasted these before. So yummy!  Especially when I would get one that had been sitting in the sun for a while; mmmmmm it would still be warm and it just tasted like fresh sunshine melting on my tastebuds.
(The pink ones are just not ripe yet)
We were all alone up this beautiful canyon with the birds singing and trees rustling.   I felt guilt for having such a special treat that other people weren’t even aware of!  Well, I never thought that I could get full off berries from the wild but eventually I did and we took the walk back to our car.  I was a little hesitant to leave because it was just such a cool experience and I’ll be honest I started to feel like a cave woman or something, you know getting in touch with my inner ‘natural’ self.  Instead of walking back to our car I would have loved to say,  “K hunny I’m going back to the fire, I think I have had enough for tonight.”  It was cool.  Magical.  Peaceful.  I think I’ve discovered that we really need to go camping.  Maybe that will be our next adventure.     
I have a feeling….and my feeling is that this blog is gonna have a lot to do with food.  I love food.  My husband loves food.  And we have way too much fun with it…whatever it may be, making it or eating it.  I’ve always known this too but my husband is an amazing cook.  I realized this once again last night.  I was taking a nap upstairs and downstairs my chef was cooking up a storm.  I came down to find the kitchen bubbling and smelling and looking amazing…and upon his face was an excited smile.  “I love doing this babe, it’s my hobby”, he says.  “Oh brother, how did I get so lucky”, I think.  Well next thing you know I am digging my teeth into this….

Can I just brag for a sec? MMMmmmm!  I have the best husband in the whole wide world.  This scrumptious plate is pecan crusted chicken with a sweet orange, ginger and red pepper sauce over it, spicy ginger carrots, homemade sweet potato fries (yes fried) and steamed broccoli.  Ya baby!  It was soooo good!  I don’t know why I was surprised but I kinda was!  Probably because me and orange flavored things don’t usually get along but this totally proved me wrong! Impressed?  I am….and you just wait!  More blissful meals to come!