This weekend has been wonderful!  First we had an unexpected visit from our good friend Lauren and her darling baby..

I think it’s time to post the famous Sherwood waffle recipe.  It’s an AMAZING alternative to the store bought stuff if..

Almost two years ago I was in a wonderful town called Tomball, Texas.  I was busy tracting, proselyting and trying..

Pumpkin Spice Bread

In a mixing bowl thoroughly blend  2 eggs (preferably duck eggs)1 1/2 cups pumpkin puree (best if you bake your..

The other day we took a trip to Hawaii….only in our minds of course but mostly with our taste buds! ..

 It’s beginning to ‘look (and feel) (and smell) a lot like Christmas’!!  Last night we saw the first signs of..

I made the mistake the other day of turning on Christmas music while on my way to work.  I did this because..

This is our herb garden…well the beginnings of it anyway.  Unfortunately these pictures were taken while the ugly grow light..

I feel spoiled.  Never in my life have I been this spoiled…well that’s not least my parents wouldn’t think so..