My Chef strikes again!  And each time I seem to be surprised all over again!  Sorry honey that doesn’t mean..

One of our most favorite desserts here at the Sherwood household is peach crisp.  It’s like cobbler but without the..

I have to say I have never been so excited for a weekend to be over in my life!  Seriously,..

Many people wouldn’t believe but we do indulge ourselves quite often with good grub.  And I mean goooood!  Our most..

Yesterday we went on an adventure.  My explorer took me back up to the place that he and his buddies..

I have a feeling….and my feeling is that this blog is gonna have a lot to do with food.  I..

We received a red envelope in our mailbox yesterday…and we all know what that means!  Movie night!!  It was a..

Isn’t life Blissful?

(Picture my husband took this morning on bike ride with friends) I know, I know.  You’re saying, “And she said..