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I am pretty sure nobody reads this page but I am going to do a post on it anyway about what consuming more digestible protein has done for me.

After I started taking this protein powder, something I’d never done before, it become very apparent that I had been protein deficient. “Most people are” says my husband. Well sheesh, that’s no small thing babe. I guess that’s why he decided to get it out there.

My husband and I both are, independent of each other, very into eating whole natural foods. Meaning foods that came straight from the earth and didn’t go thru much change from there to our bellies. Processing…uh no.

That’s why I could take comfort in the fact that he would never create and consume something that wasn’t that way and that he would never allow me to consume anything that wasn’t either…especially while growing our third child!

So not completely understanding why I was protein deficient when I feel that to the best of my ability I was eating a complete, whole diet and also not understanding why if God made our bodies to function the best way they can if we just take care of them by eating  healthy foods then why are most of us protein deficient and need to seemingly rely on a ‘powder’ that a man put together?

Despite these questions I can’t deny what I’ve felt and seen while consuming more protein. More digestible protein. Cause apparently you could gorge yourself on proteins like beef, chick and fish but still be protein deficient because of the slow release, incomplete amino acid profile of each of these foods. Not to mention the bloating and gas you’d experience.

So is it God’s plan for us to better ourselves through science; through the formulating of a powder made from things taken from the earth and put together in a way that just blows our body’s minds?

I don’t know. But here’s what I do know.

Why was it apparent I was protein deficient?

Because all the sudden I felt a big difference in..

  • my brain fog (meaning it basically went away – there’s still this pregnant brain thing going on but even before I was pregnant this was very, very obvious.)
  • my energy level – not just saying this because that’s what every ‘supplement’ company says.
  • My hair, skin and nails improved. This took a bit longer to notice but not as long as you might think. I don’t know what to say other than improved. They grow like a weed but they also just look better.
  • My immune system! This was the biggest one for me! I was just the type that would catch everything that came around. And I would be down and out forever it seemed like. So in the winter months, it seemed I was sick the whole time with at least some sort of common cold cause they would just run in with each other. All the sudden I was fighting off illness much much quicker. If I became ill it would only hang around for a short while, maybe a day or two and my overall days of illness dropped drastically. It’s only gotten better over the last year +.
  • This one is going to sound weird but I just feel better. An overall feeling of betterment. That’s all I can say about that.  😉

I know all of the athletes that are taking this protein rave about their recovery times and the less gassyness compared to other proteins. I, myself can’t attest to that because I had nothing to compare it to. I was never taking other protein supplements to bulk up or recover. But apparently that one’s huge if your into that.

That’s my humble testimonial. Not because I’m trying to sell product but because I would greatly greatly enjoy other people in the world experiencing the same benefits as I have. It’s pretty life changing. I think I can say that.

If you can’t bring yourself to try this protein then at least try to eat more protein a day. We don’t preach a carnivore diet, we believe in eating everything in moderation so that’s another reason I love this stuff so much but it’s better than nothing. Because chances are you are protein deficient just like I was and your body is suffering for it.

So cheers!


Every Thursday night my husband and his NiTOR team have been doing Facebook live videos. They have been VERY educational and fun. Here is the link to last night’s video.


About 2 years ago my husband was suffering from severe back, hip and leg pain. As part of his recovery plan he was powerlifting to strengthen his back. During that time he wasn’t pleased with how he would recover after each workout and to maximize his recovery time he knew that the faster he grew muscle the faster he would be free from pain.

So being who he is he studied protein nutrition in humans for muscle growth and eventually NiTOR protein was born. It helped that this TOR pathway was what he was studying for his PhD.

It’s another of those things that we all think, “Why hasn’t someone been able to do this before?” But it’s the first of it’s kind despite the saturated protein supplement market.  My husband is just amazing like that.

Obviously it didn’t go from being mixed in our kitchen to beings sold on our website overnight…it was a process. We even debated about whether or not to sell it at all. After all we already have one business…isn’t that enough? (ahem…yes)

But it came down to the product was just too good not to share. Even me, who had never taken a protein supplement before in my life could tell a difference when I started taking it.

My immune system was stronger! That was the biggest thing for me. Of course I learned that your immune system is highly dependent on having enough protein so when I started getting not just more but higher quality protein my body responded. I no longer get sick for how long as I used to and as how often as I used to. It’s incredible. That alone drove me to encourage my husband to share it.

And now it’s NiTOR. Exciting things are happening and it’s so fun to see it go from something we made up in our kitchen to something that elite world record holders are now raving about. It really works!

Check this guy out…

And this guy!!!

So fun to see it.  Go team NiTOR!

I thought since I have a Rabbit Den page where I can post updates about our Sherwood Pet Health business I’d love to do one for NiTOR too.

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