On a Tuesday night several weeks ago, David and I brainstormed about what we could do for date night the next night. I dreamily said something about riding horses and the next thing I know David is texting his buddy asking if we could go riding.

Not long after my family had made our big move to St. George from Salt Lake when I was 12, my parents bought me a horse in hopes of it distracting me from boys for a while. Well let me tell you what, it worked!

Horses became my life. I grew a love for them that has not faded all these years of not even being around them anymore.

I’d been on trail rides, you know the kind where the horse is a robot to follow the horse in front of it. Not even close to the same experience.

It had been 20 years since I’d had the opportunity to freely gallop a horse. To be in charge and connect with the horse.

And we were scheduled to do it, the next day.

I was so giddy.

Now you might be wondering what the photo below is all about. This is how our night ended unfortunately. For some reason my blog uploaded the photos in reverse and I didn’t want to take the time to change it.

Just know that everybody was OK…and by OK I mean no one died or was severely injured, let’s say.

But dear Amy was definitely injured.

On the very last hurrah towards the last gate, Amy lost her stirrup and as she squeezed her horse tighter to stay on he took it as command to go faster. As a result she fell off (her very tall horse) and landed on her side.

I happened to be just in front of her and heard her say some choice words which made me look back and when I did I saw her on the ground. I turned my horse around and ran back to her to find her unconscious, stiff (arm in the air), pale and eyes rolled in the back of her head. I was freaked.

Her husband was not far behind me and then David and we all proceeded to coax her to stay calm as she regained her breath.  I breathed too.

She was in an extreme amount of pain and couldn’t move without screaming.

Somehow the guys got her rolled to her stomach despite her pleas that she couldn’t do it and then her side before it became obvious that there was no way she was going to make it out of there without help.

She was sorta loopy and talking funny, she had forgotten little things about our ride or where she was so she definitely had a concussion.

It was getting really cold at this point so our friend decided to call an ambulance for help. Thankfully we were close to a road where they could just open the cattle gate and drive up to us in the field.

Poor Amy had broken her sacrum!! She had to have a quick fix surgery and is now recovering and doing well.

But let’s rewind.

This ride you guys…

We were on a neighbors property in Paradise which quite literally feels like paradise. It was BEAUTIFUL.

And it was perfect. Endless open fields for me to gallop in. There were even cows I was told I could go chase.

David told me at one point that I looked happier than the day we were married. I didn’t have my wits about me enough to tell him that it was absolutely true but only because the one came first and made this second better. If I wasn’t with him it wouldn’t have been the same. I was FULL of joy.

Our friend Phillip’s experience was less than amazing because his horse was crazy. It was not his horse. He borrowed it from someone else so we could have his more gentle horses. Thank you Phillip.

He probably won’t ever know what it meant to me that night. The best date night ever. I’m pretty sure I even shed a happy tear once or twice as I felt the power and exhilaration of the beautiful creature beneath me.

Though I felt some guilt for a while thinking that if I hadn’t done this or if we hadn’t requested this ride, Amy would not have had such a trying experience but as almost always things happen for a reason, or rather God doesn’t waste experiences and seems to be making quite the perfect one for Amy right now. And God only knows what the experience did for me. I know more than ever (and David too after seeing me) that I need horses in my life. And I’m confident that will happen someday.

Until then I’ll bask in this memory and look forward to others.