David A. Sherwood

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His middle name is Allen…but neither of us really know how to spell it.  Or we forget.  All we know is it’s spelled weird, not like you normally spell Allan(what’s the normal way?).  So I didn’t use it in the title…seems like a place that should contain only correct statements.  Anyway, I’m being too lazy on this beautiful day to get up and find out if it’s Allen, Allan, Alen, or Alan. Forgive me love!!

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We’ve been married now for 5 years.  It’s one of those things that has gone by so fast but at the same time it already feels like a lifetime because of how much more I love him. So many memories have been made and the things that we’ve accomplished and been through together make it seem like 10 years.  For our anniversary we didn’t get to do the extravagant things that we wanted to do and dreamed about but what we did was better.


When we first started dating(in 2009) we loved to hike (still do) and decided to take my mom and my roommate (also my second cousin) on a hike called rattlesnake trail. At the top it overlooks the entire Cache Valley.  This was the first time my mom met David in fact!  It is a beautiful hike and we’ll always remember it.  The pictures below were taken from that day.  See how fit and thin and tan we were? hehe Well on our 5 year anniversary we decided to finally go back to that place and hike it once again.  We hadn’t been back since.  The pic above is from that day.

Of course I knew when I married him that he was special and that he’d make me happy and be a good dad etc etc.  I knew he would provide a good life for our family and that he’d go far and do amazing things with his life.  This is a man who had the suspicion and drive to start his own rabbit food business whilst starting his PhD (and has made it into a success I might add).  A man who wanted to be completely independent and self-reliant (concepts that I knew little about at the time).  A man who had experienced what true hunger was and to stave off starvation ate only millet everyday.  A man who knew what hard work meant and had a positive outlook on the road ahead.  A man who didn’t need much but wanted to give everything.

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Ya.  Special people!!  I was like, never letting this one go!  Thank goodness he felt the same way about me!!!!

And of course he’s exceeded my expectations by eons and eons in the last 5 years. He is a marvelous dad.  Just so so good.  He GENUINELY wants to be NEAR his kids and spend QUALITY time with them.  He is always thinking about how he can make them smile and things he can do with them to create memories.  He’s wrestling with them on the ground, he’s teaching them sound principles, he’s being a goof ball with them, he’s holding them and snuggling them and kissing them and telling them that he loves them all the time.  He’s praying with them and reading books with them. He’s watching monster truck videos with them.  When he’s not around them he yearns to be with them.


They love him so much.  There will come a day when they realize just how lucky they are that David Sherwood is their dada.  But for now I know it.  And I know how lucky I am to have him as my companion.  There is no other that I would want to spend my life and eternity with.


  All I can say is, “You certainly are babe! You certainly are!”