Elizabeth Smart


I just finished this book.  After I read my friend Danielle’s post about it I knew I wanted to read it (thanks Danielle!).  So when I saw it at the store sitting on the front shelf just begging me to buy it, I didn’t resist. I bought it.  And wow.  I don’t buy many books because normally you can just get them at the library for free but I knew this would be a good one to own.  And I was right.  Elizabeth is an amazing girl.  I just sit in awe of her.  I feel like anybody that went through what she did should be seriously screwed up!!  I probably would be!  But she isn’t.  She is stronger because of it.  She does such a good job relaying the story, in amazing detail.  I often wondered as I was reading it how she could remember all these details!  9 months of hell and you’d think her mind would have automatically blocked it out or something but nope! I’m afraid it’s burned into her memory and she does an amazing job at recounting it and then inspiring her readers in the process. She lives in my cousins neighborhood…well at least she used to.  It was creepy to read about the kidnapping and being able to perfectly visualize where it took place.    I would love to meet her someday.  I don’t even know her but I feel like I do and I want to be like her.  Her post kidnapping self.  I love how she just chooses to be happy and lets the atonement of Jesus Christ heal her wounds.  Wow.  I recommend it.  It’s depressing as you read it because you realize that this man that kidnapped her is so evil, and I mean like downright devilish and that he’s not the only one! There is such evil and hurt in the world!  I think that’s why I read it in under 2 days because I was hurrying to get to the happy part.  It does end happy.  And I know that even with evil in this world it is still a beautiful place.  How could it not be with the Kingdom of God on it?! Truth is restored and justice will prevail!