Henry’s First Birthday

Well it’s happened.

My baby is 1.


It’s inevitable.

It’s so much fun.

But so sad.

And so cute!

A few days before his birthday he slipped and fell face first into our hard tile and chipped his two front teeth.

I still think he’s the cutest thing in the world…jagged teeth and all.

We are going to the dentist in the morning because I guess that’s what you’re supposed to do when you chip teeth but I am not sure I’ll let them do anything to him. I’ve heard of dentists putting caps on babies or filing them down but I really don’t think that’s necessary.

Maybe I’ll feel different when he’s 6 but….probably not.

Look how cute he is!

Our homemade pie unfortunately was more like a frisbee. It was extremely flaky and delicious but for some reason the crust when I baked it fell down the sides instead of staying up on over the edges. So we couldn’t pour as much filling in it. But it was perfect actually cause what 1 year old needs an entire pie!!

Our favorite part of the night was the pie of course. He wasn’t sure at first, kind of like, “am I supposed to be doing this?”

But then he got into it and really enjoyed himself. He would belly laugh at his brothers reactions of what he was doing and seemed to just enjoy putting on a show for us. Especially as little bits of whip cream got flung into the air to who knows where (shhhh don’t tell the landlord). JK I think we got them all.

But then all the sudden he was done. He realized how messy he was and how dirty and he wanted to be done. So he got a bath and went to bed happy.

I wish I had gotten more pictures of that. We did video instead.

But boy how I love this baby…

Who’s not really a baby anymore.

I might call him that for a long time anyway.

He is such a joyful, easy, happy, adorable, silly, fun kid.

We are so blessed he’s apart of our family.

Happy Birthday Henry Joseph!