Isn’t life Blissful?

(Picture my husband took this morning on bike ride with friends)

I know, I know.  You’re saying, “And she said she’d never start a blog”  Well here I am…you (whoever you are out there) were right, I was wrong…blah blah.  Yesum, I have succumbed. And you know what?  I am actually kind of excited!  It turns out that I actually have some things going on in this dirty blonde haired head of mine (that is in desperate need of a haircut btw, hopefully today!) Most my life I have been the kind of person that when someone asks, “Whatcha thinking about?”, my usual response is, “Nothing” followed by my thinking, “What was I thinking about? What am I thinking about now?  Well now I’m thinking about thinking!”  It’s pretty frustrating… 🙂 Does that happen to anyone else?  I guess I haven’t mastered the art of pinning down and keeping track of my thoughts….they are just in a constant flow; scattered and BLISSFUL.  Hence the idea to start depositing my thoughts here.  And yes, life is Bliss.  It’s a word that I find reaches just the tip of how I feel.  Maybe through this process I will discover more of those words.  Yes I am sure I will.

2 thoughts on “Isn’t life Blissful?

  • Im so, so happy you’ve decided to join the world of blogging!!! I have always known that wonderful thoughts swim in your head all the time!! Cant wait to see them in black and white!!! So, so excited!!! Plus…what better way to get a peek into your life…now that its not here in So Utah!!! tear

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