To say that I love music just doesn’t cut it.  I really really love music. I couldn’t live a full life without it. I am grateful for it. I feel like it has a greater affect on me than the written word and as you know that can be used for good or bad so I have to really watch myself.

In high school I had a period of time where I listened only to Eminem. Ya. Seriously. Yes it had a profound effect on me.  I was kind of an angry skinny blonde chick during that time. Sorry mom and dad.

Naturally because music is such a big part of my life I wanted to somehow incorporate it into my blog (which if you have noticed I am revamping). Which is why each week I hope to have a new song up. It could and will be just about anything. Apart from Eminem, I really love just about everything and every song I love has a special memory or feeling associated with it. I may or may not share that along with it…you will just have to wait and see!

Happy Singing!