It’s beginning to ‘look (and feel) (and smell) a lot like Christmas’!!  Last night we saw the first signs of snow and this morning it has continued!  I love looking out my window and being able to see beautiful white flakes softly fall and it beginning to pile on the tops of the fences and tree leaves.  In church today, my hubby and I decided we were going to go make snow angels, snow mans and snow balls to throw at each other for family night. 
So not only does it really look like Christmas outside, it of course SOUNDS like Christmas!  Oh the sounds of Christmas!  There really is nothing better!  There is a special spirit that accompanies Christmas time, and why wouldn’t it?!  What would life be like if we weren’t celebrating this time of year?!  I don’t even want to think about it!  But we do have it and that is why I am so happy!  I love the feeling in the air around Christmas time.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my blessings and for my Savior Jesus Christ.  I am so grateful that he chose to come to the earth and fulfill the mission he was sent to do. 
The other reason it is beginning to ‘look a lot like Christmas’ is because of the smells!  This is mostly thanks to my AMAZING husband! I think I have inspired him to be in the Christmas spirit without him even knowing it. 🙂  The other day he made squash soup and yesterday he made pumpkin pie!  And yes, all from scratch of course.  How much more Christmassy can you get?!  MMmmmMmmmmm!  Our house has been filled with the yummy smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Gotta give thanks to our scentsy burner for that too! 
Life is good.  I am quite sure I am the happiest woman in the world.  I frequently cry tears of gratitude and happiness for no reason than just that.  I have my husband who is the most amazing creature whom I love more than I thought possible and of course my family who I love intensely as well and who love me.  I have a testimony of the gospel and a Heavenly Father and Elder Brother who loves me.  I have my health, a job, a home, food in the fridge and freedom.  
BLISS barely captures what I feel but it works for now. 🙂 
I made the mistake the other day of turning on Christmas music while on my way to work.  I did this because we woke up to a little bit of winter wonderland and I couldn’t help myself!  But now that the snow is gone and I’m realizing that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, I probably made a mistake.  But WHO CARES!  I would personally like to know who made up the rule that you can’t listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving!  I mean I can understand that listening to it in July could cause a problem but around this time of year if you just start to feel it in your bones why ignore it just because someone said you shouldn’t!  Ah, okay I vented.  Now I’ll just sit back and listen to my Christmas music.  🙂  Hope you enjoy too!  If you’re ‘one of those’ people I apologize.  I say to you, “Where is your Christmas Spirit!?”  It has no bounds! 🙂 
I also wanted to post some more pics of our wonderful meals as of late.  And no my husband doesn’t always make each plate looks this beautiful.  Just most the time. 🙂  He’s amazing though…seriously, look at these! And it was all so yummy!

What you see is Cajun/Nutmeg shrimp around a bed of caramelized onions, rice and black beans.  Topped with avocados and some of our fresh cilantro and lime mint.
Sea Scallops cooked with butter, garlic with sour cream homemade potatoes and asparagus. Topped with lemon basil. MMMmmmm

This is what my love cooked for breakfast this morning.  His amazing waffle recipe topped with fresh strawberries and homemade whip cream!  Ya baby!
Now this part is my favorite…try not to be disgusted… 🙂

Yes, what you see is what we ate in just one evening!  A matter of a few hours actually!

We were on a Sour Cream kick so we made dark chocolate sour cream chocolate chip brownies!  I love my life!

That’s All Folks!  And may I say……MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
This is our herb garden…well the beginnings of it anyway.  Unfortunately these pictures were taken while the ugly grow light was on but you get the idea!  These were also taken several weeks ago.  Today the garden is much more lush and flavorful!  You will see those pictures below. 
But we have been enjoying this a whole lot.  It makes cooking more fun and taste even better than it already was! 

This is our Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato plant.  It’s about one month old!  I am so excited to be picking off this one!  I’ve never had them but my husband says they are amazing!

Also, we have some Savory, Rosemary, Thyme, Lemon Basil, regular Basil, Cilantro (super excited about this one, the stuff in the store is always so gross!), Oregano, Chocolate Peppermint (yes, it really smells like chocolate!), Lime Mint, Spinach and Strawberries!!!!
So in a few more months, I’ll post some more pictures when we are even further along!  Oh man I am excited for some strawberries and tomatoes and everything else!  Life is good!  Especiallly when my husband makes stuff like this!!

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Feta Cheese and Broccoli. MMmmm!

Big Mama Calzone!  Double MMMMmMmm!

Once again….I AM SPOILED!  I love my husband so much!  I couldn’t live without him!  He is my everything!  I love you babe!

I feel spoiled.  Never in my life have I been this spoiled…well that’s not least my parents wouldn’t think so but nevertheless I LOVE, repeat LOVE our new car.  We are so happy with our purchase.  To be honest, we both miss the prelude.  That was the cars of all good cars.  It had almost 300 thousand miles on it yet both we and the new owner can’t help but acknowledge what a good car it is still.  Infact, the guy called my husband up the other day just because he was so happy with it!  He had it detailed and had new tires and rims put on it, he sent us pictures to show us how it was looking.  We are happy that he is happy.  And we are happy!  All around happiness!  🙂 Hows that for cheesy!?  Anyway I guess this post is about blessings and happiness.  Even in something as small and simple as a car?  (Does that work?) 

Our 2005 Acura TL
It’s decided…October is insane.  Every weekend we have been out of town or will be out of town.  Our poor ward and bishop are probably just about to send the secret Mormon service on us to see if we’ve gone inactive. 🙂 
But we had another good weekend.  David’s sister, Mary and her husband Kelly had a baby and so this past weekend they were blessing him up in Twin Falls, Idaho!  Since it’s only a short two hour drive, we decided to make the drive early Sunday morning.  And not only were we treated with the blessing of little baby Logan but also with Kelly’s (our brother-in-law) parent’s homecoming from their year and a half mission to Germany.  It was wonderful.  (The choir even sang ‘Called to Serve’ and of course that turned on the water works for me).
But I have a confession.  I misjudged little Twin Falls, Idaho.  I stuck it in the same category as Pocatello or Preston or even Rexburg!  But if anyone has been to Twin Falls, you know of it’s hidden beauty!  Wow!  I had no idea!  Check it out! 
This was our first stop.  This was just on the way down a road, on a bend, kind of hidden but my David knew where it was because he spent two years here about 8 years ago.  This was his past stomping ground while he went to CSI (College of Southern Idaho).  Anyway, as I looked around me I saw little falls everywhere!  This place is full of them!  And it’s October!  Imagine the spring time!  Well I guess its known for it’s falls because this wasn’t even the most impressive part.  This was….
It was amazing.  We were up hundreds and hundred of feet and it was spectacular.  Again, because it was October, this place wasnt’ as grand but my honey told me in the spring time it just goes pouring over the entire span of that rock face….kind like Niagara Falls! 
So to say the least, I was humbled and I had to offer up a silent and sorta weird apology to Twin Falls Idaho for misjudging it.
Also, as a side note, my honey also pointed out the bridge and canyon of which the infamous, Evil Knievel made his last jump and fell to his death.  Quite romantic eh?  But I thought, hey why not just take a picture…for history sake? 
I could have told him that he wouldn’t have it made it across…that’s easy to see.
May he rest in peace. 🙂
It had been way too long since we had seen Lucie.  Circumstances didn’t allow us until  this past weekend, and oh what a weekend!!  We only had Saturday with her because both David and I had to work until 5 on Friday but we were grateful for it!  We decided to do something fun and out of the ordinary so that this short time we had with her would be a memorable one.  We picked her up in Timbuktu and took her back to Moab.  Here we ran around some for batteries, cash and other things.  All the while, little Lucie was chattering in the back seat, having the best time with her dad no matter what we were doing.  Finally we got to our first destination.  ‘The sand box”.  Or so Lucie called it.
Anybody who has been to the sand dunes knows how much fun a place like this can be.  You wear yourself out running to the top just so you can run and jump down and  feel like you are flying for just a second.  It was hard to tear ourselves away from this big sand box to go to the next thing on the agenda.  But we did, with the promise that we would come back later.  
Next we took the short drive (across the street) to Arches National Park.  I hadn’t been there since I was a little girl and David hadn’t ever been there so it was a treat for all of us!  Lucie was such a trooper, she even reminded us that she was a ‘mountain goat’.  She was fascinated, just like we were with the amazing, weird shaped mountains and rocks around us.  We were able to drive the whole park and stop nearly everywhere we wanted to and hike around; Lucie as our fearless leader.  We ate PB&J as we basked in the sun below ‘Balanceed Rock’.  Talked to some fellow hikers and explored the nooks and crannies of this amazing park.  We had SO much fun!  I enjoyed myself immensely.  I don’t know if my husband even knows how much I enjoyed this day!  It was beautiful and perfectly simple.  The whole time I was just overwhelmed with an intense sense of joy and peace and love.  Lucie is such a good little girl (she got that from her dad) and I loved soaking up her innocent and sweet spirit.  We loved laughing at the tings that she said and did. 
Once we were all pooped out we decided to go clean up and eat some dinner.  We watched Lucie enjoy some chicken strips and fries while we muched on some chips and salsa and shrimp salad.  After we were stuffed to the brim we walked around little Moab for a while till we just had to go back to the sand box one more time! 🙂  It was a great day! 
 It was all too bitter to say goodbye at the end of the day.  We are grateful for the memories and for the beauty of this earth and for the blessing of being able to make this small trip.  Hopefully it will become a frequent thing.  We even stopped at a cute Bed & Breakfast on the way out that was located just miles away from where Lucie lives.  It was really quaint.  We just might become regular guests!  If so, more interesting stories to come! 

We have a joke in our house that my husband can’t pick a movie to watch that isn’t absolutely horrible. 🙂  And it’s kinda not a’s just the truth!  But a few days ago my husband picked one out and it turned out to be quite impressive!  I think it was the breaking point of his curse too because since then he has picked another good one too. 

‘Lean on Me’ is based on a true story about a high school in the late 80’s and it’s Principal, played by Morgan Freeman, who has a major impact on it’s students.  It is really touching and uplifting.  We could definitely use more educators like this man, played by Morgan Freeman.  If you find you have a free night, I would feel confident in recommending this movie fill your time.

The other one that my husband picked out that was really cute was called ‘Imagine That’ with Eddy Murphy.    I love Eddy Murphy, especially in this movie.  In movies he’s done previously I have found him annoying or too animated but he does a really good job in this one.  It really is a great movie.  I would definitely watch it again.  Just a feel good, clean, movie. 

I wouldn’t say that either of these movies changed my life or rocked my world but they definitely made me smile and made me want to somehow incorporate the principles found in them into my life.  I am so tired of the trash that is out there that when I find movies like this I have to applaud a little.  🙂  Cheers! 

AhhSimple Pleasures! We got our wireless keyboard and mouse in the mail today and boy do we love it!  I love it because the chair doesn’t have to be in the middle of the room anymore!  We can sit back and enjoy the big screen from a distance!  It has lots of cool tricks and it feels really good to type on!  Yay! 

Next simple pleasure is not so simple but in a way it is!  This weekend is General Conference!  We are so looking forward to this!  It is our third GC together..(weird) and we are both just so ready for some inspiration and added extra spirit in our life.  David’s sister and family are going to come up on Sunday and maybe watch some of it with us so that will be great too!  What a refreshing wonderful weekend it will be! 

I am so grateful for the Restored Gospel to this earth.  What a blessing and comfort!  I know that in just a few short hours we will be able to hear the Word of God from the mouth of his Chosen Servants.  Wow.  I love life.  I am glad that we get to make choices and that if we mess up, there is still hope and we can receive help on the way back!  Heavenly Father loves us!  And I love my husband and my family!  XOXO 

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