It's a beautiful thing to have lungs that allow you to breathe air and legs that allow you to climb mountains, and it's a shame that sometimes we don't remember that that's enough.

30 Questions for Self Discovery

How do I feel at the moment? Just finished breakfast, baby is sleeping, boys are playing battleship together. I feel really good. I’m trying to overcome this notion that my life is lacking in so many areas because it’s really not. I am listening to and watching my home videos of my family growing up […]

#fbf Miss you Grandma. I stayed at your home this last week with Grandpa and though it was lovely and Grandpa was the perfect host, I sensed your not being there and it just isn’t the same. I imagined what you would be fussing over if you were there and how you would offer to hold and help with Henry every chance you got. How you would make sure we all had breakfast in the morning shuffling around in your robe and slippers. I imagined you sitting there in the evening with me while I was feeding Henry watching jeopardy and crocheting some blanket or hat for some lucky child. I can still hear your laugh. I miss you Grandma!! #familyisforever #grandmasharp #stgeorgeInstagram Today

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January in a sentence a day

Jan 1-2 I didn’t record these days so who knows what happened?! Jan 3 – Had my brother and his cute family come and hang out at the house most of the day and later my parents and other brother and his wife joined us for hamburgers. Jan 4 – Cousins Beckham and Evelyn came […]

My Grandpa passed away early this morning hence our spontaneous trip to St. George last night. This is Henry’s Great Grandma meeting him for the first time this morning. I can’t help but cry that this little guy won’t ever know his great grandpa Stephenson because he was a giant of a man and such a special part of my life. Even my two ‘older’ boys who are still very young have been influenced by his spirit and love. We’ll miss him like crazy. #familyhistory #grandpastephenson #funeral #henryjoseph #stgeorgeInstagram Today

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Milk (particularly fat) Production Solved!

Have you struggled with breastfeeding? Milk supply low and baby not gaining weight? Do know someone who has? Well so have I but I’ve found something that works for me! I am so excited about what we’ve found because I never thought anything could be done about it. So travel back in time with me […]

I am so grateful for modern technology allowing me to preserve these memories and family history. Ive been waiting to start in this project for too long and so excited for what I’ll see. This one is particularly special because my grandma is narrating the video and I’ve missed her voice. #vhstodigital #elgato #familyhistoryInstagram Today

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