Favorite Friday

If you read my previous post you might be wondering if any other members of my family caught the ‘bug’…


Wow. You blink and almost 2 weeks goes by. We’ve had the stomach bug here which totally sucks. Ok honestly,..

What is Hypnobabies?

Most of you probably know that I’ve done Hypnobabies to have my babies at home and plan to do the..

Worship Wednesday

Ever since the day I became a mother I’ve heard the whole “It goes by so fast. Don’t waste a..

September by Sentences (or sometimes words)

A wonderful blog that I frequent inspired me to do this (in fact I think she inspired many to do..

How I’m feeling…

OK so this is how I SHOULD be feeling.  I should feel excited about General Conference today and tomorrow. Nothing..

Favorites Friday

When David is out of town with his computer I don’t get much blogging done. It’s just not the same..