Homeschooling Ben

When we moved to this house in Wellsville I started my research on schools for Ben. Of course there was..

My New Dining Nook

It started in July. The plans. My naive mind thought it could happen in a months time. No, I knew..


It’s clear that I am not great at this blogging thing. This is why my blog could never be something..

Halloween 2017

Well that’s life. Sometimes no matter what you do you get sick. My husband and I both came down with..

Favorite Friday

If you read my previous post you might be wondering if any other members of my family caught the ‘bug’…


Wow. You blink and almost 2 weeks goes by. We’ve had the stomach bug here which totally sucks. Ok honestly,..

What is Hypnobabies?

Most of you probably know that I’ve done Hypnobabies to have my babies at home and plan to do the..