Preschool fun!

Sunny Days Preschool really has been just that for Ben. He absolutely loves going to school and Teacher Nikki has really put a ton of thought and effort into her curriculum and things to keep it so fun for the kids. Right before our trip to Cally we went on their first field trip to a fire station!


This was a working fire station and when we showed up most of the firefighters were asleep because the night before was a huge storm and I guess it was a busy night for them! The hour while we were there they got several calls, some false alarms and some real! One mini truck even took off – get this- to go rescue a cat from a tree!

img_20160922_102604 img_20160922_101817 img_20160922_101833

They even got to step inside an ambulance! Lucie and William were very adventurous and my Benny boy was his reserved self…kinda nervous about new things. Nevertheless I could tell he really loved seeing all this.

img_20160922_102100 img_20160922_102128img_20160922_102808 img_20160922_102818 img_20160922_103230 img_20160922_104305 img_20160922_104331

Ben was being too timid to jump up in the fire truck but Lucie and William did it!

img_20160922_104926 img_20160922_105923

So much fun. William just made himself at home with these preschool kids and I can’t wait until he can go next year…he is going to LOVE IT.

When we got back from California I was quickly reminded that Ben was scheduled to be the Star Student! Just a cute thing Teacher Nikki does for each student to be highlighted and talked about. Make them feel really special. Our family came for it and so did Mimi and even Beckham and Evelyn came! Ben really sat back didn’t know what to think about it. In the end I think he thought it was pretty cool. Who wouldn’t?



Yay for Sunny Days!!! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!