Preschool is here! I can’t believe it!


Ben started preschool this week. I had such mixed feelings about it but the prominent feeling was excitement. He is such a smart boy and I know he is going to thrive in school.

Everyday since he’s started he comes home and asks if he gets to go to school tomorrow. When I’ve told him that he does he gets this real big genuine smile on his face.

This of course has a lot to do with his teacher who is as we expected really great. She does it out of her home and there are only 9 other kids in his class. He gets to go 3 days a week. I can already tell Ben is going to grow a strong bond with Teacher Nikki.

I’m already anticipating the disappointment he will have when I tell him he doesn’t get to go every single day.


This is his silly face.

I love this boy so much.


Follow the sunshine’s!


Is it possible to freeze time for only a moment so I can grasp what is going on?! Sometimes I feel like I can’t or don’t have any idea how fast time flies until something like this happens and it slaps me in the face. “YOU HAVE A 4 YEAR OLD GOING TO PRESCHOOL!!!”

Holy moly.

Praying that I can cherish to the fullest these precious moments.