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I love this review that came in recently….

Hop Hop Hurray!!!!! 

Posted by Indrani on 10th Aug 2017

“Indrani’s the name
Destruction’s the game
Every day Mama cleans my cage
So I shred the paper to show my rage
A horrible rotten no-good bun
I’m a shedding tangle of playful fun
An American Fuzzy lop
I binky, hop, hop, hop
Through the house I run races and loops
And leave behind a few little poops
My color hue
Is broken blue
I’m the goddess of thunder and rain
My beauty puts the rest to shame
When I’m mad, I honk or flick my feet
But I can be bribed with num nums or treats
Rub my nose
Don’t clip my toes
I’m the best little bunny, sweeter than honey
Pull my fur and I’ll bite your tummy
I’m soft as silk and oh so cute
For Sherwood pellets, a party horn I’ll toot!”


2016 has been a great year for Sherwood Pet Health!

We again attended SuperZoo in Vegas and were met with even more enthusiasm and success. It was here that a best known Canadian distributor found us and we have since been up to Canada to educate and motivate their sales force! We now have the best of the best on our team ready to get our feeds into 800+ stores! Yay!

Also at SuperZoo, Petco and PetSmart were on our tails. This year was a bit different because we now have beautiful printed bags of 3 different species as well as an array of balanced and meaningful treats AND vet care! They both want Sherwood in their stores! I guess let the bidding war begin!

We are in the middle of moving our beloved mill to a bigger space which can be daunting but we look right past it because we know it means GROWTH! How exciting!

Amazon can’t seem to keep stocked with our food and IFA is a loyal regular growing customer! The 5 star reviews we continually get are like our fuel to our fire! We love hearing how amazing the food is and how much it is making a difference in the lives of our little furry friends!

2017 is going to be a big year! Watch out! Here we come!




In July of this year we attended the big trade show in Vegas.  And when I say big, I mean BIG.  It’s name, SuperZOO was very appropriate.  The boys and my mom tagged along to make a little trip of it (my brother and his family came along too) which consisted of chillin at the hotel pool all day long…it was sweet.  But the one afternoon that we ventured out to Mandalay Bay to see our men at the ZOO we quickly realized we weren’t prepared for the trek that it was and were stunned at the sheer size of this convention.  It was awesome but intimidating at the same time.


We worried that our little humble booth would just be swallowed up and go unseen…I mean how couldn’t it?  We’re talking a needle in a thousand haystacks.  So as my mom and I made the trek not only from our hotel to the mandalay bay (just 2 blocks or so) but from Mandalay bay to the Mandalay Bay convention center and then from the Convention center door all the way to our booth (over 1 hour total!) with little kids in tow, no stroller…we couldn’t help but wonder if all the time and money put into this show was going to pay off….would we even be seen?


We had our cute little booth and then we had a little space show above that showcased our product as ‘new’ this year so the retailers could walk by real quick and get an idea of who and what they wanted to learn more about.


Dogs and cats naturally occupied 75 or 80% of this show…I couldn’t believe some of the silly products I saw.  I mean who would actually use that?  But turns out those very same products, some of them were the very most popular.  Go figure.


Before the ZOO started they had a motivational speaker, Daymond John talk to all the attendees.  How cool…we love shark tank!



Here is our cute booth and my hot husband..


It looked a lot bigger in our living room.  Yup.  Me and my mom were nervous as we left that day.  Who knew what it’d bring.  Well….I can tell you now what it brought!  It worked!

Whew!!  Petco came and talked with us, about 20 or 30 mom and pop stores were interested in carrying us and a huge international distributor came and talked to us too and as we speak is trying to make a deal work with us.  This ZOO basically changed the course of our business lives. Woohoo Vegas!!







Buns are our business here in the Sherwood Forest. We love these furry cuddle balls and they love our Sherwood Forest pellets! It’s a big part of our life so I thought I would record what’s happening in the rabbit den.



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