One day last week it got up to somewhere around 54 degrees. Holy smokes people that is warm around here.

So what did we do?

Dusted off our ‘outing’ clothes and the boys led the way!

They wanted to go where they had found snail shells last fall but I had to remind them they were still 4 feet deep under the snow. But we still had an amazing time.

It felt so good to be out and breathing fresh air and feeling the sunshine on our faces! I felt so happy and I can bet my boys felt the same way.

This winter has been hard…

I hate being cooped up indoors for days on end! And that’s coming from a homebody! It’s just not healthy.

This winter has definitely brought more of my mom out in me….Die cold and frost and snow!! Where is the sun so I can worship it?!

That day got me so excited for sun and warmer days that I became giddy and needed more! I’m a bit ashamed to say it but I even went and lay in a tanning ‘death’ bed so I could feel my pores opening up in pleasure as the warmth was accepted into their deprived little orifices. Oh the vitamin D! It was amazing. And I’ll probably do it again before the snow melts.

Don’t judge. Maybe you should do it too. You could use the Vitamin D.

Now just you wait until the summer heat hits and I’ll probably being singing a different tune…but I can’t imagine it. Not now.

I am grateful for sunshine and for this beautiful earth we get to explore…even if it’s just in little Logan right now.  And I’m grateful for healthy happy boys who love to explore with me.