Table for one?

img_20161102_130408I have done it a few times in the past. When I was single and had no reason other than I wanted to try it out and be all independent and cool.

Today I did it because I was exhausted and worn out.  Because I was too hungry to think about making something for myself. And I needed energy to go grocery shopping. I did it because I could and why wouldn’t I enjoy a delicious lunch all to myself?

Apparently it was more difficult for the older lady sitting across the isle from me to understand. She leaned over to me and said,”You don’t mind eating by yourself?” I said, “No, not at all.” She said,  “I wouldn’t come in here and eat by myself…I don’t like it.  You like it?”  I again said, “Yes, I enjoy it, it’s like a mini getaway.”

She smiled like it was the strangest thing she’s heard of and then leans over to her eating partner and surprisingly says, she doesn’t mind eating alone!

I’ll admit I did get some looks but I really did enjoy myself. I didn’t have to share my chip basket with anyone! Hello! Who wouldn’t love that?!

There was an intriguing business meeting taking place right next to me. I wanted to prolong my chewing just so I could hear what was happening…whatever it was it was important. Random question…why are business meetings frequently chosen to be at a loud restaurants? Can’t possibly be the most productive of places.

My cute waitress definitely did the tilt head sorrow thing on me. But instead of saying are you ok or something dramatic like that it was, “Is there anything else I can do for you today?” She had a sweet smile and I am sure she had her wonderings.

But wonder away world. Eating alone today was glorious. I needed steak, I got steak. I needed a break. I got a break. The end.

P.s. El Toro Viejo in Logan is 👌.