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I finally did it!! Took long enough gosh!! Oh my heck it was so fun! This is my gun and I love it…

Kits and Storage

This month has brought with it an interesting atmosphere not only in our house but in everybody’s I think. If..

Vegas Baby!

After a small pow wow with my sis in law we were very aware that we needed to plan a..


We borrowed some baby carriers for hiking from some friends of ours.  We felt it was time to enjoy nature with..

Birthday Shooting Bash

Yesterday I turned 28.  I feel old.  And not because 28 is old…because my body just feels old.  But that’s..

California Lovin’

It’s time to write about our California trip.  It’s fitting too because we got our family pics from Chelsea in..

Radioactive Soccor Ball

There are SO many reasons why I love my husband.  This is one of them.  He takes time here and..

Saturday Night

David and I have been homebodies lately except for the occasional date night. Yesterday however we decided to break the..

We’re moving!   I can’t believe it really.   I am a month away from giving birth and we’re moving…