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Things my kids say

As I’m feeding Henry in my recliner chair, William begins to surround me with things I might need. First the tissue box “in case he spits up mom), and then a book he thinks I might like, then he runs to his bedroom and gets one of his blankets that “he doesn’t really use anymore” and lovingly spreads it over my legs. Next it’s brothers binki (things are starting to get crowded in the chair). Next is my hair tie…I slip it on my wrist with a thank you William, and he says,” that looks good with you mom”, next is my water bottle. After a quick potty break because hes done all this while dancing he comes back and says, “and one more thing mom” and puckers up his little lips for a kiss. Melt my mom heart.


As we are hiking with Aunt Cathy. Aunt Pam and Mimi, Aunt Cathy attempts to point out what is called turtle rock to Ben in the distance. This is a giant rock with a head shape and then a long ‘shell’ shape in the back. Its fairly abstract and difficult to see as little ones. Ben looks up at Aunt Cathy and says. “Well, actually… you’re an adult and so I don’t understand what you are saying.”

William – ‘I want to eat healthy mom, I don’t want my treat.’ He leaves it at the table to go play…jaws drop. Next minute he comes back…’maybe I will eat it  mom.’

“Mom how do those things come out like that? (pointing to my boob)” Ben

William using the word ‘otherwise’ and supposedly at age 4.

“Mom, I’m an artist” said directly after their art session with Mimi. W

“Mom, I like how you are getting dressed.” (one of the rare days I get dolled up). W

“Mom do you know who I love the most? Jesus, you and the baby. Oh and the holy ghost.” W

William talking about something being perfect and Ben saying that only Jesus is perfect. William then says, “ya, He could even make it so your water bottle doesn’t leak anymore Ben!”

William comes out of his room at naptime and says, “Mom, I’m starting to like short naptime because it gives me a chance to think. And I’m starting to think of a really cool picture I could make you.”

Ben frequently asks me to turn on Michael Jackson in the kitchen so we can dance together. He really gets into it. One morning he stopped and said, “Songs like Michael Jackson make me want to be professional dancer mom.” with a huge smile. You go dude!!

Explaining who cupid is and what happens when somebody gets shot with an arrow and William nonchalantly says, “well i fell in love with you before valentines mom.”

As we were reading one evening I pointed out how much I love the smell of books. I had the boys smell to see if they agreed. William stuck his nose right in and after a big whiff said, “mmmmmm that smells like Jesus .”

The Magic Mirror by Ben Sherwood

As part of Homeschool I’ve decided to let the boys dictate stories to me while I type them out. This is the first one Ben ever did. The look on his face when we printed it out and he held it in his hands was priceless. He felt so proud…like a real author. Then while his dad read out loud to all of us…oh his face! Needless to say I think I will like this tradition.

The Magic Mirror

By Ben Sherwood

Once upon a time there was a mom and she threw a mirror in the garbage and a boy was going hunting for treasure and he found it so he took it. He brought it inside and when he put in on the ground he was also scared. He stepped on the mirror and instead of stepping on the mirror he stepped into the mirror and fell into a different place that he’s never seen before.

He saw a man that looked so strange. He had a black hat that was a majesty hat. He had a red ribbon with a bow on it that he wore on his head and on his shoes. He had a magic wand in his hand. And his name was The Weird Majesty. And he lifted his hand out towards the boy and the boy disappeared.

The place where he was he saw a clown and The Weird Majesty again. But he was different. Instead of red bows on his hat and shoes it was blue bows. And the boy thought that it was snowing and there was actually a window into the whitest place you’ve ever seen. He looked closely into the window and he saw icicles and snow. And the water in the snow was actually melted Popsicle. And the normal snow was ice with it.

The Weird Majesty made the boy disappear again. This time he was wearing yellow bows on his head and shoes. There was a clown there and a summer guy this time. He looked outside and it was so bright he could barely see anything. And when he looked out there he went blind for a long time although he could still sense the light. When he was small he had touched a rock wall and now that he was bigger he knew what a rock wall felt like so he touched the rock wall and felt it and tried to climb it even though he was blind.

The Weird Majesty all the sudden made him disappear again and then he wasn’t blind anymore. He was on a trail in the woods. Also when he was little when his mom took him to Wild Island so now that was bigger he could recognize it and that’s where he was. All the sudden he saw a movement in the bushes and it was tiger. And then he found that there was a mark on the tigers face. And he remembered the tiger when his mom was out hunting for chickens on Wild Island. And his mom said that to kill the tiger you just need some hot sauce to shoot at the spot on his head. If it touches anything, the hot sauce will be on fire. And he had a pack of hot sauce on him so he threw it at the tiger and the bottle of hot sauce was tipped over upside down on his nose. It was stuck on him. His mom did not find chickens. All the sudden another movement in the bushes arrived. And there was a “BAAhhhk!” And he caught it! It was a chicken!

And all the sudden a magic wand fell from the sky. And the boy disappeared back to home. His mom was so surprised she was looking for him. The boy told her all about the stories he had and she was also surprised that there was a chicken that he found. Because without the chicken they wouldn’t have thanksgiving dinner.

The End.

Homeschooling Ben

When we moved to this house in Wellsville I started my research on schools for Ben. Of course there was the public elementary school down the street but the Wellsville school never really showed up on my list when I did my ‘best schools in Cache Valley’ search. I had conversations with his former preschool teacher who assured me that Wellsville school had just gotten a new principal and that her niece teaches there and had nothing but praises about it.

After getting the news that Ben didn’t get into a charter school we were hoping for (it’s lottery after all…what were the chances?) we decided that we would try the public school.

It started out good. He was so excited and so was I! His teacher seemed really amazing (she is). We got his backpack ready and all the anticipation and excitement of the first day of school was as expected. We were in it for the long haul. The programs, the homework, the volunteer opportunities for the parents, the school schedule and even all the germs that were being introduced those first few weeks! Ha!

I thoroughly enjoyed dropping him off and picking him up each day to hear all the cute girls in his class say, “Bye Ben!” as he would get into the car.

He really got along with the girls in his class. Not as much with the boys. He was just as his preschool teacher predicted, the teachers pet. He was a fantastic student. Before we pulled him out he was tested; I think they are called dibels or dimmels or something; and out of the entire cache county school district he scored in the 96th percentile.

But before that happened I started to notice something. Yes, his homework was too easy. He already knew everything they were going over. He was a bit bored. His favorite time was recess (which happened twice during a 3 hour period). But that wasn’t what concerned me. I know that a lot of kindergarteners are bored and already know everything at the beginning of the year. And ya, they weren’t cramming those 3 hours with learning only, which I wouldn’t want anyway…that’s too much for 5 year olds. It did seem like a lot of his time was filled with fluff but that wasn’t what bothered me the most either.

It was a day that the morning wasn’t going as smoothly as others and I probably threatened him that I’d keep him home from school if things didn’t change. In preschool that threat always got his attention and things changed. He loved preschool. LOVED it. It was an amazing school…his teacher was probably the best in the county which is why people didn’t mind driving long distances for her. Anyway through that experience he learned to love learning. We saw it happen before our eyes. We knew and his teacher knew that he is a very bright boy and it was such a perfect atmosphere to kindle that. He excelled. I know you might be thinking, he was four Anna! It’s just preschool. But it’s a fun experience when you see your child grow so much and do so well, even beyond his years.

So that morning when his response to my threat was, “OK, fine, I’ll stay home from school, I don’t care!” I knew something was off.

It didn’t happen just that one time either. He subsequently showed signs that he didn’t really care to go to school or that if he missed it it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Once or twice he even asked if he could stay home and play with William instead. Complete opposite of the year before.

And this is not because he wasn’t getting along with his classmates, or that he was being bullied. It wasn’t because he wasn’t doing well. A meeting we had with his teacher at one point made that all very clear. Ben was well loved by everyone and was an excellent student. But for some reason it’s like I could see his beautiful light of learning slowly start to dim. It scared me to death.

So that’s when the door opened in my mind to homeschooling. I never thought that door would open. I really didn’t. Not for me. I knew that someday when David had his dream of starting his own school come true that we would pull our kids out at that point and he would take over most of the grunt work. I never imagined that I would be doing it myself. I had a small belief that moms shouldn’t confuse their role as moms with that of teacher because it’s confusing for the kids. I knew that the social aspect of homeschool was complicated but despite all this and more I knew that it was the right choice for Ben.

A conversation with my family (mom, brother and sister in law) also really helped me take the leap forward. They also know how bright Ben is and helped me see how much more freedom we’d have with him at home. Yes, he could learn at a faster rate but more importantly we could facilitate the love of learning that public school just wasn’t doing….already.

We went in for another meeting with his kindergarten teacher to share our thoughts with her and ask for her thoughts about it. She was so understanding and kind, not at all like I was expecting. You know, judgmental and concerned about the ‘homeschool’ mindset. She understood where we were coming from with Ben and said that she didn’t worry about him as she does with others who do homeschool. She did in a way beg for us to keep Ben in school because she just loved him so much. She said if she could have 20 Ben’s in her class her life would be bliss. She said she would miss him.

A week later Ben was home for good.

Most of the questions and concerns that I’ve had about homeschool have been resolved since then. For instance, concerning the confusion of roles, teacher or mom, I feel strongly now that that simply wasn’t true. Who else might I ask, is better suited to teach my child than me? And isn’t that the literal description of my responsibility as a parent anyway?

The biggest concern I still have is about the social aspect of it. I’ve actually been have a bit of anxiety about it the last couple days. I worry and wonder about what Ben is missing out on at school. What life experiences is he missing that could be super beneficial to his growth? Am I ruining him in some small way? Or big way?

I still don’t know the answer. But, I do know that we will do our best by getting him in activities like karate or soccer or music lessons. Also that we will have him in play dates and group activities with other kids. I also know that public school ‘socialization’ isn’t necessarily the best form of socialization out there so I can take comfort in that. I just have to have faith that even though I don’t know all the answers right now, this is still the best choice for Ben and everything will work out!

Plus he’s only in kindergarten. No better place to start right?

I’m grateful for this little learning journey I’ve been on with Ben and am excited about the ones to come!


It’s clear that I am not great at this blogging thing. This is why my blog could never be something big or important. I’m ok with that. I think that if I tried to turn it into a money maker it would lose its charm for me. Or just stress me out.

Life has been a bit crazy for me these last few weeks. Seems like all I’ve been doing is running around crazy trying to get the last minute things ready for baby. Yet, there still seems to be a lot more to do. But I’ve accepted that everything I want done, probably won’t be done.


It’s OK.

The most important things are done.

I really do feel ready for him to come. I am so ready to snuggle him and smell him and feed him from the outside and see his cute face!

One of the things that I got done that I felt was important was getting a little office area set up for all of us. This included finally getting my own computer!! Yay!

This will (or I should say SHOULD) help me become more consistent at blogging instead of depending on David’s computer in those fleeting moments.

I feel pretty giddy about it. I haven’t had my own computer since college. I’ve laid awake at night with excitment at what I can do and how I can organize my life on here…pictures etc.

Also a project that has been ‘haunting’ me for years I can finally get done! It consists of converting all my families home videos (VHS) to digital. I am probably going to upload them to youtube as well as have them backed up elsewhere. I’m excited about that.

To do this, I needed a stable desktop where the VCR could stay plugged in while I tackled a little bit of it everyday.  It’s going to take a while.

The next biggest news in our life is that we have decided to homeschool Ben!

This was another reason the office area was so important to set up. He needed a place to ‘homeschool’.

We didn’t come to this decision lightly. And I’ll be the first to remind you that I was always one of those women who when the topic of homeschool came up in conversation said something like, “I could never homeschool! No thanks! Send them away! I am not that cool and organized etc etc.”

So this is as much a surprise to me as anybody else. But that’s what having kids do to you! Unpredictable! They come with their own personalities and needs…throw your own plans out the window…you need to do what’s best for them.

I might be writing a post on this decision alone. It’s a big one. The decision. Not necessarily the post but we’ll see. There are a lot of factors and other things that go into this and even as I type this I still have questions regarding whether this is the right thing.

You may wonder how could I have made such a huge decision unless I was absolutely certain it was the right choice? Well at this point all I can say is it was the more right choice between the two choices.

And we’re going from there.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Will I be there contributing a cake or pie? Or will I be home in bed with a brand new baby in my arms. Who knows? Either way sounds good to me! Bring it on!

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

What a blessed world we live in!

Halloween 2017

Well that’s life.

Sometimes no matter what you do you get sick.

My husband and I both came down with ‘the bug’ on Saturday morning. Now you might say that because we weren’t throwing up that we didn’t have it as bad and I’d mostly agree with you but we still felt as awful as if we had been. It took until Monday morning till we started feeling better and still today our digestive systems are a little wacky.

Maybe our little grape juice trick helped the wrath kick it down a notch (but was it?) and maybe the special cleaner still does really work but sometimes in life you just get sick. That’s been my lesson this time around. It’s been 5 years since I was sick like this and maybe you just can’t avoid it because well we’re human.

I don’t like it. But I have to live with it.

I will say however that my coping (preventing) methods have increased in number a little. We’ve added in using paper towels to dry our hands instead of cloth ones that harbor bugs for days and some other things like that that help me sleep better at night.

Besides, this little guy (with no name) is coming this month and I feel somewhat panicked to make sure we don’t get sick again and overlap his wonderful entrance into the world with rushing to sanitize the house etc.

Emetophobia really does have it’s challenges. Winter isn’t just a time of holiday’s  and cheer. It’s a time of worry and anxiety because that’s when the virus spreads like wildfire.

I don’t know if I can ‘cure’ myself or if someday I should go to counseling but for now this experience has taught me plenty and I’m sure I have tons more to learn.

But this post is about Halloween right?!

Oh what a Halloween this year has brought. My 5 and 4 year old have been literally counting down the days.

Fortunately, our ward Halloween party fell on a day in between everybody’s illness so we were able to go and enjoy that (don’t worry I pulled out of the chili contest so that we didn’t spread anything unnecessarily).

They had games galore where the kids could win tickets they could then trade in for prizes. They thought it was the best thing since chocolate milk in cereal after eating coco puffs.

When David and I got sick we kept preparing them that there was a chance that mom and dad wouldn’t feel good enough to take them trick or treating. Fortunately, again we were well enough to enjoy that.

But first let me write about their costumes.

I’m such a procrastinator.

I was doing fine when they wanted to be a pumpkin ghost and a spider. Ok, at least I thought I would be fine. But then they both excitedly changed their minds and wanted to be robots instead!

SO pinterest to the rescue!

I’m ALL about homemade costumes. I just love the look and feel of them, they are one of a kind and usually much cuter than anything store bought.

Turned out that homemade robot costumes weren’t something you could throw together in a snap without running all over town getting supplies….or so I thought.

My dear hubby came home that night and saw my despair (afterall this was just a day or so before our friend halloween party where we and the kids were supposed to wear costumes) and he took over.

He literally took one swoop through the house and garage and came back to my pathetic pile self on the floor with everything we needed to make robot costumes. We did need to spend some money on a roll of aluminum tape but that was all! Big spenders! He and the boys waxed creative and had a blast coming up with their costumes.

By the next morning they were done and the boys were ecstatic.

Me, I was thinking, geez how much more white trash can we get?

Ya, they weren’t as cute as some of the ones I’d seen on pinterest but they were done and they were happy so that’s all that mattered. They light up people! How fun is that!

And last night as we were out in the cold and dark trick or treating and literally everyone who passed them on the sidewalks or answered the door said, “Oh those are so cute!” or “That’s cool!” or “Those are the best costumes I’ve seen all night!” I couldn’t help but laughing to myself, ‘wow, and we spent a whopping $10 on tape.’

Another lesson learned.

I was stressing way too much about making the cutest homemade costumes, thinking we had to spend a sum of money etc etc. but it turns out duh that that’s not what halloween is about. Memories are what matters and made plenty of those!

Happy Halloween!


Wow. You blink and almost 2 weeks goes by.

We’ve had the stomach bug here which totally sucks. Ok honestly, Ben is the only one that has been plagued by it so far. There is some serious pleading and begging towards heaven that it stops there.

You see, since I’ve been blessed with a mild case of Emetophobia (fear of vomit and all things related) I’ve become an expert at avoiding it at all costs. It’s an obsessive compulsive thing. To me, you can never be too careful or go too overboard at preventing it from spreading. I hate it that much. Just read on, you’ll see.

I’ve researched the various viruses. I know their incubation periods, how they are spread and what kills them.

I’ve purchased hospital grade cleaner in the form of wipes and spray that I tear out only when this thing shows up since normal household cleaners definitely don’t work and even bleach is known to not work on some strains. The stomach bug virus laughs in the face of normal household cleaners.

Do you see the OCD yet?

Come late Sunday night when Ben is yelling our name and has made a mess all over his bed and the carpet, instead of melting down into a state of panic and nerves like I used to (it’s been a work in progress) I jumped into gear and ‘kill’ mode.

This included being aware that little vomit droplets could be floating in the air up to 6 feet from where it happened (depending on how violent the attack was) and if inhaled could infect you. It included treating all the towels used to clean, the soiled linens etc as absolutely lethal. Anything they touch, anything they potentially cross over most likely infects it and needs to be sanitized. They should be washed not just once but twice with either bleach or special cleaner. They can last on a surface up to 2 days!

I also just assume that after the mess is cleaned up and every surface that was touched in the process is sanitized that the clothes you are wearing are also infected including your hair etc so you should strip down and shower immediately afterwards and treat those clothes as also lethal.

Leaning more towards crazy than just OCD? I know.

This process has to done each time someone throws up otherwise the likelihood that someone else in the family gets sick skyrockets.

After the poor guy was feeling better over 24 hours later I knew that it wasn’t over and I couldn’t let my guard down just yet. This is when I’m actually glad that we haven’t taught or allowed Ben to learn how to clean himself after he goes to the bathroom because I know that I can do it more efficiently with significant decrease in risk of it spreading. For about a week after, the virus is still present in the poop so hand washing and sanitizing the bathroom are still paramount.

That’s where we’re at now. And also just waiting to see if all my OCD ideas actually pay off. If one of us get’s sick (2-4 days after) I’ll know and learn that sometimes you just can’t help getting sick no matter how crazy you are. That’s just life.

But boy, how I pray that my craziness does SOMETHING. 🙂

Last night I went into a mini panic when I realized that William had used the chapstick that I gave Ben during his dehydrated time. Crap. Rookie mistake!

But as I just breathe and remind myself that there is nothing I can do and worrying about it does nothing, I was finally able to drift off to sleep.

And we are disaster free one more night.

Thank you Heavenly Father.

Worship Wednesday

Ever since the day I became a mother I’ve heard the whole “It goes by so fast. Don’t waste a minute” or “Figure out to live in the present and really enjoy childhood because it’s gone too fast”.

I’m just now realizing how true that is.

I’ve lately been pondering about the concept of childhood in terms of eternity.

I believe, because of modern revelation from God to His prophets, that all will be resurrected “The spirit and the body shall be reunited again in its perfect form; both limb and joint shall be restored to its proper frame, even as we now are at this time; …” alma 11

I also believe that woman and manhood are the forms we will take for this glorious time…’the full measure of the stature of its spirit’. And also if a child dies while in childhood that spirit will have the opportunity to develop until it reaches the full measure of the stature of its spirit. This also allows the mother that special opportunity as well. How wonderful right?

So because of that, if my children grow up in this life and become men, this period of time we call childhood really is momentary isn’t it?

Could it be true that Ben and Williams spirit will never again posses the body of a 4 and 5 year old? Will the innocence and essence they posses because of being children really never be seen again? The cuteness?! The excitement of learning something for the first time?! The silliness? Everything that accompanies what is called wonderful childhood…is this to be the ONLY time we ever witness it? Enjoy it?

I don’t really know the answer. I guess from what I’ve learned the answer is yes. I believe I will have more children and that opportunity will always be mine but in the present concerning my Ben and my William…what a eye opener! This could be the only childhood of theirs that I have! That they have!

How much more meaningful do those words of advice to new mom’s mean? A lot. To me anyway.

Could this be why Jesus loved children so much? Because he knew how fleeting and special they were?

I don’t know. But it’s something I’ve been thinking about.

So what does this mean for me? I just pray everyday that I will not take for granted my kids in their childhood and all the special moments that come with it. It helps me do better at appreciating them instead of becoming frustrated and wishing away the hard times. I’m grateful for that.

Vaccination Day

Vaccination day. I hate these days. I tried finding a way out of it. I had my mom convinced she needed to come do it for me, with me. David just couldn’t get away. But like my mom said, I grew a pair and just did it myself. I know poor me, I’m not even the one getting shot.

But just like I tried convincing Ben that it wasn’t going to be that bad I convinced myself. And it really wasn’t that bad. He was a rockstar actually. He had little tears that welled up in his eyes right before it happened in anticipation but they never fell and the only thing that came out of his mouth was a little whispered, “Owh.”

I was a proud mama bear. I kept telling him that he was tough like Iron Man which of course drew a deep blushing smile from his adorable face.

So after the not so dramatic event we went for an ice cream cone cause, why not? The large one at Chick-Fil-A proved to be quite delicious and very large indeed! He had no problem finishing it…brain freeze and all (see photos above).

I love that smile. This boy is just the best. The sweetest. Just like that treat he’s holding. Which is why I hate seeing him suffer the consequences of the shots.

No, I am all for vaccinations but they are definitely one of those things in parenting (there are a lot) that you kinda just do on a LOT of faith. No, I don’t claim to know everything about vaccinations and yes, I’ve heard the horror stories and seen or heard or read evidence supporting both sides. It’s scary business. So the choice is one you make with faith. At least I do.

I was pretty worked up last night when he was calling my name in the middle of the night and as I came to him I realized that he was soaking wet in sweat and then he was telling me that he felt really sick etc.

Normally if it were William, I wouldn’t be as alarmed because ever since William was a baby with his vaccines he really reacted to them. Ben, however never did. It’s like they never happened. So with these I guess I was expecting the same thing but nope, last night was rough for the poor guy and today hasn’t been much better.

He is so excited for kindergarten.  Like his preschool teacher said, “He is for sure going to be the teachers pet!” So in preparation for that we also went shopping for a new backpack. Of course I didn’t get a picture of that! It was wonderful to watch him choose between two of his favorites. He weighed each pro and con of both and finally decided on the one because it had more cool pockets.

This boy now feels a little bit more grown up. Or maybe I just see him that way. After telling him that after baby brother gets here he is going to have to get those shots too, he was ready and willing to help his brother feel better. He is going to be such a big helper with baby brother. I love this boy so much. I am so thankful he is a part of our family and that I get to be apart of his amazing life.

And stare into those blue eyes.

Southern Salvation

I’ve been struggling this winter.

So much snow. So cold. No yard. Stuck inside. Ugh.

About 2 weeks ago my mom and I were due to go to Southern Utah for the Lights Festival in Mesquite, NV.  It was going to be a quick but very enjoyable and needed break from the Northern cold.

But it didn’t happen. Last minute we decided that trying to schedule our driving times between 2 big snow storms was not worth it. Sad face.

So we planned a make up trip.

My cute cousin Ryan’s wedding + an available home = perfect!!

The wedding was on Saturday so of course we had to go late Tuesday so we would have all day Wednesday thru Sunday!

The home we were able to stay in was one of the many of my uncle’s, FIL. Beautiful. Big. Free. Freaking awesome.

Just across the street was a trail into the red desert where we could hear frogs and crickets.

Rock collecting was the mission of the boys.

Sun basking was mine.

Wednesday after we did the short walk across the street, the boys were drawn (without blame) to the hot tub on the patio. Although it wasn’t warm yet they had a blast splashing around.

First it was rolled up pants and ‘don’t get too wet!’ to underwear and ‘who cares!’

After that we headed to Zions. Wearing the same shirt btw.

The boys fell asleep on the way so we decided to take a Sunday drive. I’ll admit the purpose of where we went was to catch a glimpse of a property for sale in Virgin that I’ve had my eye on. 100 acres for oh only 2.3 million! It looked like paradise. A girl can dream!

So off onto the dirt road we went! Google maps on our side we did our best to decipher where this place could be! About 30 mins later on the dirt road (a rough one at that!) we came to a fortress of a mountain with a pretty iron gate in front of a perfectly manicured gravel road that went up, up, up!!

Probably about 1 mile of switchbacks up the side of this mountain is was brought you to this property. Nope, we didn’t get to go up there. But it didn’t matter. At that point I knew that this is somewhere I’d never want to live. It was way too secluded.

So it was a memorable adventure. Without photos of course.

Zions was wonderful. We saw the 4 Patriarchs and then we did the back side of Emerald Pools. Ben was a champ. He hiked the entire 2+ miles all by himself! Apart from the last little chunk where Mimi gave him piggy back ride because his feet were wet and sandy (crossing river mishap).

William enjoyed himself most of the time on my back in his little carrier.

It was hard to leave but the time came and we headed to IN N OUT for some hamburgers (and shake for mama).

Thursday was a bit more rough.

Let me back up a bit.

Before we left for our trip I was determined and felt inspired to do my best at making it a ‘worry free’ trip. As of late I have been so over worrying. It feels as though worry has consumed my being so there is nothing left but all the horrible possibilities around me.

I have been making progress and getting better. And this trip to me was the perfect place to really put it into use.

Enter Thursday morning. Now, if you asked my mother she would tell you that it wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was. We are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to worry. It’s a wonder we all made it as kids to adults. 😉

William was in the hot tub with his cousins (they came down the night before to spend some time). He had his floaties on and I was close by because I knew that he wasn’t perfect with them yet.

Sure enough I noticed (thankfully because it could have been SO easy to miss because he looked upright) that his mouth and nose were under the water and he just couldn’t get in the right position to get out of it. I ran over as fast as possible and those few feet felt like a few miles. I pulled him out and he was struggling. Panicking and coughing in a manner that was concerning…sounded more like barking/vomiting.

Immediately all the what if’s running through my mind. I had read stories of kids who died from second hand drowning. It doesn’t take much water..and chlorine can highly complicate it. Or that’s what ‘they’ said. How much did he get? How would I know? What if? What if? What if?

Worry-free goal down the drain. Flush.

The next hour I was in full fledged worry mode. I spoke with David on the phone. I watched him like a hawk. I read things. Maybe we should give him a blessing? Nope. My gut, whether it was the irrational worry side of me or not said to take him in.

So off to instacare we went. Got there and the line was slow and so non-urgent. I felt uncomfortable.  So back into the car to the ER.

My only other experience with the ER was when Ben broke out in hives late at night as a baby. We didn’t know what they were. My experience here was as positive as it could be. I wanted to run away but knew that I couldn’t.

The doctors and nurses were amazing. They told me that I did the right thing (at least I think they did) and ended up doing a breathing treatment for him. After having that they wanted to monitor him for 2 hours. So that’s what we did!

Another champ right here. No crying at all except to tell me he was really hungry.

Meanwhile brother was with his cousins having a blast at a new park.  An amazing park. A dinosaur park with a life like volcano and a train!

The next day we went back so William could experience the fun and Ben was more than happy to show us around and of course ride the train again!

The doctor said I should look out for pneumonia that could possibly set in a day or two after but luckily as predicted he was just fine.

Thank you Heavenly Father.

I’m still trying to figure out what my lesson was supposed to be thru all that.

I feel like I did a pretty good job with not worrying after that. It was all about fun and memories. Suckers at Christensen’s, Children’s Museum, cartoons on the big screen, dinners at restaurants and more!

The wedding on Saturday was wonderful. I had never been to the Las Vegas temple and in March it was just perfect. I had the littles so I couldn’t go in for the ceremony but it happened so fast that I really didn’t mind.

Look at this cute couple. They don’t get much cuter than that.

I love my family all so much. It’s always great when there is an event like this where we can see each other for a while.

We just did nap times in the car mostly.

After the delicious luncheon we headed back to St. George but first we had to stop in Logandale to see Rob and Chelsea’s new place! And we ended up staying waaaay later than planned. But hey, I wasn’t worried right? 😉

I even let my kids jump on the raised trampoline at 8 pm in the dark, unsupervised. Roll around in the dirt? Sure! 8:30pm? Whatever!

But just like my brother pointed out these will be memories forever in their minds that they just cant help but feel happy about.


Sunday was church in our old ward which was nothing like we expected because it has changed too much. Then lunch with the family up at Grandmas house. More catching up and connecting with loved ones.

Did I mention my joy ride in my Brothers rental?

Ya, he rented a brand new mustang for the trip. He left it with his wife for a few hours. She was in the shower for a few minutes. I was revving down Dixie Dr.

I figured if something happened to me my SIL could say that I didn’t ask her to take it…she didn’t know! HA!

Oh what a beauty.  I do have a weakness for nice cars. I blame it on growing up with boys.


Monday morning we were doomed to be heading back to Logan.


My mom graciously saved our souls for one more glorious day. Afterall we hadn’t even been to Snow Canyon yet!

Monday morning we went on a short hike with some family. The familiar smell of sage and red dirt was like manna to my soul. Why do I love this place so much?!

This day we did do real nap times and boy oh boy did they need them!

After that it was back to Snow Canyon to play in the sand dunes!!

Really, if William was given the choice to do only one thing for the rest of his child life it would be dirt. Anything to do with dirt or sand. Just as long as he’s playing in it. It would be a toss up I’m sure between that and coloring or drawing though.

I do have to throw in this funny story though….

Monday afternoon before we headed to the dunes I wasn’t feel all that great.  A week of eating the way I was (restaurants etc) my guts were feeling it. So I asked my mom if she would stop in the nearest store to get me some fresh ginger I could chew on.

At this charming little market near Snow Canyon out the door comes this cute store clerk with a ginger drink that he swears by….Kombachu. There in the parking lot in my car he lets me look at it and tells me all about how it comes from fresh ginger and how it’s carbonated so it helps with indigestion etc. He was even going to open it up so I could try it! It sounded perfect! So I said, “I’ll do both!”

On the way out of the lot, I unscrewed the lid and took a swig. EH. Something was weird. I screwed the lid back on and looked at it closer. This is what I saw…

Notice the paragraph at the bottom?!


My mom says, “Too bad you read the label you would have had a lot more fun tonight!”


I said, “I thought it smelled funny!

Holy cow, I almost got drunk in St. George. That would have been a funny story to tell the hubby when I got home. And no, I’ve never had alcohol before so I really would have been drunk.

So instead of getting a buzz in the dunes I just chewed on my piece of non alcoholic ginger. And felt much better.

The glorious sun eventually went down behind the mountain and we dragged ourselves home. A simple dinner of carrots, bell peppers and yogurt with oatmeal was had and then bedtime.

The next morning was cleaning time and getting read to leave. For real this time. William hid in the closet. I wanted to join him. Do we have to!!?

It was a wonderful time and really was my salvation at a dire time. It breathed new life into me and I am grateful for that. Next time I just have to bring my husband so I don’t have to miss him.

Thank you MOM for an amazing time!