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It’s Pajama Time!

“The moon is up, it’s getting late. Let’s get ready to celebrate. It’s pajama time!  Pull on the bottoms, put..


One day last week it got up to somewhere around 54 degrees. Holy smokes people that is warm around here…

Birthday Boy!

Today my Ben is 5 years old. It’s no surprise I love him so much. He has grown into his..

Quiet Time

Sometimes as a mom I hear myself say the words, “please leave mommy alone for a minute”. Or “no, I..

Deck the Halls, Be Merry and Bright, Joy to the World! Right?!

How do I begin. Here we are up in beautiful Garden Valley, ID for Christmas.  We’ve been looking forward to..

“Can you take a picture of us like this please?” I seriously can’t get enough of these two. And these..


Somehow this was David’s first time to the Pumpkin walk in Logan. I guess the zillion other times I’ve been..

Preschool fun!

Sunny Days Preschool really has been just that for Ben. He absolutely loves going to school and Teacher Nikki has..

Preschool is here! I can’t believe it!

Ben started preschool this week. I had such mixed feelings about it but the prominent feeling was excitement. He is..

Look Ma! I can float!

I’m amazed every day still  how different my boys are. It’s hard for me to list the many ways but..