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Southern Salvation

I’ve been struggling this winter. So much snow. So cold. No yard. Stuck inside. Ugh. About 2 weeks ago my..

California Dreamin’

We got back from our Newport Beach California “vacation” a week and a half ago. Maybe you are wondering why I..

Thanksgiving Indeed!

This year we had 2 wonderful Thanksgivings!  Actually I think we had two Thanksgivings last year too!  Lucky us!  We..


Last week Ben’s cousins came to stay for about a week.  Beckham is 3 weeks older than Ben so they..

William’s Blessing Day/Weekend

We drove down on Saturday morning to Salt Lake.  Sunday was the big day that William and his cousin Jax..

I love weddings! I hate goodbye’s!

We had another great weekend.  David took his last final on Friday morning and when it was over he was noticeably..

Spring Break 2013

****I just realized I never posted about Spring Break!**** This past weekend and week was such a fun filled one. ..