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Alex Boye

Last night we got to see Alex Boye in concert.  My mom originally bought the tickets for her and my..


Eating Lately : This isn’t all too new or exciting.  I am not doing any sort of clean eating challenge or..

Birthday Shooting Bash

Yesterday I turned 28.  I feel old.  And not because 28 is old…because my body just feels old.  But that’s..

The Tunnel

Life is crazy.  But life is good crazy.  David has handed in his research proposal.  It’s everything he’s learned in..

Saturday Fun

Yesterday we went to Summerfest which happens every year here in Logan.  It’s 3 days at the grounds of the..

May Flowers

  It’s when this time of year comes around that I love living in Logan.  I could stay forever if..


It’s been raining for days here.  Except for a few hours here and there.  It nice too because it always..

Is February really almost over?!!

We’ve rediscovered a gem in Logan.  It’s a place that David and I first held hands and held eachother close…dancing…

Radioactive Soccor Ball

There are SO many reasons why I love my husband.  This is one of them.  He takes time here and..

January update

William is sleeping thru the night!!!  Seriously he turned 6 months and something clicked.  He always did it randomly up..