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The other day the mister and I went to a halloween party.   I don’t know where I had more fun…planning our our costumes or the actual party!  It’s a close tie! 🙂  We played several ‘minute to win it’ games and finished the night off with a good game of pictionary.  And yes it was a costume party so that made it all the more fun!  I only had a week to put costumes together and for a while it was looking discouraging…especially since we are broke.  A lady from my mom’s work told me that she has Thing 1 and Thing 2 wigs so if I wanted I could use them and all I had to do was find long red underwear for the both of us!  Well I searched this town high and low and I found some but the grand total was about $60!  No way!  Onto the next idea….a Geisha.  This one would be particularly easy and cheap because between my mom and me we have a few things from Japan.  But I had to think about David….hmmmmm.  Went to a halloween rental store and found nothing.  Not even a decent Geisha wig!  Moving on!  As I browsed the rental store I realized that my ‘dream’ of being Mary Poppins and Bert might not be too far out there after all!  It would just take some dedication in finding all the right parts.  So it begun…DI and other thrift stores and a few trips to walmart and wa-lah!!!!  We did it!  Not bad right?
Ok so David’s entire outfit (incase you care to know) was all found at the DI…well minus the hat.  We bought that at Walmart and it was the most expensive piece at $10.  Ugh.  So yay for cheap costumes!  My costume was also mostly DI or otherwise.  The white shirt I already had and the skirt, boots, umbrella and bag were all DI and cheap!  And the hat was from the rental store with easy embellishments on top!  Yay!  It was so much fun doing this.  I forgot how much I loved dressing up!  Haven’t done it in years.  And if opportunity allows we will probably be doing it in future years!  Ok so here are some more silly pics…
It was so funny to see Ben’s reaction to us…his confused little face was in wonder while he just stared at us taking it all in….like what happened to you guys?
This is Bert pre-soot (aka black eye shadow)
I am so proud of my $2 bag found a great 2nd hand shop here in town and the $3 umbrella from DI
Super easy hat…
Yay for Papa!!!  He was our wonderful babysitter and Ben just adores him!!
Ok so don’t laugh at my pathetic chimney sweep!  hahaha because I’ve laughed enough for everyone!  It was so pathetic (and dangerous) that we just had it for pics.  It’s a styrofoam ball with floral wire stuck into it and a stick all painted black… 🙂 hehe  Gets the point across at least right?
Oh the eye shadow….we had plans on getting charcoal but for some reason we just didn’t get around to it so this worked right?  Isn’t he handsome soot and all?
Well off to the party we went….there were 5 other couples there and they all looked so great!!  Here they are!!
Corey and Jed ….Lois Lane and Superman!  So cute!
Ashley and Kyle!  Pirate and she called herself some kind of Red Fairy…I say cute!!
Shelly and Scott and little Noah.  They were the cutest old fogies that I’ve ever seen!
The hosts, Wendy and Spencer (should have gotten a better pic) Wendy was a beautiful gypsy and Spencer was a boyscout….hehe
And here is Tasia and her husband! They are brand new in the ward so I don’t know his name yet! Terrible that I can’t remember from that night! But they were the ‘Dawn of the Dead’ Mexican scary people….haha I can’t remember the official name but man their makeup was amazing!  And I learned from Sunday that she is actually blonde!  ha!
So once everyone got there we got to having some fun!  Oh and lots of eating…see all that yummy food!  Yup!!  And pics are great but I am just going to let the video do the talking…
  What a fun night!  Thanks Wendy and Spencer!
And how could I do a post and not end with a picture of my little angel?  I think he looks better in it don’t you?