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Look Ma! I can float!

I’m amazed every day still  how different my boys are. It’s hard for me to list the many ways but it’s true. One example I’ll give you right here is their independence. Ben has always been very clingy and timid. He doesn’t like to try new things on his own without the help of his parents. He doesn’t like to fail which means he sometimes wont try something new at all. He is kind of a perfectionist. Mind you, he is 4.  But still. He has his mother’s sense of worry and caution (Yes it’s probably my fault).  He is extremely sensitive and loving. He loves to teach and help others in anyway he can.

William is the exact opposite.

Swimming has been an increasingly tough thing for Ben. He will gladly get wet as long as he is allowed to wrap his tiny arms around our necks and not let go. When encouraged to experiment with small movements on his own it’s met with a loud and determined no! Until yesterday.

My amazing husband patiently took his hand and (with his trusty floaty’s on) slowly showed him that he could do it on his own. Inch by inch and little by little he realized thru his fear that he could do it. The trust he felt in his dad and the little amounts of progress he saw in himself are what kept him from having a meltdown and giving up.

And eventually….he did it!!!!

And my timid boy was suddenly changed in a small way. It was so awesome watching him go from squeezing his arms around David’s neck to awkwardly splashing those arms around in the water trying to do what his dad was explaining thru his tears/laughs to swimming half the length of the pool with dad just right infront of him to swimming to entire length of the pool with no one around him in just under an hour.

So much fun. He loved his new found confidence and independence in himself and I found myself more sentimental and emotional than is probably normal. Oh well. I’m proud of him and I wanted him to know it.



About 2 weeks ago Ben came down with a stomach bug. Yuck. Poor guy. He was up whining all night (thank goodness not throwing up all night) asking for food and water. I don’t think he or David got much sleep (my amazing hubby slept in our bed with him while I slept on the couch).

The next day was a doosey of course and something new happened for him and us. This weird thing started happening to him. His face was one of confusion when it first happened…what is happening to my face?!!  He was yawning!!!  I realized after seeing his adorable face that I’d really never seen him yawn before! And he obviously hadn’t experienced it either!

I have to say I was proud at that moment. Proud that all my obsessive compulsive behavior towards my kids’ sleep schedules actually was expressing itself in this hilarious way.  I LOVE that he didn’t know what it was that was going on because he never had been tired enough before to do it.

I’m not sure he knows even today what a yawn is and what it means…most kids probably don’t know but I hope that his ‘unfamiliarness’ lasts for years and years; that he never gets desensitized to yawns.

I wanted to remember this moment because his face was so cute and after such a horrible night I couldn’t stand the pain that I was feeling for him. I wished that I could just take away his misery with a hug and I know that’s how I will feel his whole life.  Instead of letting it eat at me and instead of worrying incessantly I knew that all I could do was take care of him the best I can and that’s all I can do moving forward and ‘preventing yawns’ is on my list. 🙂

Vegas Baby!

After a small pow wow with my sis in law we were very aware that we needed to plan a ‘getaway’ for the girls.  It’s tough being a mom as anybody who’s a mom knows and something like this makes all the difference in the world.  So we started planning.  Vegas was the destination.  March 27th was the date.  It was marked on all our calendars and we maybe (in my case) not so patiently awaited the day where we could lovingly leave our kiddos behind with their respective babysitters and our hubbies and go leave it all in Vegas!  Wahoo!


David drove me down to Ogden where I got onto the Frontrunner train and rode it down to South Jordan.  I love the train and enjoyed the scenery and people watching.  Natalie picked me up in South Jordan and we were off!!  We stopped in St. George to pick up Chelsea and continued onward!  IMG_1811


We stayed at the Luxor hotel which is the big pyramid on the strip which was kinda cool and fun but we’re pretty sure we’d never stay there again.  Riding the elevator up to the 18th floor felt and sounded like something out of a horror movie but good memories right?  Once we checked in we decided to take a taxi to the Town Square shopping center and do some serious e-commerce.  We relished in the beauty that is Victoria’s Secret and their amazing bras and so much more.  When my mom finally reached town she met us at a yummy Italian restaurant for dinner and we again indulged.

IMG_1813 IMG_1820

Earlier that evening Chelsea made the brilliant suggestion that we go to a club that night and dance!  We then brooded over the idea for several hours laughing and joking and wondering if we really could bring ourselves to do it.  After dinner and after we were back in our hotel we found out the price and the time and just did it!   We got as dolled up as we could and knew that we were going to stick out of the crowd like a sore thumb. Oh well!  We didn’t care!  But we certainly did.


I’m certain we were the only ones there that were REALLY dancing and the only ones there that weren’t drunk.  Weird eh?  But SO MUCH FUN!  There is something about letting all your inhibitions go and being free that is really liberating!  You’ve gotta try it.  Wish I had a camera that night but it probably would have been too dark anyway.  We all saw something in each other that we’ve never seen before and man it was fun.  Did I already say that?

We stayed a lot longer than we thought but eventually we decided to go to sleep.  The next morning we ate breakfast and headed out to the pool.  We stayed in the ‘paid access area’ which had padded lounges and umbrellas and man we were happy with that decision, thanks mom! It was spring break and very crowded by noon.  We must have lay there for about 5 hours just relaxing, reading, listening to music, swimming and visiting. Dreamy!  But what to do next but more shopping!  This time is was Fashion Show mall on the strip.

IMG_1823 IMG_1828

Parking is always a nightmare but count on my mom to improvise! I was ready  to pay for valet parking when she decided she could fit in this teeny space between the support and where the parking actually started.  Well she did! And we didn’t get in trouble! Whew!

IMG_1829 IMG_1830


This shopping adventure was especially fun.  Sometimes (most times) it’s difficult to get my dear mom in the mood for shopping.  She rarely if ever buys things for herself. Well that changed today.  It took a minute but she eventually let go and had a blast trying on new things and beautiful things.  She’d model for us and all the sales ladies and in the end came out with a load of new beautiful well deserved clothes! Go mom!!

Oh shopping.  Why are you so addicting and fun.  I usually don’t like the sales people in Buckle and how pushy they are but this particular day as I walked in a young man came straight up to me and said, try these on! It was day of saying yes so I did!  And I was so glad! It was just what I was looking for and better!

We probably would have shopped for a couple more hours but we were pushing the time limits of getting to our show on time! My mom and I being absolute Michael Jackson freaks of course had to see his show!  It was INCREDIBLE.  I can’t say much about it cause it would never do it justice but it exceeded my expectations and made me choke up at one point.  It was beautiful.

IMG_1838 IMG_1839
IMG_1847 IMG_1849




I can’t wait to take David to see it.  And Ben someday. 🙂  I didn’t have time to go home and shower after a day of sitting by the pool and shopping so I looked nasty.  But at the time I really didn’t care! I was so excited! Here is a preview but just keep in mind it doesn’t do it an ounce of justice.

When it was tragically over we walked back to our hotel in awe and wonder and went to bed dreaming of moon walks and beautiful flying people.  Or amazing pole dancers….

The next day was check out day, we got ready and packed up and made our way out to track down the Hash House which was supposed to be this amazing place.  Well apparently we were right.  There was a 2 hour wait when we got there…packed!!  We put our name on the list and went out to the plaza to get something to tide us over and of course shop a little more.  Well when it was our time we weren’t regretting our  decision.  This place was incredible.  Here is our meals.

IMG_1851 IMG_1852 IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1857


This was our last hoorah I guess.  From here we walked back to the car and drove home to St. George.

IMG_1861 IMG_1862 IMG_1863


This was the LinQ High Roller Ferris Wheel thing we walked by on the way to the car.  It was Gi-normous!!  Just gotta love Vegas!!!  It was kinda hard going home but we we all missed our little ones of course.

When I got to South Jordan I was 45 mins early for the train and since I had made a mini goal to talk to people on the train instead of have my head down and ears plugged like everyone else I had a nice chat with Tony!  He was from San Francisco and had just moved to Utah for work.  He had dreadlocks and baggy pants and thought I was 20 years old bless his freaking heart.  We even exchanged numbers and if he’s ever in Logan he’s going to call me so I can make him dinner (I was reading my new cook book when he walked up).  How fun right?  Then when I was on the train I talked to some cute young girls who had gone to Salt lake to shop for the afternoon.  I just really love that train.  I love the weekend and memories that I made with my sis in laws and my mom.  It really was a weekend to remember forever.



Christmas this year was awesome.  We had Lucie for about a week and a half (not nearly long enough) and loved every second of it.  Forts were built!

IMG_1597 IMG_1599

Cookies for Santa were made


Stockings were hung by the piano with care

IMG_1604 IMG_1605 IMG_1606 IMG_1608

And Christmas jammies were given

IMG_1610 IMG_1614 IMG_1615 IMG_1620 IMG_1621

Christmas morning was a blast.

IMG_1623 IMG_1626 IMG_1628 IMG_1630 IMG_1632

And the impromptu visit to the Elk ranch was too…but also very cold.

IMG_1640 IMG_1646

Jump zone!

Many other things were had this season but not documented by my camera.  But I think there’s probably enough pictures already.  Fun times!

Thanksgiving Indeed!

This year we had 2 wonderful Thanksgivings!  Actually I think we had two Thanksgivings last year too!  Lucky us!  We spent Thursday afternoon at David’s professors house with his family and a couple of other graduate students from China.  It was lovely.  Friday we went south and spent the afternoon with my Uncle Joe and his family, little brother and his beautiful wife and my Grandma and Grandpa.  So fun!  I took some pictures, wish I would have got more and wish I would have gotten any from Thursday!

I am so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people, family and friends and acquaintances.  My relationships with those around me make the happiest. (Especially when I get to snuggle a brand new baby! So beautiful!) I can’t wait to be able to see and do more with everyone.

IMG_1535 IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1541 IMG_1543 IMG_1546 IMG_1547


In other news, we got our Christmas tree and it is pathetically too big for out little apartment.  I think David tried his best to tell me at the store that it was too big but I was adamant.  He was right.  We had to chop a foot or more off and it’s still massive.  I feel like a girl that bought 7 in heels and can’t walk right in them….but they’re oh so beautiful!  hehe

IMG_1534 IMG_1554

We are definitely excited for Christmas in this house.  William has no idea obviously but Ben definitely does!  And the best part is it came just in time because since we’ve been having a hard time with completing potty training (been having #2 accidents for about 5 months) we decided to pull out all the stops and threatening Santa’s absence at our house this year if he didn’t poop in the potty did the trick!! Yay! Call us horrible.  But if you’ve been through it maybe you’d understand how desperate you get.  It’s AMAZING the difference not having to clean out poop from underwear everyday it makes in my mood!!!

Yay Christmas!!!  Yay Santa Claus!


Alex Boye

Last night we got to see Alex Boye in concert.  My mom originally bought the tickets for her and my dad but she fell sick and couldn’t go.  Bummer.  She would have loved it.  We didn’t really know what to expect since I know so little of him but he didn’t disappoint.  He was very interactive with the audience and very funny and obviously the singing and performance wasn’t bad either.  He’s very talented.

I really wanted to record more of it for my poor mom but the first time I got it out and tried I got in trouble with an usher…twice.  Yikes.  Sorry mom.

I would definitely recommend seeing him if he’s in town.  He’s very generous, funny and entertaining.  He told us about his conversion and the trouble it caused him with his family and how he overcame it and chased his dreams…inspiring speech.  Anyway, good times.  I’m grateful that we got a free fun night out at the expense of my sick mom…I’m not grateful for that but you know what I mean.  Love this man of mine too.  SO in love with him.

IMG_1454 IMG_1457 IMG_1459 IMG_1455



We borrowed some baby carriers for hiking from some friends of ours.  We felt it was time to enjoy nature with the boys since cold weather is just around the corner.  We went on two really good hikes; one that was local and a bit shorter and another that was about 45 minutes away when we packed lunches and went for several hours. Both were so beautiful.

I can’t wait till we can do this more often.  It’s such a powerful thing to be out in Nature and breath the fresh air.  It slows us down and puts things back into perspective.  If you’re not sure Heavenly Father loves you then just go for a walk in the mountains and you’ll remember that He does because He surrounded us with this…

Hike #1

IMG_1322 IMG_1298 IMG_1299 IMG_1302 IMG_1304 IMG_1306 IMG_1307 IMG_1309 IMG_1311 IMG_1312 IMG_1313 IMG_1314 IMG_1316 IMG_1317 IMG_1320

Hike #2

IMG_1339 IMG_1344 IMG_1345 IMG_1346 IMG_1347 IMG_1348 IMG_1349 IMG_1351 IMG_1352 IMG_1357 IMG_1361 IMG_1363 IMG_1364 IMG_1365 IMG_1366 IMG_1368 IMG_1369 IMG_1370 IMG_1372 IMG_1376 IMG_1377 IMG_1379


Angels among us

Yesterday there was an angel in my house.  I am going to cry just writing about it.  William is 3 months old and he is getting so strong.  I shouldn’t have been so stupid but I was.  I had to go to the bathroom so I placed William in the swing and Ben was in his highchair playing with play-dough.  I hurried as fast as I could and through the open bathroom door I could hear Ben talking his normal happy gibberish and I could hear William making noises too.  When I was finished I came around the corner and over the back of the couch I saw that the swing was empty!  You can imagine my panic as I dashed pass Ben and into the family room to find William happy as a clam on his belly on the floor!!!.  He looked up at me like, “you’re here! Come play with me!”  I scooped him and up and did a full body exam to make sure he was OK all the while with him smiling up at me.  He was perfect.



Now maybe you are the kind to think, ‘oh he just got lucky’ or ‘it wasn’t even that big of a deal’ but I am certain that he was caught by an angel and put gently on the ground.  He didn’t make a peep which you would expect from a baby who fell 3 feet onto a hard floor, even if he was OK.  Not a peep.  I should have heard a big thump or a bang from his head hitting at least!  I cry even harded when I think of all the things that COULD have happened to him, I wont even list them but this 3 month old fell face forward, backward, sideways or something onto a hard floor!  I am grateful for guardian angels and for my Heavenly Father.  He is aware of us and watches over us, especially our little ones.  And I am grateful for the lessons learned.  Use safety straps.

Saturday Night

David and I have been homebodies lately except for the occasional date night. Yesterday however we decided to break the spell and head to Ogden for a swim party with both kids.  We got them fed, dressed and loaded in the car.  Honestly after completing those tasks we were ready to relax and be couch potatoes but we persevered and drove out of town.  About half way there it started to rain.  We wondered if it was still going to happen but we soon realized that both of us had forgotten our phones!  I had a temporary freak out because I hate driving without a phone! What if something happened?! Ran out of gas, got a flat tire, you know all those things that never really happen! So I got over it…but unfortunately because we didn’t have a phone we had to drive all the way there just to find out it was canceled. Bummer.  William was by then screaming in the back of the car because he was starving so we pulled into the parking lot and I fed him while the rain flooded down and David and Ben played in the front seat with all the buttons and the horn of course!  We even let Ben ‘steer’ the car as we slowly drove around the lot.  So hey we didn’t get to go swimming at the cool pool but he got to drive!  William then decided to have 2 consecutive blow-outs, thank goodness I had packed more than one diaper.  We got buckled back into our seat belts and started to drive home, the rain now just barely a drizzle.
As we were driving up into the canyon quietly thinking that although the evening appeared to be a waste of time it actually turned out to be an OK memory.  William was again very upset in his car-seat so as I was trying to calm him down, over his wails we heard something.  It didn’t sound right.  ‘Is that us’?  After a few more seconds we knew that it was us.  Something was wrong with the car.  We pulled over immediately on the side of the busy canyon road and David jumped out.  He got back in the car seconds later…’We have a flat tire’.  You’re joking.  You must be joking because you see we don’t have a phone…the one time we don’t have a phone and we get a flat tire…hahaha very funny joke honey.  Well turns out he wasn’t joking.  Here is the proof.
No biggie though..that’s why cars have spare tires.  And my husband is such a manly man, he knows how to change a tire with his eyes closed.  I wasn’t worried..even if we didn’t have a phone.  So he opens the trunk and pulls out the spare…flat.  HA! You’re joking right.  Because you see we don’t have a phone.  That would just be too ironic and cruel.  But no, no joke. Our spare is flat.  Now what do we do? The only thing you can do start flagging people down from off the side of the road! I wish I had taken pictures of this part.  There David was with his hand in the air like he was calling a taxi and dozens of cars are flying by.  Then he got a stroke of genius.  He came around the side of the car and unbuckled Ben from his carseat and carried him out to the side of the road with him and again started flagging cars down.  I kid you not in a matter of seconds a car stopped.  They offered us their phone and we called my parents.  Straight to voicemail.  Then we realized that tonight was going to be their date night and they had gone to a movie.  Ha! What luck!  So there we were not sure what to do and another car pulls off the highway.  He offers to take our spare tire into Brigham City and blow it up for us.  We send the first car on their way with a big thank you.  They even offered to take me and baby Will to Logan but we opted to stay together.
20 mins of waiting and the friendly second man was back with a plump spare tire.  Here is the really amazing and cool part, in that 20 mins, FOUR more cars stopped to ask if we needed help!   It was so nice I felt bad sending them away without an opportunity to help!  So in little over a half hour 6 cars stopped to see if we were ok.  How cool.  It was a pretty heartening experience.  And even though one of my fears was realized (being stranded without a phone), we made it through just fine and I was never worried.  I was reminded that we’re not living in this world alone.  We are surrounded by good people who love to help and serve and that’s the whole reason we’re here…to help and serve.  And here’s another whole 2 reasons I am here…
I love my family.  What a great Saturday evening don’t you think??