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Sometimes we do this kind of thing for dinner. It’s usually David’s idea and I play along with a bit of doubt in my mind…will the kids really go along with this and like it? Am I ‘allowed’ to do something so easy for dinner without the homemaker police knocking down my door? When I put this down on the table ( along with some bread) the boys were ecstatic that this was dinner! William even said, ‘mom thank you for not mixing it together.’ Meaning he is in this phase of not liking his food mixed up so he doesn’t like most everything I make now.

Simplicity was very warmly welcomed. A veggie Dip night is on the docket probably once a week now. Some cottage cheese or protein shake on the side and we have got ourselves a healthy balanced EASY meal! Yay!

On the other end of the spectrum yesterday I made a deep dish apple and cream cheese pie for for our ward fall festival.

img_20161028_175336I spent several hours trying to get the crust just right but it paid off! It turned out so flaky and tender and delicious! I actually didn’t get a piece of it because it was gone by the time I got up there but I tasted some leftover crumbs.

For the boys it was all about the cool costumes and the candy. They were in heaven.


Apparently batman has the force too.

Incase you weren’t sure Ben is Kylo Ren from star wars. No he hasn’t seen it. All he did was walk thru the costume store and choose the one he thought was the coolest.

Love them.

Happy fall ya’ll.