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Valentines Bowling and more!

We went bowling with the boys on Valentines day and it was very fun.  I can’t believe we haven’t done this before with Ben but I guess much earlier than this and it wouldn’t have worked with Ben being so young.  He loved it though!  Definitely will be going again!  William nicely slept in his carseat (something I will hesitate to do in the future after all the hub bub about that baby dying in their carseat).

IMG_0655 IMG_0658 IMG_0659 IMG_0661 IMG_0663

Pretty much anything that involves a ball Ben will be ecstatic about.  Oh and food.  We’ve both been involving Ben more in the cooking process (we’re hoping he turns into a young chef so that we don’t have to cook anymore) and he really loves it as I am sure any youngin would.  Yesteday we made brownies for one of mama’s friends (and us of course) and of course chocolate and flour got everywhere!  You can’t see it all over our shirts in this pic…but it was so fun!


Then there’s this guy…

IMG_0680 IMG_0681 IMG_0682

He’s scaring me.  He’s pulling himself up all over the place.  Hardwood and tile not stopping him!  Ah!   So far so good so fingers crossed and radar on!

Goes without saying…I love these boys.


Words of a Prophet of God…of course they are true.  There was time when we were dating that I wondered, that I questioned and over thought things… I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of choosing someone to spend eternity with and what if I made the wrong choice…but boy am I glad that I came to my senses.  My David is every single one of those things that you read up there times 10 plus some more.  I am immensely happy.  He was right!  And now as look back on that time of my life I tremble with the thought that I could have let him go…I could have passed up this AMAZING life that we’ve created together.  How grateful I am that I didn’t.  I thank God that I had the sense enough from Him to hold on tight and never let go..
And I still haven’t let go…
I love this man so much.  It is such a privilege and gift to be able to love someone as much as I love him.  And to be loved back in the same way.  I like to think that we have a very special relationship…very different than most married couples…I could be wrong of course but I don’t think I am. 🙂  He is so wonderfully different from anyone else I know and that’s what makes it special.  He makes it special.  I am so blessed to be his.  
Thank you honey from the bottom of my heart for being who you are and for loving me for who I am.  Thank you first for asking me to marry you and then for taking me to the Holy Temple on June 5, 2010.  It was the happiest most significant wonderful day of my life.    
Thank you for loving me every single day since then with more love and passion and kindness then I deserve.  Thank you for our son Benjamin and little baby #2 on the way.  Thank you for being such an amazing dad who takes time frequently out of your busy busy days to spend time with Ben and I.  Thank you for working harder than anyone I know to provide a comfortable living for us and to set such a wonderful example of the importance of education to our growing family.  Thank you for being a righteous priesthood holder who we can count on when in need and for always carrying the spirit with you.  Thank you for your optimistic attitude and simple joy for life that is contagious.  Thank you for showing compassion and forgiveness and pure love towards me as the Savior would.  
I love you.  I can’t wait for the rest of our lives and for our eternity.  3 years down!  Forever to go!!  Yipee!
Also, Happy Birthday Mom!!!
It’s been 3 and half days.  Why oh why does it feel like a week?!  How am I going to do this??  Well the answer is I have to…that’s how.  I don’t have a choice.  And I think that’s why I am kind of surprised at how well I am doing.  I am sure that if it was just me I would be a much bigger mess but since I have little Ben to take care of it somehow makes things a little bit easier.
I love this little boy so much.  We both woke up Monday morning with nasty colds.  We have been taking it easy every day…snuggling and reading and lots of sleeping.  He will occasionally (when we’re snuggling) just move in closer to me and look up at me and come in for a big kiss.  It melts my heart.  Especially when I didn’t ask for it…he just does it.  I think he knows I miss daddy a lot…I am sure he does too, so he is being extra snuggly and sweet.  Last night when I lay him down in his crib he put his hand to his mouth and pulled it away with a big smoooch sound!   He blew me a kiss! It was the most precious thing!  Wish I had the video camera!
Tomorrow marks one week till daddy comes home.  That’s doable right?  Yes, I think it is but I still miss him.  I miss him so much.  Skype and text and all that is very convenient and nice and I’ll admit it does take the edge off but it’s just not sufficient.
Anyway, not complaining really…just mentioning how much I love this man.  I am proud of what he is accomplishing there in Iowa and how hard he is working for it.  One of our rabbit people stopped by today and mentioned how highly he thought of David and said that he was ‘refreshing’…his character, his work ethic and personality.  Refreshing…what a great choice of words…so true.  Can’t wait to take in a big breath of that fresh air again.  Love you honey.
I am dreading May.  Absolutely fear it’s coming..know why?  Well I’ll tell you!  My hubby is leaving me for 12 whole days!  Hello!!!  That’s a long time right?! I am not just crazy in love (I am) that’s a long time!  Ugh…dreading.  I try and make myself feel better because of what he’ll be doing and what it means but it doesn’t really work.  Nope, not really.  I secretly try and find ways to make it unacceptable for him to go.  It hasn’t worked.  Ugh…double Ugh. 
Well I guess I’ll tell you where he is going.  He is going to Iowa.  Ya I know.  That’s where this company is that he and his professor have been working with over the years and they want David to come and work in their lab for, I repeat 12 DAYS!  It really is an AMAZING opportunity, really…really?  Jk..it really is.  This company is no small machine and they are ‘big stuff’ in their field and the fact that they want David to come out and work with them is pretty amazing.  So I hold my tongue…most the time.
I am proud of my baby.  He has been working so hard at everything he does (which is a lot) and I know it’s all for us, his family.  He loves us so much and it shows in his daily doings.  He is making a difference and not just with his family but in the world, yes rabbit world too.   So my goal is to become OK with the fact that Ben and I will be without him for almost 2 weeks and instead be completely excited for him. 
So yes it’s true.  There is a bun in my oven.  I can’t believe it really…even though I am reminded everyday by how insanely often I have to pee and how completely famished I am all the time.  It’s crazy!  I eat a meal…and no joke half hour later or less most times I am shaking again from low blood sugar! It’s a completely different thing this time too.  It’s the same but yet it’s so different.  I am so much more emotional with this one…seriously I can lose it at any moment with the silliest things.  I am so tired and I am  not sure if I’ve just forgotten what it was like with Ben but I would bet money that I am more tired with this one.  And I am certain that I am anemic (was with Ben too) so I just started taking my iron and am looking forward to feeling myself again…meaning able to walk or stand for long periods of time and carry my son up the stairs without having to put him down at the top.
But enough complaining… I am happy.  Everyday is spent with my little boy watching him grow and learn and explore his world.  He is such a joy.  He is so stinking happy.  He has such a distinct personality that I love to watch and get to know.  I can’t imagine having another one of him.  Wow.  You would think that since I already have a kid that this one is ‘old news’ to me or something like that but it’s not!  There are all sorts of questions and wonders in my mind about this little one growing rapidly inside me.  Who and what is it going to be?  How could I possibly love him/her as much as I love Ben?  Can my heart hold that much love?  I have my doubts but I am reassured by other mothers that it is in fact the case.
I am so so happy that in 8 months we will be welcoming a new baby into our life.  I can only imagine how each of our lives will be enriched with his/her presence….especially Ben.