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7 years!

My how times flies. When I look at these photos I feel like they were taken FOREVER ago…but it also feel like just a blink.

The photo below was the day he proposed. Hahaha look how young we look! I loved him so much back then but looking back I didn’t know what love really looked and felt like. I remember feeling like this was too good to be true. I was worried something was going to mess it up for us. But it wasn’t…it was true.

The first years of our marriage were rough if we’re being honest. We had some wrinkles to iron out and things to learn but we did it and we came out the other side even more in love! I will always love this man and I can’t wait to look back on today and say, ha! I thought I knew what love was then!

Worst nightmare come true


Do you see the grip I have on that coat?

Thursday afternoon I was filled with a desire to have an adventure with my husband.

We don’t have a lot of alone quality time because of his busy schedule and many demands and when we do spend time together it’s usually doing the same kinds of things.

I’m a big advocate that experiences of husband and wives are what keep the flame burning. You learn new things, see different sides of a person you live with and just have opportunities to fall in love over and over again.

So when I suggested an adventure to my hubby he was on board but now was the hard part of figuring out what we would do.

I suggested rock climbing or a haunted house…cuz hey tiz the season right?

He enthusiasticly replied with haunted house!

So the plans were made, I did the research for possibly the best one in town that was still tasteful and where they don’t touch you but one that was still scary and we dropped the boys off at my parents and took off.

I should mention however that we almost didn’t go because between the time we planned and the time we actually got ready to go my mood had changed and I wasnt feeling it as much.

This is when my darling husband informed me that he had never experienced a haunted house and this would be his first time…ever! He wasn’t pressuring me but it was enough to swing me back over to the excited mood and looking forward to our adventure.

So off we went. To the 10th west scare house.

We tried to get my brother and his wife to come cuz the more the merrier right? Or the more the safer? Right?

Anyway on the phone with him he asked if it was the one he was thinking of out by a certain area and I said ya. He said, “You know there is a big clown our front right?’

Oh crap. No I didn’t know that. And no this isn’t why we almost didn’t go. But it should have been.

I should have known.

But nope, I was going to be brave and have an adventure with my husband.

And an adventure it was.

I guess I was a little less worried after we experienced the inside portion of the house which didn’t contain any clowns at all. It was very frightening and I lost my voice from screaming so much but it was a fun kind of scary, not clown scary.

So I thought, “ok, maybe it’s fine and there’s just the one big clown out front as their first and only scare tactic and maybe just maybe they have one clown moving around and scaring everyone. I can handle that. I enjoyed the inside, I assumed as much for the outside.

I was so so very gravely wrong.

The entire outside portion of the house was themed and centered around clowns . There wasn’t a turn or stretch of this thing that wasn’t about clowns or where one jumped out at you. And followed you. And did their creepy clown thing.

I hate clowns.

And they could smell the fear on me and that fed into their creepiness even more and they really didn’t leave me alone. And I bet they all told each other and had little creepy communications with eachother, hey that girl right there is super scared of us….

Oh man. And then there is my husband who can’t stop laughing at me the whole time but when he could control himself he did a pretty good job at protecting me.

Somehow I survived and it ended. I did pee my pants just a little. For the record.

Was it an adventure? Yup!!! Did my husband and I grow closer together? Absolutely! So I guess in the end it was worth it.

But for future reference I will assume to stay away from haunted houses if there is a big clown out front. Duh.


David A. Sherwood

20150110_164307 IMG_20141206_170014

His middle name is Allen…but neither of us really know how to spell it.  Or we forget.  All we know is it’s spelled weird, not like you normally spell Allan(what’s the normal way?).  So I didn’t use it in the title…seems like a place that should contain only correct statements.  Anyway, I’m being too lazy on this beautiful day to get up and find out if it’s Allen, Allan, Alen, or Alan. Forgive me love!!

engagement pics 02420141221_19302920141223_161158

We’ve been married now for 5 years.  It’s one of those things that has gone by so fast but at the same time it already feels like a lifetime because of how much more I love him. So many memories have been made and the things that we’ve accomplished and been through together make it seem like 10 years.  For our anniversary we didn’t get to do the extravagant things that we wanted to do and dreamed about but what we did was better.


When we first started dating(in 2009) we loved to hike (still do) and decided to take my mom and my roommate (also my second cousin) on a hike called rattlesnake trail. At the top it overlooks the entire Cache Valley.  This was the first time my mom met David in fact!  It is a beautiful hike and we’ll always remember it.  The pictures below were taken from that day.  See how fit and thin and tan we were? hehe Well on our 5 year anniversary we decided to finally go back to that place and hike it once again.  We hadn’t been back since.  The pic above is from that day.

Of course I knew when I married him that he was special and that he’d make me happy and be a good dad etc etc.  I knew he would provide a good life for our family and that he’d go far and do amazing things with his life.  This is a man who had the suspicion and drive to start his own rabbit food business whilst starting his PhD (and has made it into a success I might add).  A man who wanted to be completely independent and self-reliant (concepts that I knew little about at the time).  A man who had experienced what true hunger was and to stave off starvation ate only millet everyday.  A man who knew what hard work meant and had a positive outlook on the road ahead.  A man who didn’t need much but wanted to give everything.

rattlesnake trail 9409 004

rattlesnake trail 9409 057

Ya.  Special people!!  I was like, never letting this one go!  Thank goodness he felt the same way about me!!!!

And of course he’s exceeded my expectations by eons and eons in the last 5 years. He is a marvelous dad.  Just so so good.  He GENUINELY wants to be NEAR his kids and spend QUALITY time with them.  He is always thinking about how he can make them smile and things he can do with them to create memories.  He’s wrestling with them on the ground, he’s teaching them sound principles, he’s being a goof ball with them, he’s holding them and snuggling them and kissing them and telling them that he loves them all the time.  He’s praying with them and reading books with them. He’s watching monster truck videos with them.  When he’s not around them he yearns to be with them.


They love him so much.  There will come a day when they realize just how lucky they are that David Sherwood is their dada.  But for now I know it.  And I know how lucky I am to have him as my companion.  There is no other that I would want to spend my life and eternity with.


  All I can say is, “You certainly are babe! You certainly are!”


The Big 25—whoops I mean 35!

My sexy husband feels old and I’m not sure he was excited to celebrate this time of his life…however I’m convinced that he’s the youngest and hottest looking 35 year old there ever was.  Somehow he seems to get betting looking the older he gets…no fair. IMG_1987   He and I are so blessed to have each other.  I still feel like my life with him is too good to be true.  We’ve had our up and downs, don’t get me wrong…it’s not been 100% bubbles and roses but the point is we’ve gotten stronger and closer because we worked thru it and came out the other end together. I believe there will be more struggles ahead of us still but I wouldn’t want to handle them with anyone else.   He is truly amazing people.  I love him so much. I am addicted to him. IMG_1990 IMG_1991   Here’s to another great year babe!  I’m excited to see where it takes us!

Birthday Shooting Bash

Yesterday I turned 28.  I feel old.  And not because 28 is old…because my body just feels old.  But that’s a post for another day.  This is about my wonderful birthday!

First we went to Home Depot and got the needed supplies in order for me to do some projects that I’ve been wanting to do and then we came home and did them.  Spent time in the yard with my family doing fun stuff.  It was nice.  But once the boys were in bed David took me out for my birthday surprise.  Dinner and a movie? Nope! Boring!  My baby knows me so it was dinner and shooting range!  Happy Birthday to me!

I don’t know when or how my love for guns started but it might have been around the time Miss Congeniality came out?  haha.  Who knows.  But one of my ultimate goals is to own a handgun someday and know exactly how to use it and how to use it WELL.  I am excited to take courses and become certified.

Anyway my love knows this about me and I loved my birthday surprise. It was so much fun with him.

20140702_193419 20140702_193446 20140702_193645 20140702_194119 20140702_194124 20140702_194301 20140702_194305 20140702_194455 20140702_194615 20140702_194906 20140702_194920 20140702_194930 20140702_195318 20140702_195919 20140702_200231 20140702_200236


Thank you my love!!  We’re pretty good!  And I don’t mean just at shooting!


Last week Ben’s cousins came to stay for about a week.  Beckham is 3 weeks older than Ben so they had lots of fun!  But he even had fun with his older cousins Logan and Liam!  The day after they left when he woke up in the morning he looked around and said, ‘Liam!’  He misses them for sure.

IMG_0802 IMG_0803 IMG_0804 IMG_0805 IMG_0808

The Sunday after they got here we celebrated David’s birthday and of course it was all the more fun with these guys!


And I just have to throw in a few of these..

IMG_0816 IMG_0817

Oh! I can’t handle the cuteness!

The boys had tons of fun with David’s spiffy new racecar.  He even let the boys drive it! (with help of course!)  Their favorite was to walk down to the church parking lot so they could go really fast!

 IMG_0829 IMG_0830 IMG_0832 IMG_0835 IMG_0836

A night at Mimi’s grill of course!

IMG_0819 IMG_0821 IMG_0822 IMG_0823 IMG_0825

Love this boy.  He and I had some time away from the craziness to go shoppin.


I hope these two are buds for life

IMG_0838 IMG_0840

The second exciting thing for the week was the bridal shower for Mericar!  I really did have a lot of fun planning it and being crafty which really isn’t like me (maybe I don’t know me very well!) My mom wont admit it but she helped out a ton.  So did my cousin’s wife Ginny (cute banners!), my aunt Kelly whose beautiful home it was held, my other Aunt Cathy whose drawers I emptied and stole and many other helping hands! Oh and course Pinterest!

I really had never done anything like this before so I feel sorry that Mericar was my guinea pig, there are certainly lots of things I learned but I guess that’s the point right!  It was fun and memorable and I just still can’t believe that my littlest bro is getting hitched.  Weird.

20140412_132716 20140412_132756 20140412_132926 20140412_132936 20140412_133545 20140412_133600 (1)

I already love this girl and I can’t wait to get to know her better (we haven’t had the time!)  She is very lucky to be able to call Brian her husband and if she is who Brian chooses to call his wife then I know she is just spectacular.

Love you Mericar!  Thanks for squealing with joy when you walked into the shower.  You were the only one I aimed to make happy and it made me happy!



Words of a Prophet of God…of course they are true.  There was time when we were dating that I wondered, that I questioned and over thought things… I was overwhelmed with the responsibility of choosing someone to spend eternity with and what if I made the wrong choice…but boy am I glad that I came to my senses.  My David is every single one of those things that you read up there times 10 plus some more.  I am immensely happy.  He was right!  And now as look back on that time of my life I tremble with the thought that I could have let him go…I could have passed up this AMAZING life that we’ve created together.  How grateful I am that I didn’t.  I thank God that I had the sense enough from Him to hold on tight and never let go..
And I still haven’t let go…
I love this man so much.  It is such a privilege and gift to be able to love someone as much as I love him.  And to be loved back in the same way.  I like to think that we have a very special relationship…very different than most married couples…I could be wrong of course but I don’t think I am. 🙂  He is so wonderfully different from anyone else I know and that’s what makes it special.  He makes it special.  I am so blessed to be his.  
Thank you honey from the bottom of my heart for being who you are and for loving me for who I am.  Thank you first for asking me to marry you and then for taking me to the Holy Temple on June 5, 2010.  It was the happiest most significant wonderful day of my life.    
Thank you for loving me every single day since then with more love and passion and kindness then I deserve.  Thank you for our son Benjamin and little baby #2 on the way.  Thank you for being such an amazing dad who takes time frequently out of your busy busy days to spend time with Ben and I.  Thank you for working harder than anyone I know to provide a comfortable living for us and to set such a wonderful example of the importance of education to our growing family.  Thank you for being a righteous priesthood holder who we can count on when in need and for always carrying the spirit with you.  Thank you for your optimistic attitude and simple joy for life that is contagious.  Thank you for showing compassion and forgiveness and pure love towards me as the Savior would.  
I love you.  I can’t wait for the rest of our lives and for our eternity.  3 years down!  Forever to go!!  Yipee!
Also, Happy Birthday Mom!!!
It’s been 3 and half days.  Why oh why does it feel like a week?!  How am I going to do this??  Well the answer is I have to…that’s how.  I don’t have a choice.  And I think that’s why I am kind of surprised at how well I am doing.  I am sure that if it was just me I would be a much bigger mess but since I have little Ben to take care of it somehow makes things a little bit easier.
I love this little boy so much.  We both woke up Monday morning with nasty colds.  We have been taking it easy every day…snuggling and reading and lots of sleeping.  He will occasionally (when we’re snuggling) just move in closer to me and look up at me and come in for a big kiss.  It melts my heart.  Especially when I didn’t ask for it…he just does it.  I think he knows I miss daddy a lot…I am sure he does too, so he is being extra snuggly and sweet.  Last night when I lay him down in his crib he put his hand to his mouth and pulled it away with a big smoooch sound!   He blew me a kiss! It was the most precious thing!  Wish I had the video camera!
Tomorrow marks one week till daddy comes home.  That’s doable right?  Yes, I think it is but I still miss him.  I miss him so much.  Skype and text and all that is very convenient and nice and I’ll admit it does take the edge off but it’s just not sufficient.
Anyway, not complaining really…just mentioning how much I love this man.  I am proud of what he is accomplishing there in Iowa and how hard he is working for it.  One of our rabbit people stopped by today and mentioned how highly he thought of David and said that he was ‘refreshing’…his character, his work ethic and personality.  Refreshing…what a great choice of words…so true.  Can’t wait to take in a big breath of that fresh air again.  Love you honey.

I love weddings! I hate goodbye’s!

We had another great weekend.  David took his last final on Friday morning and when it was over he was noticeably more relaxed.  I kept asking him if he was OK because he was so mellow and quiet…he kept telling me he was just relaxing and chilling. 🙂 I am glad…he deserves it more than anyone.
I am sure that the dreaded departure was part of it too…even though we tried to ignore it and just have fun we knew that come Sunday morning we would be saying goodbye for 10 whole days!  We didn’t want to say goodbye.
BUT! We still had some fun.  Friday night was Aunt Cathy’s surprise birthday party which was hosted by her two daughters and husband…a complete success! She had no idea!  Lots of yummy food and visiting with fun people!
The next day was wedding day!  We were able to witness the sealing of these two and it was beautiful! And such a beautiful day!  We didn’t mind one bit waiting outside for them to come out!  Congrats you guys!  You are such an awesome couple!
These two pics are out of order (I stole them from Aunt Sharon…thanks Aunt Sharon!) This is Ben at the wedding luncheon at Magelby’s….yummm.
And this is that night at the reception with all the cousins that were there.  So fun.
Now we’re back to the temple in the morning where the tulips were in full bloom and so beautiful!  Ben loved to smell them and said “mmmmmmm” after each one.
MY boys
My goofy brother supposed to be taking a picture of us but instead decided to throw this gem in there.
Me, mom, Jenna and Aunt Pam (Mother of the groom!)
My brothers and dad..and beautiful Becca too!
Later at the luncheon Papa fed Ben some carrot cake…a highlight I am sure.
It was 3 hours past Ben’s bedtime but we decided to wait until the dancing started so we could dance one dance together. 🙂 After all he was leaving in just a few short hours and we don’t often get to dance for reals!
Miss him!
On Sunday morning we woke up at 5:30 and were out the door by 6 to go to the airport.  We got checked in pretty quick even though the line was long and there were a lot of people there, and then we, yes we, waited in the security line.  I stayed as long as I could and ducked through the security tape at the very last moment.  As I was walking away sobbing I realized that I had his phone! Oh no!  I ran my pregnant self as fast as I could back over to the line and squeaked his name as loud as my sobbing voice could…man I am sure it looked like a scene from a cheesy romance movie!  I barely caught him before he went through the screening thing and he had to weasel his way back through the crowd and grab his phone…we stole another quick kiss over a few stands of security lines and then he was gone again and I sobbed.  People were staring.  I didn’t care.  I waited by the stairs until he got all the way through and I couldn’t see him anymore…then I cried even harder and walked away.  More people stared.  I still didn’t care.  When I got to the car I cried even harder…the ugly cry and finally found a way to drive home.  Dramatic huh?  Well that’s us.  Our favorite place to be really is with each other so this next week and a half is going to be rough.
Well when I got home we did the normal Sunday things but we also got to spend some time over at Natalie and Joe’s.  It was fun for Ben to be around his cousins even though he was shy up until the very end.
Ben and Beckham…handsome boys!  Wish I had gotten more pics but everyone was moving so fast I couldn’t snap any…hopefully we see them again soon. 🙂