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7 years!

My how times flies. When I look at these photos I feel like they were taken FOREVER ago…but it also feel..

Worst nightmare come true

Do you see the grip I have on that coat? Thursday afternoon I was filled with a desire to have..

David A. Sherwood

His middle name is Allen…but neither of us really know how to spell it.  Or we forget.  All we know..

The Big 25—whoops I mean 35!

My sexy husband feels old and I’m not sure he was excited to celebrate this time of his life…however I’m..

Birthday Shooting Bash

Yesterday I turned 28.  I feel old.  And not because 28 is old…because my body just feels old.  But that’s..


Last week Ben’s cousins came to stay for about a week.  Beckham is 3 weeks older than Ben so they..


  Words of a Prophet of God…of course they are true.  There was time when we were dating that I..

It’s been 3 and half days.  Why oh why does it feel like a week?!  How am I going to..

I love weddings! I hate goodbye’s!

We had another great weekend.  David took his last final on Friday morning and when it was over he was noticeably..