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January in a sentence a day

Jan 1-2 I didn’t record these days so who knows what happened?!

Jan 3 – Had my brother and his cute family come and hang out at the house most of the day and later my parents and other brother and his wife joined us for hamburgers.


Jan 4 – Cousins Beckham and Evelyn came to play at our house and then we all went to my parents with cheesecake in tow to celebrate my oldest brothers birthday.

Jan 5 – Catch up on sleep day!

Jan 6 – We ventured out to my parents house again (me and baby included despite my hesitations) to spend time with my brother and cousins and had the most wonderful time sledding the best hill ever!


Jan 7 – I helped get the older boys ready for church and then enjoyed a quiet three hours with my baby.


Jan 8 – After feeling like I was getting sick early this morning I was sad to have to cancel our FHE we had planned with some dear friends but fortunately as the day progressed and I got a nap I started to feel better and rescheduled for the next day!

Jan 9 – Cleaned house, made cheesecake, took baby to his 6 week checkup (he’s now 9 lbs 10 oz  yay!) all by myself, Showered, got ready and had a wonderful evening with some good friends making and eating Pho and cheesecake. Yum.


Jan 10 – I worked on my family VHS videos most of the day interspersed with working on shutterfly for our 2017 family photo book and feeding and taking care of Henry and the boys. The day ended with a visit from some sisters from the ward, Gilmore Girls and cheesecake.


Jan 11 – More VHS transferring, shutter fly, laundry and just all around housework in-between feedings.

Boys reading Henry a book

Jan 12 – Friday ??

Jan 13 – Today I decided to not use my phone for anything other than the camera or as a phone and it was so nice. We got our back ‘disaster’ room cleaned up and then had some friends show up unexpectedly which was nice for the boys to play and go to the park with them and I also took a walk with Henry and my friend Miken.


Jan 14 – Was planning on going to church but when the morning came I chickened out (fear of catching a bug especially since my VT’s has just told me about how rampant the flu was going around in our ward) and even kept my kids home too. We enjoyed a nice evening at my parents having dinner and nice conversation where Henry even slept which is a big accomplishment sleeping somewhere new and not on me!

Jan 15 – My mom encouraged me out of my comfort zone and I went climbing with her where I surprisingly made it to the top 3 different times but am now paying for it in muscle soreness today.

Jan 16 – today was very uneventful, basically puttered around the house doing what I do.


Jan 17 – today I ventured out to take and pick up William from preschool and I also had the luxury of getting my hair cut, I don’t want to admit it but it had been almost a year since my last one!

Jan 18 – Gave the house a much needed cleaning and my sweet baby did his part by taking long naps; a welcomed change from the past several days.


Jan 19 – Stayed in my jammies all day.Today went by very fast despite my lack of productivity. Lots of smiles from my little one. Smiles and snuggles. Ben did school happily today which is always a win.


Jan 20 – Went climbing again today and this time took Ben with me. We are going to get better together. Unfortunately he has inherited his dads slight fear of heights but I think we can work with it. 🙂 I was so proud of him.


Jan 21 – David spoke in church today so it was the perfect motivation to get me to church for the first time in 2 months! He did so well and so did my 3 boys I might add. Then we enjoyed a nice evening at my parents house.

Jan 22 – Heard today that my Grandpa wasn’t doing well and would probably be passing soon. This inspired my mom and I to take our midnight drive to St. George. Talk about last minute, spontaneous packing! We left at 9 pm tonight.

Jan 23 – After only 3 hours of sleep we spent the day chilling up at my Grandma’s house (we always say ‘up’ because she lives on a hill). Unfortunately we didn’t get there before he passed but had a nice day with family helping how we could.

Jan 24 – Today we went on a hike in St. George called Turtle Rock. Henry slept the whole time and the 2 older boys did so good despite falls, meltdowns, hunger and thirst. Whew!

Jan 25 – Went to the park with cousins, ate pizza, enjoyed the sunshine, played in the red dirt at Grandmas, visited with family, good day.

Henry with cousin Logan

Jan 26 – My mom took the boys to a nature park with real dinosaur tracks! We ate mexican food and more cousin time at the park!

My favorite!!

Jan 27 – Today was the funeral and it was bittersweet. My grandpa had a full, amazing life and was ready to go. But we will miss him anyway and lots of tears were shed for that reason. The graveside dedication was wonderful too because the American Legion was there and did the whole rifle salute and folding of the flag etc. That afternoon lots of extended family played together at a park and then later got together at Village Inn for an adult dinner that I didn’t go to…I was so worn out!!

The four brothers
I wasn’t there because I had to go feed Henry darnit!

Jan 28 – Today I drove home to Logan  BY MYSELF. Before that we went on a little jaunt in the red dirt. I still don’t know how I did it (the drive, not the jaunt) but it happened! I definitely feel more empowered! It wasn’t terrible we only made 6 stops. So good to be home!


Jan 29 – Nice, quiet day at home. So nice not needing to be anywhere or do anything we just got back into the groove of our routine.

Jan 30 – Henry is 2 months old today and so so cute! I successfully taxied William to and from preschool (I survived St. George, I can do anything now!) and spent the rest of the day cleaning, finished laundry and working on home videos.

Jan 31 – Nothing very exciting happened today. Did my monthly homeschool planning for February and some meal planning for the next week. Cleaned the kitchen, snuggled my baby a lot while breastfeeding.

September by Sentences (or sometimes words)

A wonderful blog that I frequent inspired me to do this (in fact I think she inspired many to do so) next post where the month of September is kept track by a sentence or words each day. Maybe sometime I’ll get good at narrowing it down to just a sentence…but man that’s a challenge!


I felt like a soccor mom (no soccor involved) today driving all around town and enjoyed every minute of it, especially the part when I ran into a friend and had a wonderful conversation in the middle of Sam’s club.

9/2 Saturday

Breakfast. Saturday morning cartoons. DIY project kitchen table and benches. Hypnobabies. New ideas. Nap time. Home Depot. Baby clothes from friend. Dinner. Bathtime. Bedtime. Ice cream. Mow lawn. Start trek cuddles with hubs.


Green waffles. Ready for church rush. Church. William not wanting to go to class for the first time ever. Receiving a calling. Sunday School teachers. Waffles for lunch. Naptime. Playtime. Sitting in car with no energy watching them play. Dinnertime. Lego time. Story time. Bedtime.

9/4 Labor Day

We’ve been told since the day we moved in about the Labor Day activities here in Wellsville. It all starts early in the morning with actual cannon fires (without the ball) going off around town. No one clarified that it would be something that went on for a couple of hours starting at 5 am! We enjoyed the town parade and the sham battle between the cowboys and indians and then some good old cotton candy (boys first experience). We even washed the car together!


William’s first day of preschool brought some serious feelings of uneasiness. Fortunately they were short lived as he’s only there for 2 hours. But I did miss them both. I also had a significant appointment with my midwife where I learned that everything with baby boy really is OK.

9/6 – 9/8

Kinda vague because I completely spaced recording for the day. Whoops

9/9 Saturday

Found a family owned sawmill business that carries beautiful wood for 1/3 the cost of Home Depot. Yay! Went there twice today to figure out our DIY project and was derailed both times. Back to the drawing board.


Had to teach Relief Society today. Went better than any of my other lessons I’ve taught in the past. I love the Book of Mormon. William gave the prayer in Primary…so cute. “Thank you for the world”.


School. Cleaning house. Family Home Evening lesson about courage and David and Goliath which included throwing ‘stones’ at our 9 ft. Goliath while yelling out good things we can do. It was pretty entertaining. Dinner.


Total mom fail today. Ben wasn’t feeling great, had a runny nose and sore throat this morning but still seemed like he could function fine so I sent him to school. 3 hours later I picked up a worn out, feverish sick boy who came home and slept most of the afternoon and through the night. Should have kept him home. Bomb.


Ben slept over 16 hrs yesterday and this morning when I woke up to his happy  voice and giddy laughter I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven. I kept both the boys home from school today however as a precaution to not spread illness unnecessarily. Quiet day at home was very nice.


Back to school again after short illness. Got some alone time shopping done and then a quiet nap time to clean the house. Laundry, dinner and bedtime. Loved the mixed sunshine and rain.


Today I got my first let tote and it inspired me to get showered and get ready. It also made me forget that on Fridays Ben gets out 45 mins early! I was only 10 mins late picking him up but I felt like the worst mom ever! Dinner with parents and Grandpa Sharp who is visiting from St. George.


Ventured out in the morning to do some clothes shopping for the boys who desperately needed new Sunday shoes. Success! After nap time, play time and dinner time, we made homemade popcorn together for the first time and watched a movie.  It was wonderfully salty and buttery just like movie popcorn.

9/17 -Sunday

We had ward conference today and also taught our 14 year old class for the first time. They are a very talkative group which is preferred to the alternative I think. We played a get to know you game with them and then had a short lesson about how to never have a boring Sunday school class again. Hopefully it comes true for all of us.


Found some treasures at the DI and was reminded again why I should never go to Hobby Lobby. Dangerous place. But I am grateful for the wonderful touches it gave my sad bathroom today. Oh the many projects this house needs to feel like a home. Sigh.


Had another appointment with Chris my midwife. Everything was really good. I left feeling really happy and full of gratitude.  What a contrast from a few weeks ago.


Had to run to the DMV to renew my license which expired 2 months ago. Whoops. It gets worse though… when I got there the nice lady explained to me that in May of this year I apparently lost my license and therefore came into the DMV to get a new one printed and at that time it was renewed until 2022. Holy cow, is my memory that bad? I don’t remember losing my license or going into the DMV to take care of it. Go me! (I have to say positive things like that or I’ll feel like crawling in a hole instead).


After I dropped the boys off at school, David and I were able to go to the DI on a mission to make his ‘space’ at the mill more bearable which was a success! Yay DI!




Finally got a start on our little dining room table! David spent a couple hours on his knees sanding it down and made amazing progress. We really have no idea what we are doing but it will be unique and have tons of character!


Sunday dinner with the family brought some big ideas and possible drastic changes to our life. More to come on that soon.


Lazy day. Stayed in my PJs all day. I did accomplish to have a nice family home evening lesson on patience and we all colored patience butterflies. We also took bribery to the next level with dinner and got the boys to try shrimp gumbo!


David left early this morning for Dallas Texas. He and my dad are there for a vet conference where hopefully they will blow the minds of many a vet. A high calcium diet doesn’t cause sludge? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?


Finally got my house cleaned to my liking which included decluttering areas that gather clutter. We also had dinner with my mom and a sleepover at Mimi’s . We watched a good movie called Collateral Beauty. Loved it.


Spent the day at home and ended the day finally giving the boys a bath, reading them the wonderful wizard of Oz for about 20 mins and being completely lazy in bed watching Gilmore girls. Anxiously waiting David’s plane to land and him to drive home.


Took the boys up to Mimi’s to spend the day playing with cousins. They had a blast. I had a nap. Got home just in time for a visiting teaching visit and to make pizza for dinner. Started Gilmore girls over with David, yup we’re doing it.


See my last post to see how my day started. Fortunately, the day got better as we enjoyed sprawling out on our bed and reveling in the spirit of conference. Ben got to go to the birthday party he’d been talking about all week but other than that it was lazy with a splash of productivity (building our table); just how I like it. Oh and a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup to top it all off. Yum.

I definitely need to take more pictures if I’m going to do this again! We’ll see. 😉