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Music to my Week

To say that I love music just doesn’t cut it.  I really really love music. I couldn’t live a full life without it. I am grateful for it. I feel like it has a greater affect on me than the written word and as you know that can be used for good or bad so I have to really watch myself.

In high school I had a period of time where I listened only to Eminem. Ya. Seriously. Yes it had a profound effect on me.  I was kind of an angry skinny blonde chick during that time. Sorry mom and dad.

Naturally because music is such a big part of my life I wanted to somehow incorporate it into my blog (which if you have noticed I am revamping). Which is why each week I hope to have a new song up. It could and will be just about anything. Apart from Eminem, I really love just about everything and every song I love has a special memory or feeling associated with it. I may or may not share that along with it…you will just have to wait and see!

Happy Singing!


Alex Boye

Last night we got to see Alex Boye in concert.  My mom originally bought the tickets for her and my dad but she fell sick and couldn’t go.  Bummer.  She would have loved it.  We didn’t really know what to expect since I know so little of him but he didn’t disappoint.  He was very interactive with the audience and very funny and obviously the singing and performance wasn’t bad either.  He’s very talented.

I really wanted to record more of it for my poor mom but the first time I got it out and tried I got in trouble with an usher…twice.  Yikes.  Sorry mom.

I would definitely recommend seeing him if he’s in town.  He’s very generous, funny and entertaining.  He told us about his conversion and the trouble it caused him with his family and how he overcame it and chased his dreams…inspiring speech.  Anyway, good times.  I’m grateful that we got a free fun night out at the expense of my sick mom…I’m not grateful for that but you know what I mean.  Love this man of mine too.  SO in love with him.

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