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I Can’t Be Inside

I hadn’t realized until I thought about it a bit but this year’s garden is really my first time ever having a garden of my own! Yes, after we were first married and Ben was a newborn we had a big community garden that David headed up but I was not physically or mentally involved in it with a new baby around.

After that we were in a house with no garden space and then another apartment. But now we’re here! And I’m not just talking about vegetables. I have all this space for flowers too!

Snap peas 1
Snap peas 2
Spinach 1
Spinach 2

I feel like my level of giddyness is right there with my two young boys. When we started to see the snap peas and spinach pop up from the seeds we had lovingly placed in the ground a few weeks earlier, I almost squealed. 

Then there is the sunflowers. Our neighbor always grows the most amazing sunflowers and then uses the heads to make these beautiful wreaths. She gave us a baggy full of seeds and so I planted some along the back fence line. Little did I know the boys did some planting of their own , all in one spot so now we have an area with 5 or 6 sunflowers coming up! So fun!

We also have little flower seeds and pumpkins that we started in egg cartons. Some flower seeds molded and died so that was sad but I just planted some more. And now some are doing well!  And look at those pumpkins! Yay!


I planted some sweet peas in the back hopefully it wasn’t too early and I am so anxious to see if those pop up. Our daffodils and tulips that we planted last fall are out and in bloom however they don’t look extremely happy. I am certain they need more sun because in the afternoon you can see them leaning towards the sun trying to soak up as much as they can. Poor babies.

In the mail headed our way are strawberries, asparagus, green beans and tomatoes. So excited to get those in the ground and watch them grow too.

If you could see my back and neck you would see the most disgusting red sunburn from the last several days. Shame on me I know. But I just can’t stay inside! My latest project was pruning the apple trees. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I also had no idea what I was doing but with a little advice from people who did I felt like I could accomplish the job. Plus these trees had been neglected for probably 4 years so I figured what more damage could I do?

I worked on them for a little over a week. They would have taken me another week if my wonderful husband hadn’t stepped in and helped me with the last tree. Bam, done in an afternoon. It’s amazing what teamwork can do. Now we wait and see how they respond. Crossing my fingers I didn’t kill them but I doubt it. They are probably breathing now; bathing in all the sun they are getting. It was hard, hard work but it felt good working on a project.

Clearing out flowers beds of weeds, picking up old spiked horse chestnuts in the front yard, planting pansies in pots, mowing the lawn, cleaning out the sandbox, have all kept me busy and I’m loving every minute of it.

The inside of my house might have to wait till a rainy day to get attention. Eating every meal outside?  Yes please.

My New Dining Nook

It started in July. The plans. My naive mind thought it could happen in a months time. No, I knew it would probably take a bit longer because things just do….take longer than expected. But I didn’t think it would take this long. Here we are in November. But it’s finished. Well mostly. We’re still waiting on our last bench that will go on the other wall. It’s top is finished and the steel for the base is in the hands of the amazing welder (my brother) but we just need a few more inches of steel to finish it up.

The plans for this one changed so much over the course of these past months. That’s the cause behind the extended timeline but I am happy with the way it turned out.

We ended up needing to do a very custom shape and size for our weird, small dining room so a basic farmhouse table (easy) was out of the question.

My darling husband was up for a project to make it look custom and something a bit more exciting than just 2×4’s.

I think he succeeded. He worked hard on this one (in his spare time-ha!) Boy do I love this man.

Someday soon when we get over the initial newborn shock we will take the steel legs to get powder coated black but I didn’t want to wait any longer! I was getting tired of sitting in camp chairs!

I love it!

The benches are made of some beautiful maple and the table wood is sycamore taken from trees from the Brigham City temple grounds.  But don’t get too excited, they weren’t sacred trees as they were removed before it was dedicated. 🙂 Haha.

A huge thank you again to my amazing brother the welder who took those straight steel pieces and somehow turned them in to that! Beautiful!






It’s clear that I am not great at this blogging thing. This is why my blog could never be something big or important. I’m ok with that. I think that if I tried to turn it into a money maker it would lose its charm for me. Or just stress me out.

Life has been a bit crazy for me these last few weeks. Seems like all I’ve been doing is running around crazy trying to get the last minute things ready for baby. Yet, there still seems to be a lot more to do. But I’ve accepted that everything I want done, probably won’t be done.


It’s OK.

The most important things are done.

I really do feel ready for him to come. I am so ready to snuggle him and smell him and feed him from the outside and see his cute face!

One of the things that I got done that I felt was important was getting a little office area set up for all of us. This included finally getting my own computer!! Yay!

This will (or I should say SHOULD) help me become more consistent at blogging instead of depending on David’s computer in those fleeting moments.

I feel pretty giddy about it. I haven’t had my own computer since college. I’ve laid awake at night with excitment at what I can do and how I can organize my life on here…pictures etc.

Also a project that has been ‘haunting’ me for years I can finally get done! It consists of converting all my families home videos (VHS) to digital. I am probably going to upload them to youtube as well as have them backed up elsewhere. I’m excited about that.

To do this, I needed a stable desktop where the VCR could stay plugged in while I tackled a little bit of it everyday.  It’s going to take a while.

The next biggest news in our life is that we have decided to homeschool Ben!

This was another reason the office area was so important to set up. He needed a place to ‘homeschool’.

We didn’t come to this decision lightly. And I’ll be the first to remind you that I was always one of those women who when the topic of homeschool came up in conversation said something like, “I could never homeschool! No thanks! Send them away! I am not that cool and organized etc etc.”

So this is as much a surprise to me as anybody else. But that’s what having kids do to you! Unpredictable! They come with their own personalities and needs…throw your own plans out the window…you need to do what’s best for them.

I might be writing a post on this decision alone. It’s a big one. The decision. Not necessarily the post but we’ll see. There are a lot of factors and other things that go into this and even as I type this I still have questions regarding whether this is the right thing.

You may wonder how could I have made such a huge decision unless I was absolutely certain it was the right choice? Well at this point all I can say is it was the more right choice between the two choices.

And we’re going from there.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Will I be there contributing a cake or pie? Or will I be home in bed with a brand new baby in my arms. Who knows? Either way sounds good to me! Bring it on!

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

What a blessed world we live in!

All I have for now….

Snapshot of our backyard from our little balcony. The black plastic is where our future garden will be.

I have been terrible about taking pictures since we’ve moved into our new house; both of the family and of the house itself.  This is all I have for now. It’s going to be a while before the house looks like I want it to. And the habit of picture taking needs to be reheated. Moving into a big empty house that needs to be filled just before a baby is born is not the easiest thing to do.  So many things on my to do list or my want list.

That house you see between the trees in the background the one with the white pillars is ours

Even though we are doing the midwife thing again which apparently is waaay less expensive than a hospital birth, we still have to come up with that extra expense somehow, not to mention all the baby stuff that I’m basically starting over with. I have a crib (minus the mattress) and some blankets…but that’s it.

We have 3 nice little apple trees that make for a nice shady spot in the back yard!
I love the Wellsville mountains so close!

Thankfully I have an amazing friend who spread the news to another mutual friend who just had a baby boy and is looking to pay it forward with baby clothes! I can’t believe how lucky we are with that! What a blessing.

But I do love this house.  Ya, it smells like old house (built in 1909) and it has more cracks in it than the great wall of China which allows all sorts of bugs in.   It does have it’s quirks and I’d probably never buy it but I love all the space. I love the charm is has with it’s 10 ft ceilings and wood trim around all the doorways and the 1.5 ft baseboards. I love the kitchen cabinets to the ceiling that I thought I’d hate because of the color. I love the huge porch that someday I’ll get to decorate. I love the huge yard with the old barn and horse. I love that Lucie finally has her own room. I love that it’s already becoming home.

The plans for the future are uncertain. Our ultimate goal is to someday build our own house (it’s a dream of David’s) and I think that it’ll happen. We just don’t know exactly when…or where for that matter. So for now we are setting up shop here.

I’m excited to bring baby boy no name into the world in this home. Here’s to hoping that I can have the ability to ‘nest’ to my liking as it’s a big part of giving birth comfortably, naturally and painfree at home (more on that later).


Life as Expected

That’s a joke. You got that right? Life is never as expected. We’ve been anxiously waiting to move out of our apartment for months. The time was getting closer, I would try to bridle my searches of our next home. Our hopes were high, things were moving in the right direction.

Then the neighbors get the windows smashed in by a phys-co path and we’re outta there. In with my parents only very temporary while we search for the perfect rental.

Look at several, not exited. Think maybe it’s not the right thing. So we stay put for a bit longer. We start thinking about the real possibility of buying our own house. We look, we wait, we talk we have to wait so we wait some more.

Buying a house right now is not the best choice for us so we rent. Looking again, look at a few and find one!

Not at all what or where I would have expected way back in March of this year but I have to faith that things progress they way do sometimes for no reason at all but that Heavenly Father will make the best of our choices…meaning we will learn and grow in the way we’re supposed to.

If I told you I was smiling from ear to ear about renting for another year I’d be lying. I am not excited. I am not happy about being under the wrath (haha) of another landlord. I am not excited about not having the freedom to do what I want with the space we’re living in.

But I am excited about having own space again and A LOT more of it. Our last apartment was about 800 sq ft I believe.

I have LOVED living with my parents. The boys have LOVED IT even more. The yard here is dreamy. I can nap on the couch while they play outside and not even have one little worry. I could go on about why we have loved it but it’s just time to move on.  I need to nest.

Another thing that was not expected was that we are having another baby BOY! I really was smart enough not get my hopes up either way, sure a girl would have been so fun but I knew there was just a good of change that it was a boy. Somehow still when that sonogram revealed the gender I was surprised!

But boy am I excited.

I always wanted all boys!!

So here is to the next several months where the expectations I have of Ben going to kindergarten and William to preschool, the new house, the new baby and our financial status will probably be totally wrong! But right!

In the words of Catherine Thomas, “What is, is right.”

I am waxing nostalgic today.

I am happy.

I am blessed. I have had a good life.

Ha. I talk like I am and old person or something.

I know I have a lot of good life in front of me too.

I love my husband. So much.

I love my kiddos.

Opening up old files of pictures and scrolling thru them makes me…nostalgic. For the past and the future. Can you be nostalgic for the future?

The house I grew up in still occupies a large part of my heart. It’s not ours anymore and whenever I am in St. George I am tempted to always drive by it, stop by even and ask to go in. But I have stopped doing so. It’s turned from our desert oasis to something unrecognizable.

dads-camera-006 dads-camera-009

It was the party house. Pool, pool house, large backyard…of course it was!


Behind the house was open fields where we rode our 4-wheelers and kept my horse Escalante. Currently these fields don’t exsist anymore as there are houses being built or are already built.


I don’t know why I loved our circle driveway so much. Lots of space for everyone coming and going!


This is what the kitchen looked like for the first 6ish years that we lived there. It later got updated but it was definitely the center of our home.


Love the spanish 70’s tile.


My dad the landscaper did such a beautiful job with our yard. It really was an oasis.

dads-camera-072 dads-camera-074 dads-camera-077

Being thrown in the pool happened frequently.

These are some pictures that show it a little later in it’s life. Fun fun house.

cleaning-016 cleaning-029 cleaning-056 cleaning june-1-032 june-1-034

It’s just a house. If given the opportunity I am not sure I would even buy it back. It’s the memories made around that house that are precious.

Houses can be purchased or built again. Where memories can be made again. The people that reside and come and go from the homes make it what they are…what they were.

My parents actually just moved into a home in Smithfield and it is quickly becoming ‘their home’ and we already love going there and making memories. I am so grateful for that.


Life is a miracle. Even though it’s so easy to forget that and get caught up in the unimportant and just feel down for whatever reason I always have to remember just what seems to be a primary message from our prophets and leaders lately…to be HAPPY.

There is so much to be happy about!

I love the constant reminders. If I was already perfect I couldn’t enjoy the improvement and the moments where I realize what happiness and joy might feel like in the eternities.  We get just a taste here…and it’s delicious.🍒🍍

🔸Mmmmm mmmm mmmmm….mmmmm. 🔸





Somehow this was David’s first time to the Pumpkin walk in Logan. I guess the zillion other times I’ve been were with friends and previous boyfriends.

I was disappointed unfortunately because the majority of scenes were painted pumpkins situation and set up as people or animals or skittles.


In previous years the pumpkin scenes consisted of beautifully carved pumpkins that lit up the park. But it was still memorable.



I love this man


I love my family


I love fall




And right now I love Cache Valley. I feel so blessed.


Oh and I also happen to love Snoopy. This is so cute.

Earlier this week we finally carved the pumpkins that we brought home from the local patch.

We decided to do it at Mimi and Papa’s new house. I love this tradition! And Mimi loves the seeds at the end!



Isn’t it funny that even though they are the kids’ pumpkins the parents (and Papa) do all the work?

They turned out pretty great right? William has randomly become obsessed with Batman. Have no idea why, he hasn’t even seen the show or the movie or anything.

Funny kid.



Love the fun pumpkin glow on the cool fall evening!


Happy Fall!! Happy Halloween!

Our Humble Abode

I promised pictures of our new little place.  We’ve been here for about 4 months.  It feels like home.  I am embarrassed when people come over but I know that’s just pride.  It’s mostly about the carpet….no it’s all about the carpet.  It’s awful.  I’m still holding out on a couple of runners to cover the last bit that I can without it looking really ridiculous.  The dining room floor is homemade by yours truly with plywood and cheap vinyl tiles.  It works.

But anyway this is it.  It’s our space and I love the people that fill it.

IMG_1696 IMG_1697 IMG_1698 IMG_1699 IMG_1700 IMG_1701 IMG_1702 IMG_1703 IMG_1705

William saw me taking pictures and he came up to me and said, eeeeeeese!  Love this boy.  Ben was taking a nap in our room so I couldn’t take pictures of our sweet new bed.  It’s just a bed though…not something amazing to look at…just to sleep on.  🙂 Life’s good.

Hey there

I might take pictures of our new little apartment if we ever get fully moved in and cleaned.  I’ve been able to practice lots of patience because since we’ve moved David has basically been MIA. He did his comprehensive exams which was a week of 8 hr tests followed by a 4 hr. oral test.  It was intense…not for us as much as him obviously but man.

Then it’s been random busy work with the business and school so I’m in limbo with this new place.  It’s not put together yet but it’s close.  I like it.  I hated it first.  But I’m doing better.  It doesn’t have a garbage disposal and the carpet is somewhat horrible but practice and pretty rugs help with both those situations.

I think this week is when we will finish moving in.  Maybe I will get pictures up after that.  It’s nothing to oh and ah over but in case you’re curious.

Yesterday’s lesson was being grateful in every circumstance and I was grateful for the reminder.  There are so many opportunities for growth!  I have so much to be grateful for.  These two would be at the top of my list for sure!





IMG_1407If ever there was a time in our life that was titled IRONIIC, now would be it.  It’s funny.  It’s hilarious actually what’s happening right now.  I just laugh.  I have to laugh or I’ll cry.  No that’s not really true.  I don’t think I’m that upset about it…it’s just….funny.  So here’s the scoop.

My parents bought a little house.  Yup.  And we’re super happy about it.  Excited they finally get a little place to call their own.  But this isn’t the reason we’re moving back into a tiny apartment.  Yup.  We’re moving….again….BACK into a tiny apartment.  Even if my parents weren’t buying a place and in the process forcing us to move too we would be doing it anyway and here’s why.  This is ironic part.  We’re broke.  Yup, broke.  We’re more broke than we’ve ever been in our entire marriage.  Why is it ironic?  Well because we’re basically knocking on victory’s door with the business and his research…we’re SO close to being OK and yet we have to sell everything and squeeze into a box.

I just can’t stop shaking my head…it’s just so funny!  We’re calling it the calm before the storm…or is it the other way around??  hehe.  But when all is said and done and I get over the headache of moving and cleaning, I feel pretty happy about it.  It’s more refining and learning, it’s the ability to have a little more breathing room for fun activities or clothes.  It’s me being exited about getting a part time job because I’m excited to get out of the house and have a conversation everyday with an adult and let the boys spend more quality time with their dad.

And as MUCH as I am going to miss living with my parents (going to miss it  A LOT) I am of course excited to have our own little place, humble as it may be.  It’s a good thing all around.  It really is and we’re excited for the next chapter in our lives.  It’s good to have ironic in your life I think…it’s funny.