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The Magic Mirror by Ben Sherwood

As part of Homeschool I’ve decided to let the boys dictate stories to me while I type them out. This is the first one Ben ever did. The look on his face when we printed it out and he held it in his hands was priceless. He felt so proud…like a real author. Then while his dad read out loud to all of us…oh his face! Needless to say I think I will like this tradition.

The Magic Mirror

By Ben Sherwood

Once upon a time there was a mom and she threw a mirror in the garbage and a boy was going hunting for treasure and he found it so he took it. He brought it inside and when he put in on the ground he was also scared. He stepped on the mirror and instead of stepping on the mirror he stepped into the mirror and fell into a different place that he’s never seen before.

He saw a man that looked so strange. He had a black hat that was a majesty hat. He had a red ribbon with a bow on it that he wore on his head and on his shoes. He had a magic wand in his hand. And his name was The Weird Majesty. And he lifted his hand out towards the boy and the boy disappeared.

The place where he was he saw a clown and The Weird Majesty again. But he was different. Instead of red bows on his hat and shoes it was blue bows. And the boy thought that it was snowing and there was actually a window into the whitest place you’ve ever seen. He looked closely into the window and he saw icicles and snow. And the water in the snow was actually melted Popsicle. And the normal snow was ice with it.

The Weird Majesty made the boy disappear again. This time he was wearing yellow bows on his head and shoes. There was a clown there and a summer guy this time. He looked outside and it was so bright he could barely see anything. And when he looked out there he went blind for a long time although he could still sense the light. When he was small he had touched a rock wall and now that he was bigger he knew what a rock wall felt like so he touched the rock wall and felt it and tried to climb it even though he was blind.

The Weird Majesty all the sudden made him disappear again and then he wasn’t blind anymore. He was on a trail in the woods. Also when he was little when his mom took him to Wild Island so now that was bigger he could recognize it and that’s where he was. All the sudden he saw a movement in the bushes and it was tiger. And then he found that there was a mark on the tigers face. And he remembered the tiger when his mom was out hunting for chickens on Wild Island. And his mom said that to kill the tiger you just need some hot sauce to shoot at the spot on his head. If it touches anything, the hot sauce will be on fire. And he had a pack of hot sauce on him so he threw it at the tiger and the bottle of hot sauce was tipped over upside down on his nose. It was stuck on him. His mom did not find chickens. All the sudden another movement in the bushes arrived. And there was a “BAAhhhk!” And he caught it! It was a chicken!

And all the sudden a magic wand fell from the sky. And the boy disappeared back to home. His mom was so surprised she was looking for him. The boy told her all about the stories he had and she was also surprised that there was a chicken that he found. Because without the chicken they wouldn’t have thanksgiving dinner.

The End.

Missing May

I borrowed this book from my mom yesterday and finished it just this afternoon. It’s a very short, easy read.

I guess that’s expected when it’s labeled as a children’s book.

I don’t really know how I feel about it. It’s about a girl and her adoptive uncle who have just lost their beloved May. What do they do now. How do they cope? It’s an interesting perspective but mostly the writing is creative and fun to read.

This Wednesday we have a book exchange for our relief society activity.  What will I take? HMmmmmm.

I miss reading. I used to read all the time.

I think about reading all the time but I’ve gotten so far out of it that in a way it’s hard to get back in. Where do you start? The genres that used to appeal to me don’t anymore. When do I have the time?!

I started reading the old Wizard of Oz book to the boys. The really old one by L. Frank Baum and practically no pictures. They seem to really love it. Ben a bit more that William but even William is interested and stops me every sentence or so and asks what a certain word means.

I have been doubting a lot that it will work. I stop and ask, “should we stop for now and take a break?” and they say, “NO! keep going!”

I am really enjoying that. The fact that they can just listen with their ears and pick up a story and be enthralled is cool to me. I’m excited to see if we can finish it.

And as for myself, my goal is to find a book that I’m excited to read. I don’t know what it will be. Fantasy? Non-fiction? A novel? Do I even really know the difference? I don’t know. I just know I want to be inspired and changed a bit by reading it…a little bit better somehow.

So if you have any suggestions, please send them my way…I’d greatly appreciate it.

The hubby is starting up the fire and I’d love to spend more time cuddling around it with a good book. 🙂




Elizabeth Smart


I just finished this book.  After I read my friend Danielle’s post about it I knew I wanted to read it (thanks Danielle!).  So when I saw it at the store sitting on the front shelf just begging me to buy it, I didn’t resist. I bought it.  And wow.  I don’t buy many books because normally you can just get them at the library for free but I knew this would be a good one to own.  And I was right.  Elizabeth is an amazing girl.  I just sit in awe of her.  I feel like anybody that went through what she did should be seriously screwed up!!  I probably would be!  But she isn’t.  She is stronger because of it.  She does such a good job relaying the story, in amazing detail.  I often wondered as I was reading it how she could remember all these details!  9 months of hell and you’d think her mind would have automatically blocked it out or something but nope! I’m afraid it’s burned into her memory and she does an amazing job at recounting it and then inspiring her readers in the process. She lives in my cousins neighborhood…well at least she used to.  It was creepy to read about the kidnapping and being able to perfectly visualize where it took place.    I would love to meet her someday.  I don’t even know her but I feel like I do and I want to be like her.  Her post kidnapping self.  I love how she just chooses to be happy and lets the atonement of Jesus Christ heal her wounds.  Wow.  I recommend it.  It’s depressing as you read it because you realize that this man that kidnapped her is so evil, and I mean like downright devilish and that he’s not the only one! There is such evil and hurt in the world!  I think that’s why I read it in under 2 days because I was hurrying to get to the happy part.  It does end happy.  And I know that even with evil in this world it is still a beautiful place.  How could it not be with the Kingdom of God on it?! Truth is restored and justice will prevail!