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Graduation Day & Partayyyyyy!

I am constantly kicking myself for not taking more pictures. This day was definitely ones of those times.

This day seemed to be a mystic day somewhere off in the future that I couldn’t really grasp. But I really really wanted to. And it actually finally happened.

Words will never do justice to how I feel about what my hubby has done the last however many (a lot) years he has been in school. I am so proud of him. I am in awe of him and yet he is still so down to earth and genuine.

He is so excited about what he was able to research. He is excited that he actually gets to continue it now because of how promising it has become. Talk about successful schooling!

The celebration we had at my parents home was wonderful. Not only was the company and food perfect (thanks Mericar!!!) but it was the perfect time to tell our family and friends that we are expecting another baby.

Instead of 1,2,3 Cheese!! It was 1,2,3 Anna’s Pregnant! The reaction was priceless.

Again I wish I had taken more photos! Photos of the incredible food that my SIL pulled off without a sweat that I’m pretty sure everybody thought was catered…nope! Better! MERICAR!

Wish I had taken photos of the tables and people visiting, taken photos of the lip sync battle we had! I am so proud of everyone who participated! It turned out so great. And my silly brother who won singing one of Pat Benatar’s epic songs.

Congratulations honey! We’re done!  And what a wonderful memory of the celebration! SO grateful for my family and friends!

Pregnancy Announcement

The announcement at the Graduation party! Everyone just thought it was as group picture but we recorded it instead and instead of 1…2…3…cheese!!  Well you will see….It’s fun to watch it a few different times to look at each person’s reaction.

Just missing my stinking older brother! He disappeared right before we did this! Sorry Rob!!! Love you anyway!

Life Happens

Wow. I am not very good at this blogging thing. Life happens and I stop. Obviously it’s not the biggest priority in my life….or maybe it’s just that life has been extra crazy? I will catch you up and you decide.

Hmmmmm ……

It might not seem like a big thing but the cold!!! Ah! It’s been so cold and so wet here! It really dampens my mood. Ugh. My face tells you how I feel about driving in snow in April.

I guess we will start with our living situation. One normal night we were in our beds sleeping with the window open letting fresh cool air in and all the sudden I hear this horrifyingly loud noise coming from outside. I was frozen. Was it an earthquake? Was it a car crash? Was it a car crashing into our apartment? Was it something I just couldn’t comprehend? All I knew was I frozen for about 20 seconds . David however spring out of bed quicker than a cat and was at the window frantically trying to see what was happening.

Then it was over. We still weren’t sure. He said he was going to go outside and look around. I called him back and said I had a yucky feeling and that I wanted him to stay here for a minute.

After a while of looking out windows and speculating we finally saw our neighbors (who happen to be the managers) outside talking with our other downstairs neighbor.

Longer story, shorter…a drunken, high physcho boyfriend of our downstairs neighbor had kicked in her window, (2 layers if thick glass!) crawled through it (without hurting himself) and strated to beat her.

He apparently took off because his story to the managers was that someone else broke in and he had to chase them off. Eventually the cops came and questioned everyone and then the search was on. They caught him which was great BUT the darn judge set his bail very very low and so he was released that very same day. Now she has a restraining order for him.

They day they brought a photo of him around to everyone and said “keep an eye out for him and if you see him on the premises call 911 right away”…was the end if it for me. We moved out that night.

Thankfully my parents were kind enough to let us bunk with them if only temporaryily.

My sweet neighbor is doing ok. I feel pretty guilt about leaving her there but I knew sleeping good would be over for me if we stayed.  She had a good bruise in the side of her head but she is tough.

So now we are on the hunt for our own place.

We were planning on moving out this summer anyway, so I guess this experience just hurried things a bit.

The next big news is that we are expecting baby #3!!!!

I am about 13 weeks right now. I am finally starting to feel a little bit better.

During this whole scary moving experience I was not feeling well at all…it was rough. And all new to me because with my first two babies I felt pretty darn great.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr. This is hard. I have so much more empathy for women who are sick during pregnancy.

But we are so excited.

Around this time we also had to plan David’s Graduation party. I had sent out invites already and it was happening! Don’t get me wrong I was so happy this was FINALLY happening but since I had become pregnant and not feeling great my motivation and umph to get this party going basically disappeared.


She took over and saved me.

She is an amazing party planner and cook and the party was more than I could have imagined! I may have to save that for another post altogether.  What a great day !

This is where I announced I was pregnant to all the family and friends that were there. It was fun.

So anyway you can see now maybe why I have MIA from my blog.

The only stress I feel now is finding our own place which is not an easy thing to do in cache valley right now. The competition is fierce.

Wish us luck, send a prayer or two. I don’t know but hopefully things work out…I know they always do the way they are supposed to.


David came home yesterday and told me that he is on track to be done with school in 6 weeks.

Hold the phone, are you serious?! Is this moment finally happening or are you pulling my leg? I can’t believe it. Where is the word that describes how happy I am? I can’t find it…BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ONE SUFFICIENT.

We kind of halfheartedly estimated it the other day (because whole heartedly would take too much effort) that he’s been in school for 25 years! Isn’t that the most disgusting thing you’ve ever heard?

Haha OK that’s harsh. I’m nothing but proud over here. But there IS a chance that he is dangerously over-educated and he wouldn’t disagree with you. 25 years? Wow, I mean…Wow!

It’s OK though, don’t worry. I’ve got the rest of his life to help dumb him down. This summer I’m going to make him read a NOVEL. Ya. Try and picture it. I am.

But first our super awesome graduation party!!!!! Hey-Ho people!!!! I better start planning. It has to be epic.

Like him.






Preschool fun!

Sunny Days Preschool really has been just that for Ben. He absolutely loves going to school and Teacher Nikki has really put a ton of thought and effort into her curriculum and things to keep it so fun for the kids. Right before our trip to Cally we went on their first field trip to a fire station!


This was a working fire station and when we showed up most of the firefighters were asleep because the night before was a huge storm and I guess it was a busy night for them! The hour while we were there they got several calls, some false alarms and some real! One mini truck even took off – get this- to go rescue a cat from a tree!

img_20160922_102604 img_20160922_101817 img_20160922_101833

They even got to step inside an ambulance! Lucie and William were very adventurous and my Benny boy was his reserved self…kinda nervous about new things. Nevertheless I could tell he really loved seeing all this.

img_20160922_102100 img_20160922_102128img_20160922_102808 img_20160922_102818 img_20160922_103230 img_20160922_104305 img_20160922_104331

Ben was being too timid to jump up in the fire truck but Lucie and William did it!

img_20160922_104926 img_20160922_105923

So much fun. William just made himself at home with these preschool kids and I can’t wait until he can go next year…he is going to LOVE IT.

When we got back from California I was quickly reminded that Ben was scheduled to be the Star Student! Just a cute thing Teacher Nikki does for each student to be highlighted and talked about. Make them feel really special. Our family came for it and so did Mimi and even Beckham and Evelyn came! Ben really sat back didn’t know what to think about it. In the end I think he thought it was pretty cool. Who wouldn’t?



Yay for Sunny Days!!! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!


Preschool is here! I can’t believe it!


Ben started preschool this week. I had such mixed feelings about it but the prominent feeling was excitement. He is such a smart boy and I know he is going to thrive in school.

Everyday since he’s started he comes home and asks if he gets to go to school tomorrow. When I’ve told him that he does he gets this real big genuine smile on his face.

This of course has a lot to do with his teacher who is as we expected really great. She does it out of her home and there are only 9 other kids in his class. He gets to go 3 days a week. I can already tell Ben is going to grow a strong bond with Teacher Nikki.

I’m already anticipating the disappointment he will have when I tell him he doesn’t get to go every single day.


This is his silly face.

I love this boy so much.


Follow the sunshine’s!


Is it possible to freeze time for only a moment so I can grasp what is going on?! Sometimes I feel like I can’t or don’t have any idea how fast time flies until something like this happens and it slaps me in the face. “YOU HAVE A 4 YEAR OLD GOING TO PRESCHOOL!!!”

Holy moly.

Praying that I can cherish to the fullest these precious moments.