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Things my kids say

As I’m feeding Henry in my recliner chair, William begins to surround me with things I might need. First the tissue box “in case he spits up mom), and then a book he thinks I might like, then he runs to his bedroom and gets one of his blankets that “he doesn’t really use anymore” and lovingly spreads it over my legs. Next it’s brothers binki (things are starting to get crowded in the chair). Next is my hair tie…I slip it on my wrist with a thank you William, and he says,” that looks good with you mom”, next is my water bottle. After a quick potty break because hes done all this while dancing he comes back and says, “and one more thing mom” and puckers up his little lips for a kiss. Melt my mom heart.


As we are hiking with Aunt Cathy. Aunt Pam and Mimi, Aunt Cathy attempts to point out what is called turtle rock to Ben in the distance. This is a giant rock with a head shape and then a long ‘shell’ shape in the back. Its fairly abstract and difficult to see as little ones. Ben looks up at Aunt Cathy and says. “Well, actually… you’re an adult and so I don’t understand what you are saying.”

William – ‘I want to eat healthy mom, I don’t want my treat.’ He leaves it at the table to go play…jaws drop. Next minute he comes back…’maybe I will eat itΒ  mom.’

“Mom how do those things come out like that? (pointing to my boob)” Ben

William using the word ‘otherwise’ and supposedly at age 4.

“Mom,Β I’m an artist” said directly after their art session with Mimi. W

“Mom, I like how you are getting dressed.” (one of the rare days I get dolled up). W

“Mom do you know who I love the most? Jesus, you and the baby. Oh and the holy ghost.” W

William talking about something being perfect and Ben saying that only Jesus is perfect. William then says, “ya, He could even make it so your water bottle doesn’t leak anymore Ben!”

William comes out of his room at naptime and says, “Mom, I’m starting to like short naptime because it gives me a chance to think. And I’m starting to think of a really cool picture I could make you.”

Ben frequently asks me to turn on Michael Jackson in the kitchen so we can dance together. He really gets into it. One morning he stopped and said, “Songs like Michael Jackson make me want to be professional dancer mom.” with a huge smile. You go dude!!

Explaining who cupid is and what happens when somebody gets shot with an arrow and William nonchalantly says, “well i fell in love with you before valentines mom.”

As we were reading one evening I pointed out how much I love the smell of books. I had the boys smell to see if they agreed. William stuck his nose right in and after a big whiff said, “mmmmmm that smells like Jesus .”