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Pregnancy Announcement

The announcement at the Graduation party! Everyone just thought it was as group picture but we recorded it instead and..

My absolute favorite Christmas song, no question. A song sung by Mary. I am sure you will feel the spirit…

Goodbye – Mama’s Song

  The other day I had Celine on in the house and this song came on.  I felt many emotions..

Alex Boye

Last night we got to see Alex Boye in concert.  My mom originally bought the tickets for her and my..

Birthday Shooting Bash

Yesterday I turned 28.  I feel old.  And not because 28 is old…because my body just feels old.  But that’s..

California Lovin’

It’s time to write about our California trip.  It’s fitting too because we got our family pics from Chelsea in..

Ben gets so excited when he hears William on the baby monitor awake from his nap. I say, ‘Should we..

Twiner videos!

Are these two brothers or what?!

Ben has been so fun lately.  And I just realized today it’s because two molars have cut through! Finally!  He..