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On Monday we finally got William in for his year old shots. Ya he is 3. In governments terms we..


      Mosiah 16:8  But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death is swallowed up..

These Two

  I don’t remember the exact scenario but one wronged the other and this immediately happened afterwards.  Usually we have..


Christmas this year was awesome.  We had Lucie for about a week and a half (not nearly long enough) and..

2014 in Review

In January it was a quiet.  William was 6 months old and just starting to sleep.  I felt like I was getting..

Hey there

I might take pictures of our new little apartment if we ever get fully moved in and cleaned.  I’ve been..

William is no longer 0

My baby is 1 today.  We celebrated on Saturday with lots of cake and food and family and friends.  William..

May Flowers

  It’s when this time of year comes around that I love living in Logan.  I could stay forever if..

Ben gets so excited when he hears William on the baby monitor awake from his nap. I say, ‘Should we..


It’s been raining for days here.  Except for a few hours here and there.  It nice too because it always..