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On Monday we finally got William in for his year old shots. Ya he is 3. In governments terms we were running quite a bit behind but we obviously we not too worried about it.

Well, I can’t say that actually. I was extremely worried, just not about being late.

I won’t get into it here and now but I am sure you know all about the hype about ‘do vaccinations cause autism?’ and whatnot, well short story is both sides have merit it just comes down to which is less risky?

ANYWAY!!! After his shots he reacted the way he normally does..fever and not feeling good but this time it was bit worse. And I was freaking out. He is finally feeling better so that’s good but we were feeling so bad after his shots we decided to go get a treat.

And then it turned into a lot of treats! Freakin Kneaders bakery display.

But we don’t do it ever so we were thought its ok. Cookies, chocolate pie, chocolate milk and suckers for William! Sheesh! Talk about sugar rush!

img_20161017_105217 img_20161017_105435 img_20161017_105748 img_20161017_105937 img_20161017_105951 img_20161017_110011

Ya it was fun but it’s been a week now and they are still talking about eating more sugar so it’s gonna be a while till we do THAT again!



Christmas this year was awesome.  We had Lucie for about a week and a half (not nearly long enough) and loved every second of it.  Forts were built!

IMG_1597 IMG_1599

Cookies for Santa were made


Stockings were hung by the piano with care

IMG_1604 IMG_1605 IMG_1606 IMG_1608

And Christmas jammies were given

IMG_1610 IMG_1614 IMG_1615 IMG_1620 IMG_1621

Christmas morning was a blast.

IMG_1623 IMG_1626 IMG_1628 IMG_1630 IMG_1632

And the impromptu visit to the Elk ranch was too…but also very cold.

IMG_1640 IMG_1646

Jump zone!

Many other things were had this season but not documented by my camera.  But I think there’s probably enough pictures already.  Fun times!

2014 in Review


In January it was a quiet.  William was 6 months old and just starting to sleep.  I felt like I was getting back to normal at this point.

In February we celebrated Ben’s 2nd birthday. We had a small but memorable birthday with cake pops and pizza rolls.

In March  we enjoyed the rain and mostly stayed inside while daddy worked hard at school.  Getting excited for our summer vacation and I enjoyed a girl’s night out with my bestie…very much needed.

In April we celebrated David’s 34th birthday (received his RC car) and Lucie’s 10th!    William turned 9 months old and we got to have their cousins Beckham and Liam and Logan stay for about a week!  We also threw Mericar a bridal shower in Salt Lake.

In May David and papa went to California for a rabbit show.  The weather warmed up nicely and we started to enjoy our huge backyard again.  David finished classes, never to take one again, yay!  OH and Brian got married!  California beach lovin! William walking like a champ!

In June we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary  and just loved Logan in the summertime.  Went to Summerfest with the boys.

In July I turned 28 and on the 7th we celebrated William’s first birthday in addition with America’s. We also went to Vegas for our big big rabbit show and had huge success!

In  August after getting my health in check I started getting into something I’ve always loved…guns. Big things happenin with the business.

In September we didn’t do much other than we do every day.  Except the rabbit men took another business trip back east this time.

October was the month we moved from the big house to our small apartment while my parents moved to their new tiny home.  We didn’t celebrate Halloween again because we can get away with it.  Did get to see Lucie for a short while!

In November we enjoyed the upcoming holiday festivities along with an Alex Boye concert.  We had Thanksgiving with family and friends! We spoke in our ward and Ben is officially fully potty trained!!!  OH and we started Guinea Pig research and formulating.

In December David got a calling as the Gospel Doctrine teacher. We put our foot down and became experts on mattresses…bought one.  Got ready for Christmas, tree, decor, elk ranch etc. Merry Christmas! Loved having Lucie!  Got our bed!!

2014 was a great year. It had it’s trials and boy did I learn a lot.  I didn’t reach all of my goals but I am motivated to do better and make new ones!

Hey there

I might take pictures of our new little apartment if we ever get fully moved in and cleaned.  I’ve been able to practice lots of patience because since we’ve moved David has basically been MIA. He did his comprehensive exams which was a week of 8 hr tests followed by a 4 hr. oral test.  It was intense…not for us as much as him obviously but man.

Then it’s been random busy work with the business and school so I’m in limbo with this new place.  It’s not put together yet but it’s close.  I like it.  I hated it first.  But I’m doing better.  It doesn’t have a garbage disposal and the carpet is somewhat horrible but practice and pretty rugs help with both those situations.

I think this week is when we will finish moving in.  Maybe I will get pictures up after that.  It’s nothing to oh and ah over but in case you’re curious.

Yesterday’s lesson was being grateful in every circumstance and I was grateful for the reminder.  There are so many opportunities for growth!  I have so much to be grateful for.  These two would be at the top of my list for sure!




William is no longer 0

My baby is 1 today.  We celebrated on Saturday with lots of cake and food and family and friends.  William is such a good baby…er, kid.  He is independent and adventurous and happy and mellow.  And he doesn’t have a sweet tooth apparently.  I made him a healthy carrot cake with flax and whole wheat and sucanat sugar and carrots of course and he wasn’t too interested.  It was sweet too though!  Especially the cream cheese frosting!  But he was content just playing in it.  So fun.

IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_1004 IMG_1005 IMG_1006 IMG_1009 IMG_1010


I realized after I put the festive fourth of July headband on that it was kind of femme.  Oh well.   He is such a pretty little boy.   Excuse the millions of pictures.  IMG_1012 IMG_1013 IMG_1014 IMG_1019 IMG_1020 IMG_1021 IMG_1025 IMG_1026 IMG_1030 IMG_1031 IMG_1032

Such a cutie pie.  After he’d had his fill of cake he went over to the sandbox and got a nice layer of sand over his frosting covered body.  Sweeeeet.


It was a fun day and I can’t believe my baby is 1.  It’s so exciting and so scary at the same time.  I love my family and I am so excited for this next year and what’s to come!  I love the fourth of July.  I love this land that we live in.  I pray with all my heart that it will be preserved.  I’m grateful for those who have sacrificed and fought for our freedom so that we can enjoy backyard partied like this one.

IMG_1037 IMG_1040 IMG_1044 IMG_1046 IMG_1047 IMG_1052 IMG_1057 IMG_1059

IMG_0996 IMG_0997 IMG_0998 IMG_0999 IMG_1065 IMG_1066 IMG_1068 IMG_1069

Let Freedom Ring


May Flowers

IMG_0849 IMG_0850 IMG_0856 IMG_0857


It’s when this time of year comes around that I love living in Logan.  I could stay forever if it stayed like this.  Forever.  But alas it doesn’t and unfortunately it gets about 8 months of winter…bummer.  Anyway we are definitely enjoying our time and our yard right now.  The smells, the flowers, the sky, the breeze, the cool nights with the windows open to clean out the house out of the winter must.  We are missing my mom since she flew south but know that her warmer weather down there is doing her good.  I’m afraid she’d find this blessed weather a little too cold still.

David finished classes and we had a partial celebration (we can’t fully celebrate till he’s REALLY done).  I am so proud of him.  He works so hard and has more on his plate than maybe most doctoral students (ie: business, needy wife) yet he still managed to pull of A’s and a B+.  He’s amazing.  He’s been taking a well deserved breather this week and the boys and I have seriously savored it.  This summer is going to shed a lot of light on where our life is going to take us.  It’s kind of fun thinking of the possibilities! Right now we just tell people we don’t know because we don’t and there are too many possibilities to name!

The 2 rascals are doing great.  William is almost 10 months (I don’t know how it happened) and still wearing 6 month old clothes.  Don’t worry we’re still watching him.  The only reason I don’t worry is because he is just progressing everywhere else.  He is so talkative and happy and SMART! He throws temper tantrums, he plays cars with Ben with the car noises included and he is seriously thinking about taking his first step.  He’s mastered the whole standing stationary thing (without holding onto anything) and thinks he’s pretty cool.  He loves big boy food and will often eat food that Ben wont, which helps with Ben.  If he’s full and rested he could play by himself for hours.  He’s pretty awesome.  I kinda love him.

Ben is definitely 2.  I have to remind myself of that now and then.  He is quite the talker and shocks me sometimes with the words he knows.  Ie: this morning while playing the bowling game on the ground and missed said, ‘dane it!’ (Dang it!)  Whoops!  Gotta work on that.  Sorry bud, I know I confuse you when you hear me say that and then tell you not to.  Then there are things that just make me laugh like crazy.  Like when he asks for apple pie and I am just confused because he’s never been exposed to apple pie or has any idea what pie is, especially apple.  But then I realize that he’s referring to the PINEAPPLE that we enjoyed the night before.  HA! That’s funny right? !  Almost buddy!  Just a little switcheroo and insert an N and you got it!

He knows most of his alphabet, not necessarily in order yet (isn’t that nonsense anyway?) and lots of his numbers.  It’s wild.  He knows I am a Child of God and Oh My Father WORD FOR WORD and sings along.   Proof that if you want your child to know something just repeat it over and over from the time they are an infant.  Voila!  Pretty sweet.  I mean really sweet.  It just melts my heart to hear him sing those songs in his lyspy way.

Anyway that’s my boys.  They love each other.  I love them.  We’re a happy family.  Barney?  hehe

Right now we are awaiting the arrival of daddy and papa as they’ve been in San Francisco on rabbit business.  Currently they are stuck in the SLC airport because they lost their luggage Grrrrrrr!  Ben has missed his daddy.  He keeps saying, ‘dada home?’ Dada awake?’ It will be a fun reunion.  Oh the fun!  We are blessed.


Ben gets so excited when he hears William on the baby monitor awake from his nap. I say, ‘Should we go get brother?’ and he says, ‘OK!’ and runs into the bedroom and as I open the door he says, ‘HI!’ to William in the cutest voice. He then runs up to Will’s crib and says, “hold me, hold me” (He hasn’t been able to distinguish the difference between I want to hold him vs I want to be held), so I pick up William and hand him to Ben and he helps me put him on the floor. I love this little routine we have.

Some days I’ll be honest, Ben doesn’t really like William. But other days like the one from the picture below, Ben wants to do nothing more than hang out with Will and do everything he does and hold him constantly. I love those days. I love all the days really but those ones are just extra special.


These boys are so special.  Ben is so full of love.  He wants nothing more than to love and be loved.  He’s just one big ball of love.  I think those days I talked about before when he doesn’t like William so much, it’s because for some reason or another maybe William has gotten a little more attention so he lashes out. I get it.  He’s 2.  He’s learning his way.  He is so smart and loves to read books.  I need a little more patience so that I can read him books, sometimes the same one, over and over!  He is extremely polite (I think) for his tiny little age.  He says please and thank you all the time without being asked.  He loves nursery and goes in with a hug and kiss from dad and ‘bye!’  He on several occasion reminds me that we need to say a prayer and quietly folds his arms and waits to softly repeat the words he feels comfortable saying, with a big ‘AMEN’ at the end.  I’ve noticed how acutely aware of his surroundings he is.  When anybody is leaving the house he makes sure to say goodbye even if he’s busy playing in his own little world.  A new favorite is when we wake up in the morning he says ‘g’mornin mama or g’mornin mimi!’   The video below is me trying to capture the way he says ‘drink of milk’.  I love it.  I couldn’t even try to write it like he pronounces it so this is better.  And I realize that I’m the only one who probably thinks it’s as cute as it is…good thing it’s my blog!


William is a doll.  Really.  He is so freakin cute it kills me.  I look at him and remember exactly why it is that I get baby hungry.  I love him SO MUCH!  He is so full of life! He is even more curious and adventurous than Ben was which is huge and he is also extremely stubborn and strong willed.  I think this is because he’s so stinkin smart!  What are we in for!  He is really small (5th percentile) but chubby as can be.  Is that even possible? Guess so.  He adores his papa and practically squeals with joy when papa enters the room and bolts across the room to see him.  He’s turning into a really good eater and sleeper!  He plays well by himself but also loves to play with Ben and anybody else who is willing…except strangers…unfortunately there is a little of that creeping in.  Sorry strangers!  Come back in about a year and maybe he’ll let you hold him!  The poor kid has more sensitive skin than his mama and is suffering from bad eczema but he doesn’t complain much if at all.  Just me.  We can’t imagine our lives without this little guy.  He is such a joy to be around and you can’t help but smile.

Wow.  I didn’t start this post with the intent for it to be a documentary.  But they are my life!  And I love my life!

A few days ago we went to a place called Green Canyon here in Logan to do s’mores with some dear friends of ours.  Turns out they were actually camping that night which we didn’t join in on but wished them the best!  It was so cold!  But Ben had fun exploring the cave and watching the fire and of course the s’mores!  This was a first time for him with the whole s’more thing so it was fun.  He didn’t love them as much as I thought he would but that’s Ok! No complaining here!  There is always next time!  I wish I’d gotten pics of the Jacksons (not just cute Emma I’m holding on my lap)!

IMG_0739 IMG_0740 IMG_0742 IMG_0743

IMG_0748 IMG_0749

Well that’s all for now folks….I’ll leave you with some pics of Ben in his new babiators.  Love them.  So does he.

IMG_0763 IMG_0767



It’s been raining for days here.  Except for a few hours here and there.  It nice too because it always seems to be when we decide to go for a walk to the park or something.  Then when we get home it starts back up again.  It’s a working miracle as we see it.  We NEEDED moisture, we fast, and we receive.  Awesome.

And when I say we, I mean the saints as a whole.  My family was not apart of this miracle unfortunately.  Fasting is  a practice we need to reacquire.  After 2 pregnancies and months of nursing afterwards we have kind of gotten out of the habit….and I guess more than that since sometimes we just simply choose not to fast even when we remember.  It’ll happen again.  We don’t plan on getting pregnant for a while so I feel like we’ll get back to normal in some ways.  Boy do babies seem to really throw me off.  Is that normal?  Is it also normal to picture yourself with just the amount of kids you currently have?  I’m 97% sure I want more kids but 3% sure that I don’t, at least and especially right now.  I wonder how I would be viewed as the Mormon mom who chose to have only 2 kids (not that I view moms with 2 kids any differently).  Weird.  But not relevant to think about at this point.  Like I said, I’m sure I’ll get the baby bug several years down the road and bam it’ll happen again and I’ll love it.

I love watching my boys interact with each other.  William is only 8 months old so he’s not really ‘playing’ per se but they interact and follow each other around, make each other laugh and are just very aware of each-other.  I know as time passes they will fight more, that’s inevitable but my goal is to teach them how to forgive each other and think of eachother’s needs instead of their own and most importantly how to have fun together and love being with each other.  Lofty goal?  Maybe…but an important one.  My chances are pretty high though I must say simply because of who they have as a father.  He’s a pretty amazing guy, one of a kind, genuine person so how could they not turn out great?  They love him SO much.  I feel so blessed.

The other day I told David that when he graduates, it’s my turn to go get a job and be out of the house so that they get sick of him and love me when I walk in the door. hehe

Do you know what freedom tastes like?  We do.  We are so close to being free from classes and then school altogether that we can taste it.  It’s torture.  But that’s how it goes.  It’s fun to dream and plan and dream some more.  It will be fun to see where we actually end up.  Who knows??!!

But for right now we enjoy the simplicity of our life.  I get to stay home with the boys while David wears himself out at school.  We enjoy simple evenings together and then it starts all over again the next day.  It’d be easy to call it monotonous and boring but I don’t.  At least most days I don’t.  I have a strong feeling that we’ll look back on this phase of our life and long for it in ways.  It’s simple and slow but the beauty of this life is we can learn to enjoy every phase of our lives by being grateful and keeping perspective.   The Gospel gives us all the tools we need to be happy, no matter what.  How wonderful.  Dontcha think?