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I’ve never written about the events of September 11. I’m not even sure if I did in my actual journal.

Even with my epic lack of memory I can pretty vividly remember parts of this day.

I was a freshman in high school. I was in a computer class when the teacher flipped on the television.

We all were kind of in shock not really processing what we were seeing on the TV.  Slowly it started to sink in.

I can’t remember what the rest of the day was like except at one point that I’ll share in a minute. I don’t remember if we got out of school early or how I got home, I don’t remember anything after that classroom experience.

The next thing I remember was walking through the door at home where it was dark and quiet because my parents were on vacation in Europe! They were in France to be exact which is an interesting story on it’s own because of the reactions they witnessed from the French people. Clapping…cheering…whooping and hollering if you can believe it. Disgusting I know.

Anyway, at that moment I felt genuinely scared and alone. I don’t know where my brothers were but for a moment I was alone and in light of what I saw was going on that day I was very uneasy and scared. My parents were across the world for heavens sake! An airplane ride away! Were they OK? What was going to happen? Could they get home?

I don’t remember anything after that moment either. I don’t remember when I talked to my parents. I don’t remember when they came home. There’s that memory of mine again.

My freshman year of college, my family took a vacation to New York and we saw Ground Zero. It. was. surreal. I remember being struck by the vastness of that space where the towers used to stand.

Then my Junior year of college I did a ‘semester abroad’ in Upstate New York where we traveled all over the east coast and New York City was one of them. Seeing Ground Zero again was just as surreal the second time. 

I don’t necessarily like to remember this day but I thought it appropriate to blog about because it was such a significant day in history.

It still seems like something you see in the movies, not something that’s real. The pain and the fear, the terror and magnitude of it all.

It may not have affected my life or other’s lives directly but in some way it affected all of us and the country we live in.

I am grateful for the country we live in and that somehow despite the horrible things that happen we can pick ourselves back up and move forward.

God bless America!

Time Travel

These two shows…My goodness.


I’m not watching them at the same time. I finished 7th Heaven quite a while ago. And some new episodes of When Calls the Heart just came on Netflix so I’m doing that now.

But what do they have in common?

They make me very, very nostalgic.

I remember vividly while watching 7th Heaven how I desperately wanted to live with the Camden Family. I wanted to travel back to the 90’s and live on their street. I wanted my kids to go to school with their kids and make friends with them.

I wanted to be the friend who called Annie ON THE PHONE or stopped by and had a slice of cake in her kitchen while we caught up.

It made me so very desirous of the simpler times. No cell phones. Land lines! Pay phones if you were out and needed to call someone. Computers were meant for typing and maybe email…there was no hype about them yet. To me this show was about what real relationships used to look like.

I remember wanting more than anything to take a time machine back with my whole family.

And then enters When Calls the Heart.

Talk about a leap back in time. It takes place in the early 1900’s. I love this show.

And now more than anything I’ve been inspired to live more simply… like these people did. I’m not sure I would truly want to go back that far and live there but I feel like I can learn a lot from their lives.

There is a part of me from watching this show that wants to (and I probably will) dry my clothes out on a line in the fresh air. I want to live in the country, in a small town where everybody knows everybody. I want to home school my children and have pies cooling in the windowsill. I want my home to be small and simple, warmed by a fire. And technology to be scarce and hidden.

I am grateful for shows like these. Yes they are as cheesy as enchiladas but I love cheesy and I feel like the world could use more cheesy. It’s uplifting instead of degrading, inspiring instead of depressing. These two shows do so well at portraying the really important things in life.

So BRING ON THE CHEESE! And if you’re in the market for a new show, may I suggest either one of these to you? I know you wont be disappointed. And if you are, call me. We’ll have a chat.

Viral Virus

See this here?  (pointing to imaginary box)

This is my soap box….I’m going to step up onto it for a minute.

Ahem…..hem hem…..

When I learn something new I am always eager to share it. This week I have learned a lot about the influenza virus.

My entire family has been wiped out with this horrible virus, during the week of Christmas no less. Fortunately, I somehow evaded the virus until we got home from our ‘vacation’, unpacked, grocery shopped and made some homemade chicken noodle soup…then BAM! I was a goner.

Whenever a serious illness goes through our household which has only been one other time about 5 years ago I become very well read on the subject because well what else do I have to do when I’m flat on my back?

5 years ago it was the norovirus and rotovirus. This time is the influenza virus.

Whether or not it’s beneficial or helpful to ponder on the exact place we picked up this virus I do it anyway.  And it could have been one of two places, preschool or primary.

At preschool Ben does a very good job at washing his hands every day before snack time. He knows to not put his hands near his face unless he’s washed them.  The horrible thing about the flu virus is that it can easily be spread just by breathing the same air as someone who has had it.  Not a whole lot of preventative measures to be done about that…At least not by the healthy victim.

In primary before our Christmas vacation I noticed a girl in Ben’s class coughing all over him and everyone else.  Now of course I don’t know if she had the flu or just a nasty cough unless I went and interrogated her mother which believe me I’ve considered…haha!

In either of the situations though it could have been avoided if families of sick kids had kept them home a couple days longer.

Our Christmas vacation could have been so much different if someone had kept their kid home instead of letting them go.

Harsh? Maybe, but it’s true. Every bout of illness most likely could be avoided if the passer of the illness had been ‘quarantined’ if you will for a bit longer.

Let me paint this picture for you. Because someone decided their kids was OK enough to go out two little boys became ill as well as their parents. Practically annihilated Christmas. And because the virus was incubating while we were traveling 5.5 hours north to my in-laws house for Christmas my dear father in law and now mother in law (confirmed today) have fallen ill. Had we known we never would have gone.  My sweet cheery mother in law called us while suffering from a 102 degree fever.  Chances are (if we didn’t inform him) my father in law would probably go to church on Sunday and infect others with it and since it is a small branch with lots of older citizens somebody might fall ill and even die from it.

Something really should be done in helping the general public know that it can make a world of a difference for somebody else or for a whole community if when your kids feels great but still has that nasty cough or that runny nose to just keep them home!!  Think how dramatic a change could occur if everybody did this…or even just a few did!

It should be common courtesy.

My two boys already feel so much better. They have been playing for a couple days now and eating like normal for about the same. It’s Thursday. By Sunday they will only be that much better right? Ya. But guess what they will still have that lingering cough and maybe a sneeze or two so for that reason we will not be going to church! I can’t imagine being responsible for spreading this horrible experience to anyone else! How rude!

Please oh please world let’s make it better by doing our part at NOT spreading infectious diseases. It’s science. It is possible to avoid it. It’s a living thing that needs to be handled and destroyed. But we can’t win a battle with an enemy that we don’t know anything about.

Learn about incubation periods, mutation patterns and productive and unproductive disinfectant measures. Believe me if I can understand it, anyone can.

And going back to my underlying mantra, eating well and sleeping well are the best defenses to virus’ like these.

My father in law told us that there was no way this was the influenza virus because we would all be so much more sick than we were (are). But my belief is that we  would be a lot more sick if it wasn’t for our immune systems which have been buoyed up and ready to fight way before they were invaded.

I realize not many people read my blog so if you are reading this please pass it on or take it and rewrite something similar on your own blog.

So again in short, JUST BECAUSE YOUR KIDS FEELS BETTER DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT CONTAGIOUS STILL!!! This virus quickly invaded many people’s lives that were otherwise very, very healthy!

Alright, I’m done. Good night.

(stepping off soap box)


Where is the Peace?

In my last post I mentioned writing in my journal about something that was profound for me. I feel the need to share it here as I know there are others who are like me and may be struggling with the same questions. I can’t say that I have it all figured out and that it’s made everything 100% better because it hasn’t. It’s a daily struggle but I’ve at least been shown the right path to take.

I have ALWAYS struggled with the reality that while I live my comfortable blessed life there are others who suffer tremendously by no fault of their own….simply different circumstances. I constantly wonder, “Why was I given this life I have and not another? Why are there so many who are given more unfortunate lives and not one like mine?”  “This is too good to be true” has been a mantra of mine; sub conscience as it may be.

Just take a stroll through the internet and you’ll not just read about the suffering but you can actually SEE IT. It’s horrific and shocking.  It naturally makes those of us sitting in immense comfort ask, “How can I sit here and enjoy the blessings all around me?”  It’s a fair question…I have been asking it forever. Seeing those things makes it’s near impossible for another caring human being to carry on like normal.

This last week, these thoughts were bringing me to my lowest state. I felt lost and worried and angry and confused. For some reason I even came across this on Pinterest. What?!6735ba488cd15b0ba7596b24f24911b6

I felt all these things and more. I got more and more confused. I am not a depressed person but I felt that true happiness was something that I would never have! How could I when there was so much suffering. This stupid picture I saw that day just took me down lower.

Which is what brought me to my conversation with my husband David.

When I unloaded my thoughts to him he lovingly listened and then simply said, “You’re right, you don’t deserve this life.  You get what you get and it’s what you do with it that counts.”  Nobody deserves anything they get…to say that means those innocent people suffering deserve that life and that’s very untrue. We are all beggars and can only look towards the Savior for redemption. We don’t know the particulars behind the reason why the Earth is the way it is but we all get what we are given and it’s how we live that life that matters. Every soul has that journey to take with God no matter their circumstance…we are not the judge…He is.

“Duh” I thought to myself.

I haven’t been on Facebook for months but since logging on a few times in the past week or so to check on my daughter Lucie I have realized something.  These things we SEE on Facebook are not productive. I feel strongly it is not the right way to be informed. They instantaneously transfer us to the other side of the world to an area we otherwise would never see or were MEANT TO SEE.  SEEING the destruction and the blood on little people’s faces do nothing but horrify us and make us sick to our stomachs. At least this is the case for people like me, people who tend to think this way and sort of get into a funk when they see these things.  To explain more there are also people like my husband who don’t waste time worrying about why things are the way they are but instead are driven to do something about it.

Before you jump all over me…I believe that if we are meant to do something to help that specific person or child or cause then the Lord will guide us through that journey. We would know and be inspired as to the next step to take and we would shut off our medias. I am saying that this is what we SHOULD BE doing. Serving, helping, crying with these people because then the destructive thoughts of, “Why me?” are swept up in service….in DOING something….not just witnessing it over the World Wide Web. That is destructive, not productive.

So next time you SEE something horrific on Facebook that makes you wonder, “How am I supposed to go living my life in such peace?” I want your next thought to be, “By using my blessings and gifts to make a difference. That is why God gave me this life…to help others.” Whatever and however you make a difference is your own journey and process.  It’s different for everyone but I promise you that Heavenly Father wants us to be HAPPY. There is no shame in being happy. There is only shame in not spreading that happiness by service. Most of the time that service is mostly needed and intended for the world that is found immediately around you. There are those who will be blessed to take their talents and happiness across oceans or states to affect a greater population but big or small, local or foreign it is the same in the eyes of our Savior. He did not die for us to live in worry, shame and hopelessness.

As we serve more locally around us there will be a domino effect that spreads across the world. I am not so naive as to think we can rid the world of all suffering and evil but I know there can be a real difference made.

But first…LET’S GET OFF FACEBOOK and step back into the REAL world where our natural emotions can be put to good use with the help of our Savior and instead of wondering what our purpose is, we can know that we are fulfilling our purpose.

IS it really ‘Social’ Media?

I’m back. It’s strange how our lives go through ebbs and flows isn’t it?  The last 9 months or so I couldn’t even dream of writing on my blog. I didn’t have once ounce of desire. And now it’s changing.

I’ve been going through what I like to call a social media identity crisis. Let me try to explain. Me and Social Media (FB, Instagram etc) just don’t really ‘get’ each other. We’ve been trying to make it work but mostly it just ends up giving me the finger. But this is because I was judging it for what it wasn’t. I thought it was a friend, a confidant and no one likes being something they are not so why wouldn’t we be butting heads?

Well I’ve come to realize what SM really is…TO ME. And we are getting along better now.  Mostly because I am trying to ignore it and it’s… well it’s always ignored me.  Things in my life have changed because of this new found info.

I have some hypotheses.

Do you ever miss the 90’s? The 80’s? The aspects of it that didn’t include SM, smartphones and being so connected? Having to call someone’s home to get a hold of them and if they weren’t there leaving a message? Maybe needing to use a payphone in an emergency? Don’t they seem like simpler times? I miss them.

My theory is that Facebook and other social media platforms (whatever you call them…I don’t know!!) will one day be the thing we (humankind) look back on and say, ‘oh ya that was why this happened or got so bad. This probably wasn’t the best way.’  I don’t know maybe I am crazy or wrong or both.

But there is something to be said about being so connected with a WORLD that we once weren’t capable of being connected with. It wasn’t something that we were prepared for. Our minds, hearts and spirits weren’t coded to take on such a load of information, feelings, opinions, of an entire WORLD! (This obviously will be different from person to person but I believe it to be true for most people even if it’s masked by the pride of ‘being informed’ or whatever.)

Not long ago it wasn’t so easy to touch a screen and see the HORRIBLE THINGS going on across the world. It doesn’t make it any less horrible if you don’t see it but it does make living YOUR life a bit easier. Selfish? No, I say it’s SMART. Because then you are in a better place to actually do something about it…if that turns out to be what your calling is.

Sure, we are supposed to be there for others, help others. I realize there is a balance between being educated and informed and being ignorant and it’s important for each of us to find that balance.  I believe however that most of what goes on in Social Media serves no purpose…meaning no one means to do anything about it other than just spread the news and tag their opinion on about it. What does this do?  Nothing but spread fear and dispel hope.

Just until about 20 years ago we all lived in our own sphere and that’s what we knew and that’s what God intended. He put us there after all.  He wants us to better that sphere and if our sphere extends further out into the world then what an amazing experience it would be! If not, at least we have lived in our sphere the best we could. But somewhere along the way our spheres got all screwed up.

I believe we’re here for each other, to lift and serve others, to care for, be concerned for and share memories with people…here’s the kicker…. IN THE FLESH. In OUR spheres. That’s where our influence is needed and means the most. SM is a sphere messer upper. Suddenly our spheres become as big as the world’s sphere, the same as everyone else’s and blurry. Do you see it? Suddenly we are bombarded with too many emotions, information, duties, callings, problems, etc.. The list goes on and our little sphere that was once there is gone.

The people who you find yourself immediately around, the neighbors around you, your coworkers, your family, the people from your church or community project, the ones you even see and associate with around town. Flesh. Not fabricated, incomplete images and words of someone. They need you. Right now they need you. If your life leads you to helping and solving the political problems of of this nation other nations or states then that’s amazing but chances are right now your little sphere needs you more. IN THE FLESH.

What’s going to happen when we don’t have flesh to flesh connections anymore? What happens when there are no individual spheres being taken care of?

And don’t sit there and think this will never happen because of course it will. It already is.

We may be inclined to use Facebook because we do YEARN for a connection with someone. It’s a natural desire. And FB has made it so easy to do so. But it’s not real. We need to break free from it and make the connection real. CALL that person. RECONNECT with them. GO TO LUNCH with them.  TRAVEL a few (hundred) miles to do so. Plan, save and look forward to it.  IT MEANS SO MUCH MORE. Don’t you think?

God didn’t intend us to be so disconnected with those who are immediately around us so that we can be falsely connected with everything and everyone else. We need each other. Your neighbor needs your assuring voice, your cousin needs your warm hug, your brother in law could use a playful gesture and your body language, your friend needs to hear and see your tears with them.

I’ve noticed in myself that the use of SM can cause loss of confidence, loss of reality.  It can cause a deep loss of hope that I’m pretty sure is not natural.  Being exposed to the worlds every crisis and tragedy so easily can be very damaging.

I am all for helping but no help is being dealt by sitting at our phones and computers and sharing our opinions. We need to get up and step OUT  INTO our WORLDS, RECREATE OUR SPHERES. To our homes, to our communities and find ways to accomplish what we believe will HELP.  Let’s help make the REAL WORLD a better place..ONE SPHERE AT A TIME.

I fear if the world continues to use SM the way it is now, we are on a bad path. Can you see it?

Please don’t mistake these opinions and words as something that I’ve mastered and am somehow now qualified to teach the rest of the world. I still need help and practice and I can’t do it alone. SM is addicting and is going to be very hard to break free from. And maybe breaking free from it completely isn’t realistic or the whole answer but I do know that Social Media is not the way to the answer. And may even be blocking it from our view. If we can make subtle changes and bring it down significantly I believe new things will be brought to our sight.

I am going to continue this thought process and see what additional ideas and solutions I can come up with. When I have some I’ll share them. Please share any ideas/thoughts you have as well. We need to get back some of the pre-SM aspects of life. We need to take out the ‘media’ of it and just be more social.


Kits and Storage

This month has brought with it an interesting atmosphere not only in our house but in everybody’s I think. If you’ve read anything about the Jewish calendar then you know it was pretty convincing and could raise concerns and questions in anybody’s heart.  Fortunately in this house we didn’t let it turn us into fanatics and doomsayers like it did some. It did something much more productive. It motivated us to FINALLY get our 72 hour kits and food storage going.  We don’t believe the world is ending any time soon but it is going to get more rough and scary so the Sherwood’s aren’t delaying any longer!

We started with buying our year supply of wheat; kamut. It’s the best wheat out there. Delicious and healthy. It also makes the best bread because it’s high in protein. Then we went to the cannery here in Logan and got everything that we could there.  One of the coolest things they had there were these water bottles with built in water filters and they were cheap! (below in picture) Go and pick some up if you have a cannery! They are great for either food storage or kits.


We ordered other things for our year supply food storage off of bulk supply co op websites like gallons of coconut oil and and millet and rice.  We weren’t able to afford getting a year supply of everything but we were able to get a little of everything to get it started. It feels so good!

Then we got started on our kits. I should say that our kits are probably not like normal kits. We used David’s backpacking pack, which is huge so our 72 hour kit turned out to be more like a 168 hour kit. We also used our child carrier pack that I’ll carry (along with William) and the boys both have their own little backpacks.  We tend to go a little overboard with most of the things we do, some people might think it’s ‘showing off’ or something like that but I assure you it’s not, it more like a mental problem we have to deal with. 🙂

Anyway, here’s what’s in our packs…



Here is our food. Right now it’s food comfortably for 3 days but could last us a week.


Tunafish with vacuumed packed crackers and little mayo packets.


Cheerios with dried apples



Trail mix with more dried apples


Oatmeal with more apples with cinnamon and sugar (grains are the best thing to fill up on out in the woods, survival situation)


Coconut oil for cooking or anything else (it’s so useful!)


Baby formula to mix in with water to use as milk on our cereal plus it’s full of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy (make sure you don’t get the formula with corn syrup and all the other junk in it)!


Dry soup mix that we made from minute brown rice, dried onions, dried carrots and spices. Bouillon cubes for the broth.

As part of our kits we also sprung for a fishing pole which will allow us to catch and eat fish…hopefully. 🙂


Shampoo/conditioner, baby wipes, steel wool for cleaning, tic tacs cause they are awesome, N95 masks, and garbage bags. Toothpaste, brushes and bowls/spoons.IMG_2380 IMG_2381

There they are!

Water, tampons and pads, toilet paper, paper towels, collapsible water jug, fuel for our stove, fire starting kits and pots with utensils.


Extra large sleeping pad that we could all fit on (now), rope, 4 bivvy’s (which are really amazing sleeping bag type things that are light yet keep you completely warm and dry), plastic sheeting, mosquito net, body warmers, our cool water bottle filters


Sunscreen, weather emergency radio with built in flashlight and solar panel for charging phone, first aid kits, peroxide, lanterns, chapstick and lotion, ponchos and mapsIMG_2387 IMG_2388 IMG_2389


I love EOS!

Not shown: a more complete first aid kit, Emergen-C packets, diapers, lighters, salt, water filter (different from the bottles), hand crank flashlight and a pencil sharpener for sharpening sticks (and the shavings make great tinder). Also, ziploc bags full of granola bars, dried fruit and those vegetable fruit squeezy packs.

Vacuum packing everything hopefully makes it last longer but thanks to the idea of my wonderful sis in law we are going to pull out our packs every 6 months while listening to conference and have a feast! Then we can assess what we need to replace.

The last thing we sprung for was this!


We figured in an emergency situation that required us to walk a ways this little wagon would make things much much easier. Plus in the meantime it brings smiles. 😉

Things that we will consider adding in the future:


more firestarting means

more batteries

walkie talkies


I can’t even explain how much better I feel having these done. I didn’t realize how much inner torment and stress it was causing not having these! It was a deep sub conscience thing. It’s gonna take me a while to shed the habit of the jerk stress reaction. Yay! If you haven’t done yours I suggest doing it. Just start little if you have to.

Oh and the last thing that we have to throw in last minute is this bad boy and some of these (she deserves a post all on her own) Don’t mess with us. 🙂 hehe


The atmosphere here is much better.

Why Everyone Should Own a Gun and Know How to Shoot it

photo courtesy of http://www.npr.org/

I’m not sure you need a history of my life and why I love guns and self-defense so much.  I just do.  I mostly want to explain why I think everyone else should too!

I’m in the process of choosing a handgun to purchase which up till now consisted of going to the local shooting range and renting the different guns they had to offer.  The problem is they don’t have a wide selection to choose from so I can’t get a really good idea of what I want.  So my approach now is to just go handle and dry shoot all the different kinds.

In all my reading from the library and online, a handgun should be really personalized and fit to perfection in your hand.  That’s what I’m looking for.


It’s been fun watching the reactions of those around me (family and friends) when they find out that not only am I buying a gun but that I plan on carrying it with me….pretty much everywhere I go.

“Wow” you may be thinking, “She’s paranoid”.  Well call it what you want but think about all the horrifying things that have happened in our backyard to ordinary people who, had they been more ‘paranoid’ maybe things wouldn’t have turned out so horrifying.  Let me give you an example.

Do you remember the 2012 theater shooting in Colorado?  The very disturbed kid used 3 different kinds of guns and went crazy on the audience.  He even propped open the exit door into the theater, went to his car, came back and walked into the stadium before firing.  Granted, people weren’t sure if he was part of the show or just in costume like others were but the moment he pulled out a gun he was fair game.

Do you think anyone in that audience was carrying?  Don’t you think that if someone was carrying and was TRAINED (big emphasis on trained) on how to shoot that the poor boy would have been stopped, maybe even before anyone got hurt?  I do. Why oh why didn’t anyone have a gun?!

And don’t you think they had the right to defend themselves instead of becoming sitting ducks?  I do.  And so do you.

Of course there are also the countless home robberies and muggings that could be completely turned around had the victims been carrying a weapon and the knowledge of how to use it.

I hope this isn’t sounding like a shame on the victim kind of post because it’s not.  The shame has and always will be on the criminals…the criminals who will always be out there.  They are the bad guys, the ones who need to be stopped.  And who’s there to stop them if we don’t?  Cops are way to heavy to carry around everywhere.

So why did I put emphasis on training?  It’s pretty obvious that a gun in the hands of an amateur is dangerous but just imagine a chunk of the population carrying guns and being EXPERTS on how to handle and shoot them safely and effectively.  Wouldn’t you feel so extremely safe?  I would! And don’t you think criminal would be less inclined to commit crime knowing this?

Ya, it takes time and a small investment but one that’s worth every penny.  Plus the upkeep of your skills can make for good date nights at the range!

The other night David and I were up later than normal.  We had been cuddling on the couch watching a show.  This was before I had really made up my mind to buy a gun.  We were on our way to bed walking from one end oft he house to the other.  Once we were near the front room we heard the front door distinctly shut.  No, it wasn’t my parents, they were out of town.  We don’t know what it was but it freaked the heck out of us.  Both our hearts were pumping and our wide eyes staring at each other.

Who knows if it was somebody in our home or just a strong wind blowing a not completely shut door.  We of course now lean towards the latter when talking about it because we all naturally seem the have the “It’ll never happen to me” attitude but who knows what we’ll face in life.  A lot of it we have NO control over…but this we do.

That night my mind was made up.  If I ever had to face a situation like that I would NOT be powerless.  It was too scary a feeling…especially with our babies steps away… nuh uh!!


It happens all the time.  And if by chance I’m in that theater when a sorry person goes wacko, I’m gonna use my training and my god-given right to protect my loved ones sitting next to me.  Sounds extreme?  Crime is extreme and we live amongst crime.  Simple as that.

I’ve decided to get my training at a place called Front Sight, NV.  It’s outside Vegas and I (or anyone) have the ability to get a $2000 4-day course for $200.  No, this is not a sales pitch and I’m not a recruiter.  This is just what sounds the best for me.  Maybe you can check it out too!  Heck, come do it with me!  Fun!

Just an FYI to end:  Guns still scare me.  Every time I shoot a new gun, or even an old one I get nervous and anxious.  When a gun malfunctions on me I quietly freak out because I’m afraid it’s going to blow up or something.  But these fears are just fears that will go away with familiarity and time and that’s my goal.  It can be your goal too.  Don’t avoid guns because they scare you.  Make that the motivation behind your education and let’s be safer together!

The Hunger Games lesson

A few nights ago we watched the Hunger Games. Neither of us had read the book but it was available on Netflix and we had a good ‘review’ from my mom.  David enjoyed it mainly because he loves the physcology of government…any government.   I didn’t really like it..at all.  Although like my mom I am intrigued enough to watch the second one.  But it was just too violent for me.  Way too violent. My type of personality just can’t watch movies like that and not be deeply affected.  Let’s just say I have issues.  Anyway, I digress.

The movie got me thinking about government…our government. Our life in America now and American history.  And although I choose not to believe (for emotional reasons) that American will ever be as extreme as what’s portrayed in The Hunger Games (David disagrees) I can’t be as naive to think that it’s not headed down a similarily bad path.

Take gun control as one example.  There is one scene in the movie where one district starts to fight back against the government.  It is short lived obviously because all they have is their bodies to fight with and as a defense.  The goverment however is equipped with all manner of body armour and weapons.  So of course the people in the district do not stand a chance…they are obliterated.  This is exactly how the government in the movie wanted it.  They made the people completely dependent on them for everything (food!) and took away their freedoms in doing so.

Can we not see that this (in a much less dramatic and sci-fi kinda way) is exactly where our government is headed?  They want to take away our right to bear arms for goodness sake!  Can you imagine not being able to defend your family for whatever reason?  That is a god-given right…and a constitutional right.

I just think it is really naive to think that our country will never get that bad or that scary because if you really knew, it already is pretty scary and I KNOW it’s going to get much worse.

I was momentarily terrified as I watched this movie and thought of where our country is going under the direction of government.  The realization that these fictional characters in this movie had no rights and no freedoms…they were completely controlled and dependent on the government for everything. And the government turned on them, defenseless.  The realization that this could very well be us…the first step being our right to defend ourselves being taken away.  It was eye-opening.

I don’t know what to do about it though, I just know that I needed to write about it.  In the future I hope to be able to do more and hopefully help is some small way in the fight for the constitution and saving America.

I need to vent.  And as I am free to do so on my own blog right now I am going to take advantage.  I feel so amazingly strong about these things that as I write them I hold back tears.
I will be the first to admit that I haven’t always been very educated when it comes to politics and government.  I have to thank my husband for taking upon himself that task (because I started asking questions).  But he has always encouraged me to do my own research and to find answers for myself too.
You have to start with the Constitution.  I believe with my whole heart that it was inspired of God.  I also believe that it is timeless.  It will never go out of style and will always be relevant in our day because it’s about human nature.  Think what you will but human nature never changes…unfortunately.  🙂  And the constitution protects us in that manner.
As the elections neared and things got more tense in our country I started asking even more questions.  What’s the main difference between Romney and Obama?   Why is Obama considered such a detriment to our Country (republicans)?  And if it’s true why doesn’t the rest of America see it?  What is their argument and do they have some valid points?
Well what I’ve learned from various sources including my wonderful amazing hubby is that people tend to look at puzzle pieces instead of the whole picture and Obama’s ‘end game’ is socialism.  Don’t really know what socialism is?  I didn’t….
Definition of SOCIALISM
: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
Um hello.  That’s not good.  So in Obama’s situation some tend to think that he is doing such nice things for those in need.  He is going to help those that are struggling and can’t help themselves.  Even more he is going TAKE from the wealthy to help those who aren’t so wealthy.
My husband had that best analogy for this.  Imagine 2 people on stage in front of millions of people.  Imagine them a little girl and big burley man if you want or just imagine someone who is well to do because they’ve worked hard and then someone who is struggling from day to day…however you want to imagine it is fine…
Now imagine that one person takes $10 from the other.  Yes $10 dollars isn’t much for the wealthy man and to the little girl it’s everything…but in both scenarios it’s stealing right?  The one person took something that wasn’t theirs.  They didn’t earn it.  Of course you’d say that’s stealing!  Now ask the millions of people watching this happen on stage to vote on it and they vote yes!  Is it now OK if the man steals from the other….does that make it not stealing???  Nope!  Still stealing!
Just because our country has gotten to this state of voting to change the laws doesn’t mean what we vote for is right.  Obviously!!  People are always going to vote for handouts if they don’t understand the severity of it.  We have become a Democratic Nation..a. Democracy.  This is not what our Founding Fathers intended.  We are and should always be a Republic.
What do you think happens when people are given handouts?  It’s clear really…they don’t have to work!  What happens when people don’t have to work!  They get lazy!  They don’t work which leads them to rely more on handouts!  Those that are being taxed more to support these non workers are unable to support their families because of the huge paycheck decrease and it forces them to receive handouts from the government as well!  Eventually with this kind of government we are are all forced to rely on them to live.  Socialism.  People need to work for what they get.  Our taxes need to go towards the right things, military, police force, firemen etc. but not these socialist programs such and Medicaid and Medicare and definitely not Obama Care!
Of course we cannot forget these people that are struggling…I would never say that if Romney won all poor people would be eliminated.  Of course not but the point is that these people should be taken care of locally through local charities and local churches.  This does so many wonderful things!!  Think about it…the alternative however, ‘being taken care of’ ( if you can call it that) by the Government accomplishes nothing…it makes things worse and makes us as a people dependent…not free.
Good grief!  We’re about to repeat what other countries have tried and failed! Miserably!  It has never worked and it never will.  Eventually they all crumble.  Why can’t we see that!  Why can’t we see that Obama’s plan is to in a sense ‘force us to be good’ by making us all the same, all equal and all help the poor.  Doesn’t that sound familiar?  Satan once had a similar plan…those just don’t work.  People need to work, they need to be responsible for their own property their own charities, their own goods.  We need to have agency.  Government was never intended to have so much power and control…because what happens when they do is frightening.
I’ll be honest…I am worried for America.