Me – Daddy loves me. (As David is picking lilacs for my vases)

William – Well I love you the MOST cuz if I was an adult I’d reach up and cut down that whole bush… for you!! (enthusiastically with hand motions)


Ben(6) as I’m cooking breakfast – Mom, is 500 1/4 of 2000?

Me – picking jaw off floor, wait did daddy teach you that?

Ben – No I was just thinking about it. Cuz if 500 + 500 is 1000 then there are four 500’s in 2000!

Me – Nope jaw remains on floor.


William’s prayer (we talk about what we can say in our prayers before we say them) and after we came up with a handful of things he begins to say the prayer. At the end of our discussed suggestions I prompt him to close but he then proceeds to list off everything he can think of…most likely to keep us there as long as he can. “Thank you for the flowers on the tree and bees that make honey, thank you for the bugs and the legos. Thank you for my water bottle and just everything and the bugs and the world. Thank you for the garden and please help the strawberries to grow good. And thank you for Henry. Jesus Christ Amen”  (We need to work on the “in the name” part).