Vaccination Day

Vaccination day. I hate these days. I tried finding a way out of it. I had my mom convinced she needed to come do it for me, with me. David just couldn’t get away. But like my mom said, I grew a pair and just did it myself. I know poor me, I’m not even the one getting shot.

But just like I tried convincing Ben that it wasn’t going to be that bad I convinced myself. And it really wasn’t that bad. He was a rockstar actually. He had little tears that welled up in his eyes right before it happened in anticipation but they never fell and the only thing that came out of his mouth was a little whispered, “Owh.”

I was a proud mama bear. I kept telling him that he was tough like Iron Man which of course drew a deep blushing smile from his adorable face.

So after the not so dramatic event we went for an ice cream cone cause, why not? The large one at Chick-Fil-A proved to be quite delicious and very large indeed! He had no problem finishing it…brain freeze and all (see photos above).

I love that smile. This boy is just the best. The sweetest. Just like that treat he’s holding. Which is why I hate seeing him suffer the consequences of the shots.

No, I am all for vaccinations but they are definitely one of those things in parenting (there are a lot) that you kinda just do on a LOT of faith. No, I don’t claim to know everything about vaccinations and yes, I’ve heard the horror stories and seen or heard or read evidence supporting both sides. It’s scary business. So the choice is one you make with faith. At least I do.

I was pretty worked up last night when he was calling my name in the middle of the night and as I came to him I realized that he was soaking wet in sweat and then he was telling me that he felt really sick etc.

Normally if it were William, I wouldn’t be as alarmed because ever since William was a baby with his vaccines he really reacted to them. Ben, however never did. It’s like they never happened. So with these I guess I was expecting the same thing but nope, last night was rough for the poor guy and today hasn’t been much better.

He is so excited for kindergarten.  Like his preschool teacher said, “He is for sure going to be the teachers pet!” So in preparation for that we also went shopping for a new backpack. Of course I didn’t get a picture of that! It was wonderful to watch him choose between two of his favorites. He weighed each pro and con of both and finally decided on the one because it had more cool pockets.

This boy now feels a little bit more grown up. Or maybe I just see him that way. After telling him that after baby brother gets here he is going to have to get those shots too, he was ready and willing to help his brother feel better. He is going to be such a big helper with baby brother. I love this boy so much. I am so thankful he is a part of our family and that I get to be apart of his amazing life.

And stare into those blue eyes.