Why Everyone Should Own a Gun and Know How to Shoot it

photo courtesy of http://www.npr.org/

I’m not sure you need a history of my life and why I love guns and self-defense so much.  I just do.  I mostly want to explain why I think everyone else should too!

I’m in the process of choosing a handgun to purchase which up till now consisted of going to the local shooting range and renting the different guns they had to offer.  The problem is they don’t have a wide selection to choose from so I can’t get a really good idea of what I want.  So my approach now is to just go handle and dry shoot all the different kinds.

In all my reading from the library and online, a handgun should be really personalized and fit to perfection in your hand.  That’s what I’m looking for.


It’s been fun watching the reactions of those around me (family and friends) when they find out that not only am I buying a gun but that I plan on carrying it with me….pretty much everywhere I go.

“Wow” you may be thinking, “She’s paranoid”.  Well call it what you want but think about all the horrifying things that have happened in our backyard to ordinary people who, had they been more ‘paranoid’ maybe things wouldn’t have turned out so horrifying.  Let me give you an example.

Do you remember the 2012 theater shooting in Colorado?  The very disturbed kid used 3 different kinds of guns and went crazy on the audience.  He even propped open the exit door into the theater, went to his car, came back and walked into the stadium before firing.  Granted, people weren’t sure if he was part of the show or just in costume like others were but the moment he pulled out a gun he was fair game.

Do you think anyone in that audience was carrying?  Don’t you think that if someone was carrying and was TRAINED (big emphasis on trained) on how to shoot that the poor boy would have been stopped, maybe even before anyone got hurt?  I do. Why oh why didn’t anyone have a gun?!

And don’t you think they had the right to defend themselves instead of becoming sitting ducks?  I do.  And so do you.

Of course there are also the countless home robberies and muggings that could be completely turned around had the victims been carrying a weapon and the knowledge of how to use it.

I hope this isn’t sounding like a shame on the victim kind of post because it’s not.  The shame has and always will be on the criminals…the criminals who will always be out there.  They are the bad guys, the ones who need to be stopped.  And who’s there to stop them if we don’t?  Cops are way to heavy to carry around everywhere.

So why did I put emphasis on training?  It’s pretty obvious that a gun in the hands of an amateur is dangerous but just imagine a chunk of the population carrying guns and being EXPERTS on how to handle and shoot them safely and effectively.  Wouldn’t you feel so extremely safe?  I would! And don’t you think criminal would be less inclined to commit crime knowing this?

Ya, it takes time and a small investment but one that’s worth every penny.  Plus the upkeep of your skills can make for good date nights at the range!

The other night David and I were up later than normal.  We had been cuddling on the couch watching a show.  This was before I had really made up my mind to buy a gun.  We were on our way to bed walking from one end oft he house to the other.  Once we were near the front room we heard the front door distinctly shut.  No, it wasn’t my parents, they were out of town.  We don’t know what it was but it freaked the heck out of us.  Both our hearts were pumping and our wide eyes staring at each other.

Who knows if it was somebody in our home or just a strong wind blowing a not completely shut door.  We of course now lean towards the latter when talking about it because we all naturally seem the have the “It’ll never happen to me” attitude but who knows what we’ll face in life.  A lot of it we have NO control over…but this we do.

That night my mind was made up.  If I ever had to face a situation like that I would NOT be powerless.  It was too scary a feeling…especially with our babies steps away… nuh uh!!


It happens all the time.  And if by chance I’m in that theater when a sorry person goes wacko, I’m gonna use my training and my god-given right to protect my loved ones sitting next to me.  Sounds extreme?  Crime is extreme and we live amongst crime.  Simple as that.

I’ve decided to get my training at a place called Front Sight, NV.  It’s outside Vegas and I (or anyone) have the ability to get a $2000 4-day course for $200.  No, this is not a sales pitch and I’m not a recruiter.  This is just what sounds the best for me.  Maybe you can check it out too!  Heck, come do it with me!  Fun!

Just an FYI to end:  Guns still scare me.  Every time I shoot a new gun, or even an old one I get nervous and anxious.  When a gun malfunctions on me I quietly freak out because I’m afraid it’s going to blow up or something.  But these fears are just fears that will go away with familiarity and time and that’s my goal.  It can be your goal too.  Don’t avoid guns because they scare you.  Make that the motivation behind your education and let’s be safer together!